Why Nigerian Muslims Are Not Afraid Of Christianization of Nigeria But Christians Are Scared Of Islamization of the country

By: Charles Awuzie

“Why Nigerian Muslims Are Not Afraid Of Christianization of Nigeria But Christians Are Scared Of Islamization of the country.”

Why are Nigerian Muslims not afraid of the Christianization of Nigeria just like their Christian counterparts are scared of the islamization of the country? Why? Think for a moment. 

Could it be that the Nigerian Muslim knows that the Nigerian Christian goes to church to look for personal solutions only, and may never go to church if the church service is meant to seek national solutions to national problems?

Imagine if #HalleluyahChallenge was a National Cyber Think Tank program where Nigerian Youths converge from across the world via the internet to proffer collective solutions to our collective problem… Do you think any of the numerous participants will waste their airtime and data on such cyber meeting? Every night?

Imagine if Brother Nathaniel Bassey used his midnight cyber prayer sessions to gather Nigerians from all walks of life to brainstorm, criticize where necessary and debate practical steps towards recovering the Nigerian glory? Do you think that the crowd will still join his program?

Imagine if your pastor stops advertising testimonies of breakthroughs in your church and in flyers, do you think that people will still consider him to be an anointed man of God?

What am I saying? The Nigerian/African Christian is self centered and self seeking… We go to church because we have problems not because we desire fellowship. The pentecostal pastors know this about us hence they use ‘solution’ as a bait to attract us. “Night of miracles”, “Night of Prophecies”, “Financial Breakthrough services” are all baits to attract you to join their denominations. In a sane society, people shouldn’t be seduced with prophecies, people should rather be encouraged to share fellowship and witness the love in the local assembly. But the Nigerian society is not a sane one, it is a desperate one.

This is why Nigerian Muslims were not afraid of the Christianization of Nigeria neither during Pastor Obasanjo’s greedy regime nor under Brother Jonathan’s corrupt Reign just unlike their Christian counterparts who are scared of the islamization of the country during Buhari’s bloody Reign.

Muslims gather for national agenda, Christians gather for selfish agenda. Our agenda are different. Hence we are afraid of them, but they are not afraid of us.

Do you understand?


Am I a Better Dad Than Your God? 

By: Dr. Charles Awuzie

Am I a Better Dad Than Your God?- Things my son has done since he was born yet I love him….
Urinated directly into my face – yet I love him.
Grabbed and broke expensive cell phones – yet I love him.
Smashed the screen of my laptop (destroying my major source of income) – yet I love him.
Has never given me a tenth of everything I have given him – yet I love him.
Has never even said an ordinary “Thank You” for everything I have done for him – yet I love him.

Does all the things I don’t want him to do – yet I love him.
My love for him is not based on what he does or didn’t do,  my love for him is based on WHO he is to me.  He is my child and it is my PLEASURE to love him. I am PLEASED IN him and it doesn’t matter if I am displeased with him breaking my laptop.

Yet I am only an imperfect mortal man…How much more God’s love for you.
Some preachers have misrepresented our Heavenly Father and made Him look like a bad Dad.

Break the laptop (laws ) of God and He kills you or strikes your health. Don’t give Him a tenth of what He gave you and He will release devourers to devour everything you have. If this describes your god, please tell me if I am not better a better dad than your god?

JESUS asked “if you being wicked, yet know how to give good things to your children, how much more our Heavenly Father…?

Any sermon that makes God look like a bad Dad is Anti-Christ.

The biggest pastor in Africa said last Sunday that if you don’t pay your tithes, God will curse you. OMG 😱…. Yet this pastor has a son who might not have given him a cent yet He loves his son. This pastor wants us to believe that he is a better dad than God.

See, God is a True Father. Stop seeing Him as a bully, He isn’t an insensitive bully, He is a caring and Loving Father.

Stop trying to please God. He is already PLEASED IN you. God said about Jesus “He is my Son in whom I am Well pleased…” Now that you are inside Jesus, that statement covers you “You are God’s child in whom He is well pleased”. It’s not because you did the right things, no. It’s because He is your Father. It’s a relationship thing. It’s a grace thing. It’s a love affair.

The end time Church will not see God as God, they will see God as a True Father.

If you are reading this post, begin to see God as a good Father.

Stop believing your pastors who paint God as a bully. Leave that church. Any church that doesn’t teach that God is a good Father is a bad church.

Any church that teaches that God only gives those who give to Him is a bad church.

Any church which teaches that if you don’t pay tithes, you attract God’s curse is a bad church.

How can you be a member of a church that demonizes your Heavenly Father? Imagine you sitting in a gathering where the character of your earthly father or mother is being assassinated…. How will you feel? Get out of such churches.

If you can’t find a better church,(you may not) start a home church. Where two or three are gathered in His name, is church.

Christianity is a Relationship between a Good Father and His saved children. It’s not a religion.

God is better than what these pastors are painting Him to be. He forgives FREELY. He gives FREELY. Anything God does is for Free. He bears the cost. Just like everything I do for my son is for free, I bear the cost. God cannot allow a mortal man like me to be a better dad than HIMSELF.

Pastors and prophets, stop painting God as an irresponsible father who does trade by barter with us.



How The Bible Demonized Women In Their Period

By: Charles Awuzie

How The Bible Demonized Women In Their Period

Let’s read Leviticus 15:19-24 “Whenever a woman has her menstrual period, she will be ceremonially unclean for seven days. Anyone who touches her during that time will be unclean until evening. 20 Anything on which the woman lies or sits during the time of her period will be unclean. 21 If any of you touch her bed, you must wash your clothes and bathe yourself in water, and you will remain unclean until evening. 22 If you touch any object she has sat on, you must wash your clothes and bathe yourself in water, and you will remain unclean until evening. 23 This includes her bed or any other object she has sat on; you will be unclean until evening if you touch it. 24 If a man has sexual intercourse with her and her blood touches him, her menstrual impurity will be transmitted to him. He will remain unclean for seven days, and any bed on which he lies will be unclean”.

Chaiiiiii…This is heartbreaking!

Someone asked me why more women are joining the apostolic reformation and rebelling against religion and I said “that’s because women have woken up to the realization that religion was a gender weapon to weaken the power of the woman…” Let me shock you… Nothing is more powerful than a non religious woman – she goes for what she desires without guilt or shame. The weakest of all humans is also the woman who succumbed to religion.

I heard a certain Nigerian female pastor support tithes and I laughed at her ignorance. The same Jewish old testament that established tithing also established misogyny – strong contempt, prejudice or dislike against women. So if she’s truly a follower of the old testament, she should consider herself unclean when she menstruates. Listen, the law was faulty. The law was wrong. The law doesn’t represent God’s love. So the law which is the foundation of religion is not God’s will for us. Hence Grace and Truth came through Jesus Christ. Forget about the laws and focus on the finished work of Christ.

Guys, if you keep all the laws but touch what a menstruating woman touched, you are an offender. That’s what the Bible says. Oh yes.

What’s my point? Women should embrace grace because the law and its religion is against them – both in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Every religious law is against the woman.

Any woman who teaches or supports any religious law is either ignorant or a hypocrite.

I wanna see hashtags like #WomenForGrace #NonReligiousSlayQueen or #GracedLady trend among our sisters.

I hate religion because it hates women.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I stand for freedom from religion.



By: Charles Awuzie


Donald Trump is Paula White’s spiritual son. How?

An American friend of mine who is also a pastor and businessman told me that at one point in Trump’s life, he didn’t want nothing to do with Jesus. But one day, business brought him and Paula White together. At the end of their first meeting, Trump’s staff noted that “for the first time, Trump showed so much respect to a woman”. #Trump was notorious for disrespecting women. It was his tradition to sexualise any woman he meets – especially the married ones. That was him until that day he met with Paula White. Trump was said to have mentioned to his personal assistant then that “Paula is firm and doesn’t want shortcuts.” “I am inspired by her character.” He added.

For your information, Paula White is a successful real estate investor. The first thing that brought her and Trump together was business, not ministry and by October 2007, she purchased a Trump Towers condo in New York City valued at $3.5 million,” This was reported widely in America.

Paula’s business relationship with Trump continued to have tremendous impact on the billionaire’s life even when she rarely talks about Jesus with him. Then one day, Trump asked her to help him be like her. That was the beginning of their mother-son relationship.

There’s only one point that I want to make this morning – BEYOND PULPIT MINISTRY IS MARKET PLACE MINISTRY. The apostolic mandate is not first to the pulpit, but to the market place. Jesus didn’t say “to the ends of the church” HE said “to the ends of the WORLD”. Where’s the world? Marketplace. Am I communicating?

The church missed it when we overrated pulpit ministry. Everyone in the church wants the pulpit. Give an assistant pastor the microphone to do opening prayer and he will turn it to a sermon. Not because he has something urgent from the spirit to share but because he wants to use the pulpit to show off. Choir members who are not favoured with slots to show off in a service fight with their choir leader for favoring their favourites. Senior pastors use the pulpit to reward faithfulness and friendship. We invite our friends to preach for us because they invited us to preach for them. So we trade pulpits. Chai.

To this generation, ministry starts from the pulpit and ends in a flashy lifestyle. That’s the bane of our time.

The story of Donald Trump and Paula White echoes one truth “Ministry Is Beyond The Pulpit And Microphone”. One convert you make in the market place can influence and impact an entire nation and generation. Ask Paula White. The Donald Trumps of this world are not in the church, they are in the market place.

In 2009, at camp of faith, Okigwe, Nigeria, while waiting on God, I had an encounter with Jesus. He said to me “I am sending you as my apostle to the market place. I sent so many before you but they missed their calling and opened churches. They’re stuck in their churches while the market place is over riped for harvest. I am sending you to that same market to harvest souls and wealth for My Kingdom.”

Ever since then, to the glory of God, I have seen atheists, muslims and hindus convert to the Kingdom, not because I preached to them from behind a pulpit but because I ministered to them in the market place. I run Gemsbok Group alongside Charles Awuzie Ministries International in my bid to fulfil my assignment in the market place.

Church, the real ministry is beyond the pulpit.


Nigeria Is Not A Godly Nation!

By: Charles Awuzie

Nigeria is not a godly Nation!

A Nigerian prophet came to Durban some years ago and preached a message titled “Grace for New Levels”…he kept screaming “I prophesy, you shall get your visa to America” and nobody said Amen. It was in an 80% Indian Church. Nobody in that service needed a visa to America, they were very comfortable in South Africa.

They visit America and come back to their good jobs and families. At the end of the service, the prophet chatted me on WhatsApp and told me that the people were not “RECEPTIVE” of his prophetic grace. He said that every time he preached such messages in Nigeria, people will begin to testify of getting visas etc. 

I said to him…

“My brother, calm down. South Africans are not running away from their country like Nigerians. South Africa has a functional system unlike Nigeria. If the Nigerian Government was functional, no Nigerian would say amen to prophecies like getting a visa. Visa is not the gospel, new car is not the gospel, new house is not the gospel, these things can be bought by anybody who earns an average salary in this country. Next time, just preach Jesus and the people will be open to receive Jesus.”

His response was very embarrassing and I can’t even reproduce it here.

Admonition to Nigerians:

The things Nigerians sow seeds for back in Nigeria are freely available in functional societies.

Nigerian Christians fast, bind wicked uncles and sow seeds for visas… South African, British and American Christians just get their papers together and go ahead to the embassy and get their visas.

The difference is not spiritual, the difference is in the functionality of the systems.

Nigeria is not a godly Nation!

A Nigerian tithes to prosper, the rest of the world work in multiple jobs, engage in business and prospers. The difference is not spiritual, the difference is in the functionality of the system. 

90% of Nigerian pastors in South Africa complain that South Africans don’t take God serious and I laugh at them. Nigerians don’t take God serious, not South Africans. A Nigerian drug dealer will have drugs in his pocket while leading in intercessory prayers. A South African will rather stay back at home than to come to church and live a hypocritical life. So who is really joking with God? Nigeria is not a godly Nation!

I know how Nigerian internet love scammers sow seeds to Prophets for god to make their victims fall into their scam. 

Nigeria is not a godly nation, we are a religious nation. All our political leaders claim that it was God who put them there.

Nigerians should go and seek God without attaching their needs. Then we will know that we are truly a God-loving nation. For now, we are just the most religious nation in Africa.

We are using God to get visas, cars, health, houses, marriage etc…Nigeria is not a godly Nation!