Money: The Most Powerful Force in Pentecostal Christianity

By: Charles Awuzie – 

The most powerful thing in Pentecostal Christianity is Money. Period! Sow it and your prayers will be answered. Tithe it and you will prosper. Your money can open doors that the name of Jesus cannot open. Your money can heal you when the name of Jesus fails to heal you. Your tithe will open the store rooms of heaven since the name of Jesus has no such power unless attached with money.

In fact, if you have money, you have God. If you are broke, you need deliverance.

Even Grace preachers will tell you that the Cross did not fulfil any law that has to do with money. Nobody dares preach against money in Pentecostal Christianity, it is the most powerful.

I can freely preach against the person of Jesus and no pentecostal Christian will bat an eyelid, but if I attack Money, the entire Pentecostal formation will unite and fight me because their god has been touched.

Woe be tide you who make money their god. Woe betide you if you betray the truth for a plate of porridge. Before your eyes, the truth will prevail and you will bow your head in eternal shame.

To the demon behind the exaltation of money in Pentecostal Christianity – Mammon, I curse you in the name of Jesus. Dry up and wither.

We seize the body of Christ from your grip. We decree that the gospel shall be preached in its purest form in this end times. Every man who lifts Mammon above the finished work of Christ shall cover their face in shame as the Light shines in darkness.

If money is your god, repent, cry unto God and turn away from your wickedness.

There is only one reason why we give and it is called Generosity. Anything or anytime we give, we do so because we are generous, not because we are desperate.

The pastors who know the truth but won’t say it for fear of going hungry, you will always be hungry. Mark my word.

Those who know this truth and are passionately speaking it out, you will never go hungry. Mark my word.

To Jesus alone be all the glory.



Many Who Preach The Gospel of Grace Today Will Soon go Back to Preaching The Laws of Moses

By: Charles Awuzie


Many who preach the gospel of Grace today will soon go back to preaching the laws of Moses… REASON: They would have discovered that there’s no loopholes in the gospel of the finished work of Christ with which they can use to rape vulnerable Christians of their money.

They will also realize that the gospel tend to make all believers brothers and sisters, not clergy and laity…They will struggle to understand why Jesus called His disciples FRIENDS and not slaves.

….emmmm, this may be the worst thing I will ever post here on facebook but I will say it anyway…

Christianity outside the Finished Work of Christ is slavery. Who is a slave? A worker who works to feed his or her master. A slave is known by how hard they work just to maintain the lavish lifestyle of their master. There are always more slaves than masters. Slaves kill their fellow slaves just to protect the life of the master.

We had political slaves…we read about economic slaves… Now we watch religious slavery unfold right in our time…a master rents a hall, wears a suit of 7 colors, arranges a miracle and blind slaves rush into the hall looking for signs… Then the  true gospel of the finished work of Christ begins to spread through social media and some masters smartly repackage as New Testament teachers but soon they discover that being a new testament teacher actually means Freeing The Slaves… Then they throw away the gospel of the finished work of Christ and revert to the laws of Moses which had exploitable loopholes they can exploit to retain their religious slaves.

This is a prophecy…

Many who preach the gospel of Grace today will someday go back to preaching the laws of Moses and the reason is obvious.

But to you dear believer in the finished work of Christ, don’t follow men, follow Jesus.