Pastor Benjamin Uzoma Iwuchukwu – 

Here is the story, and why I think the Church is back to where it was before the Martin Luther Reformation exactly 500 years ago.

1. Before 1517, everyone belonged to the Roman Catholic Church which was the official religion, with the Pope as the head. The Pope had the final say on all issues concerning religion.

2. Pope Leo X wanted to build a fanciful Church building called St. Peters Basilica in Rome. The building was going to cost him so much. Hence, he decided to raise money from the sale of indulgences from purgatory.

3. Purgatory was invented by the Catholic Pope during the Crusades in order to get more men into the army. The pope claimed he could buy souls back from hell. His soldiers believed him and the practice continued.

4.The manipulation of the people through the sale of indulgences from purgatory(Offering God money in order to get God’s favor) infuriated Martin Luther. The same idea of indulgences and purgatory was why MANDATORY  TITHES and offerings got established in the early Church. ‘God gets excited at the sound of coins in the offering plate’.

5. On Oct. 31st, 1517, a Roman Catholic Monk named Martin Luther posted 95 Theses on the door of the Church claiming salvation was by faith alone, among others. He claimed the Pope had no power to forgive sins or collect indulgences from purgatory.

His 5 pillars were, 1) sola fide( faith alone), 2) sola scriptura (by scriptures alone), 3) solus Christus (through Christ alone), 4)sola gratia (by grace alone), 5)soli deo gloria (for God’s glory alone)

6. The posting of the theses happened at the early beginnings of the invention of the print media, just like today’s internet. Within weeks, Luther’s theses was widespread all over Germany, and all over Europe within months.

7. Before that, nobody had challenged the authority of the Church or Pope and lived. The Church had killed all scientists, historians or anyone who had a contrary view to the Pope. Often burning them publicly or beheading them.

8. Hence, the posting of the Theses was like Martin Luther posting his own death notice.

Ever heard the story of David and Goliath? The Pope was Goliath, Martin Luther was not even a David, he was a worm. The Pope could crush him easily. Somehow, the Pope was not able to. He referred to Luther as a wild boar. Luther often referred to the Pope as a ‘lustful dog’.

9. Martin Luther was summoned by the council of Church and State to recant his writings. He declared he wouldn’t as he was prepared to die for what his conscience believed.

10. Meanwhile, he remained in the Roman Catholic Church as starting another form of Christianity was not his goal. Luther’s mission was to reform the Roman Catholic Church.

11. The Pope declared Luther a non-grata, meaning whoever killed him was doing God a favor. His life was put at risk.

12. Martin Luther was then kidnapped by close friends and hidden in a castle. His physical form was disguised for fear that he would be killed. He had already become so popular in Europe through his writings.

13. While hidden away and in Isolation, he translated the entire Bible for the first time into German from Latin, giving everyone access to the Bible for the first time. From German, it was then translated into other languages. This officially put an end to the dark age, the age of gross illiteracy.

14. Before Luther’s Bible, the Bible had only existed in Greek and Latin which only Priests had access to. You could be killed if found with a copy of the Bible. This gave the Priests so much power, similar to today’s Priests and Pastors.

15. As more people read the Bible for themselves, revolts broke out all over Europe as people saw how the Church had taken advantage of them over many years. The Pope lost so much power and the Roman Catholic Church became irrelevant. Luther called out the Popes, Bishops, and princes without mincing words, often challenging them to public debates.

16. Because everyone now had the Bible, different sections began to break out of the Catholic Church every man claiming his own revelation. There were the Lutherans, Calvinists, Puritans, Unitarians, Anglicans, and many more. The differences between them were so slight and insignificant, and denominationalism was born. This revolt led to the killing of so many of the revolters by the Catholic Church.

17. Each of these denominations grew so much in power, became capitalists and began to practice in new forms and with new languages, exactly what the Catholic Church was doing that led to the break out of the reformation in the first place.

18. Denominationalism then became Capitalism. Churches became more about big and beautiful buildings, how much profit you can get from the people, selling cajoles to people in exchange for money in order to fund the lavish lifestyles.

19. 500 years after, we are back to where it all began. We are practicing that old form of Catholicism. The church now is about money and buildings, tithes and offerings.

20. Who shall write for us another 95 theses?

500 years of the Reformation. We are still bleeding…


Money: The Most Powerful Force in Pentecostal Christianity

By: Charles Awuzie – 

The most powerful thing in Pentecostal Christianity is Money. Period! Sow it and your prayers will be answered. Tithe it and you will prosper. Your money can open doors that the name of Jesus cannot open. Your money can heal you when the name of Jesus fails to heal you. Your tithe will open the store rooms of heaven since the name of Jesus has no such power unless attached with money.

In fact, if you have money, you have God. If you are broke, you need deliverance.

Even Grace preachers will tell you that the Cross did not fulfil any law that has to do with money. Nobody dares preach against money in Pentecostal Christianity, it is the most powerful.

I can freely preach against the person of Jesus and no pentecostal Christian will bat an eyelid, but if I attack Money, the entire Pentecostal formation will unite and fight me because their god has been touched.

Woe be tide you who make money their god. Woe betide you if you betray the truth for a plate of porridge. Before your eyes, the truth will prevail and you will bow your head in eternal shame.

To the demon behind the exaltation of money in Pentecostal Christianity – Mammon, I curse you in the name of Jesus. Dry up and wither.

We seize the body of Christ from your grip. We decree that the gospel shall be preached in its purest form in this end times. Every man who lifts Mammon above the finished work of Christ shall cover their face in shame as the Light shines in darkness.

If money is your god, repent, cry unto God and turn away from your wickedness.

There is only one reason why we give and it is called Generosity. Anything or anytime we give, we do so because we are generous, not because we are desperate.

The pastors who know the truth but won’t say it for fear of going hungry, you will always be hungry. Mark my word.

Those who know this truth and are passionately speaking it out, you will never go hungry. Mark my word.

To Jesus alone be all the glory.



Many Who Preach The Gospel of Grace Today Will Soon go Back to Preaching The Laws of Moses

By: Charles Awuzie


Many who preach the gospel of Grace today will soon go back to preaching the laws of Moses… REASON: They would have discovered that there’s no loopholes in the gospel of the finished work of Christ with which they can use to rape vulnerable Christians of their money.

They will also realize that the gospel tend to make all believers brothers and sisters, not clergy and laity…They will struggle to understand why Jesus called His disciples FRIENDS and not slaves.

….emmmm, this may be the worst thing I will ever post here on facebook but I will say it anyway…

Christianity outside the Finished Work of Christ is slavery. Who is a slave? A worker who works to feed his or her master. A slave is known by how hard they work just to maintain the lavish lifestyle of their master. There are always more slaves than masters. Slaves kill their fellow slaves just to protect the life of the master.

We had political slaves…we read about economic slaves… Now we watch religious slavery unfold right in our time…a master rents a hall, wears a suit of 7 colors, arranges a miracle and blind slaves rush into the hall looking for signs… Then the  true gospel of the finished work of Christ begins to spread through social media and some masters smartly repackage as New Testament teachers but soon they discover that being a new testament teacher actually means Freeing The Slaves… Then they throw away the gospel of the finished work of Christ and revert to the laws of Moses which had exploitable loopholes they can exploit to retain their religious slaves.

This is a prophecy…

Many who preach the gospel of Grace today will someday go back to preaching the laws of Moses and the reason is obvious.

But to you dear believer in the finished work of Christ, don’t follow men, follow Jesus.





Written by: Linson Abah –Published by: Izobofolo’s Blog – 

1.  They will first give you an impression that they are having preaching engagements within and outside the Nation. This means that they are popular. 

2.  They will tell you that they just landed at the airport about fifteen or twenty minutes ago just to give you an impression that they are not poor Pastors.

3.  They do put on an intimidating dressing. Love to stay in an expensive hotels and Sometimes reject your honorarium because it is too small.

4.  They will quote one Bible passage which they may explain or not and start singing.

5.  As they sing, they will start giving you terrible and dangerous prophesies.

6.  As they proceed, they will start narrating series of horrifying and terrifying testimonies that will send fear to every part of your system.

7.  Yes, you can quickly get to the emotions of Africans when you talk about their enemies that wants to kill them or poverty.

8. When they discovered that you are griped by fear of the enemy that wants to kill you, they will tell you to quickly rush to the altar to sow seed or raise an altar against the altar of your enemies.

9.  They will tell you that if your altar is bigger than the altar of your enemies your altar will swallow their altar and you will hear a sudden phone call for success or immediate break through from poverty. (Prosperity without efforts –  M M M)

10.  They will tell that you need a prophet over your head so that you will quickly make them your prophet.

11.  They will present the problem to look as if without them your problem will not have a solution. They will make sure that your faith will rest upon them not upon God – (Na the same people oooo)

12.  They will tell you how they sowed dangerous seed somewhere and when they tell you to sow, they will not sow anything.

13.  They will tell you to come the following day to redeem your pledge with your written prayer request.

14.  It is at this point of meeting you one on one that they will collect your phone numbers and tell you to sow into their ministeries or partner with them because they will keep on praying for you. I know that some of the people that will be reading this write up might be one of their victims.

15.  However, most of the break through they prophesied will never come but they will keep on demanding more money from you.

16.  They will either preach on, “Dangerous Sowing, Altar versus Altar, You need a Prophet over your Head, Sacrifice, your seed will speak for you.” etc.

17.  They do preach the same message wherever they go, they only improve on it and add more dangerous testimonies to it.

18.  They can never preach on righteousness neither can they make an altar call for sinners to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

19.  The most surprising thing is that the people love this type of ministry and ministers.

Yes, the truth is that today if someone preaches the real Gospel and ask people to give, they will not respond as much as those that uses threat to raise fund.

This is one of the reasons why some people invite these fund raisers to get money from the people not that they don’t know their methods.

But must we continue to use bad means to build a good kingdom? Must we do evil that good will come?

The Bible says, “A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear. People will refuse to listen to the truth and turn to myths. (2 Timothy 4:3, 4)

This type of aggressive give to get, altar versus altar sacrifice against an enemy has done and is still doing great damage to the church of God today.

We must take our stand to build the church with the word of God and follow the way of our founding Fathers before these invaders clash down the church because of the food of the now.

We must be prepared to confront every pseudo-Christian practices that has subtly penetrated into the church of the Living God today.

Our founding Fathers handed over to us an unadulterated and undiluted Gospel, may we protect and hand over same to our posterity.

Yes, an old man will not be at home and a she goat delivers on tether.

May we not all sleep and watch the church go into oblivion, may we do something quickly to savage this ugly scenario.

My consolation is that the owner of the church said He will build His church and Satan will not stop the church.

–  God bless you!


By: Dr. Charles Awuzie

“Until we come to the unity of faith”

The demon of denominationalism is the next to go down…. The demon that inspires the erection of towers of babel…. My-Ministry-Must-Grow demon…success-In-Ministry demon….that anti Christ Which built a tall wall of demarcation in the body of Christ…. Same demon that makes a brother in faith see another brother in faith as sub standard because one is clergy and another is laity…. That demon that doesn’t embrace the priesthood of every believer but exalts one believer above another believer… Same demon that made church attendance look like a ticket to heaven…. That demon that made the Pentecostals hate the Catholics and the Catholics to hate the Anglicans and all of them teamed up to hate Virtual Worshippers…that demon that exalted crowd of people above the cloud of His glory…That demon that has called 90% of people into denominational ministry….. That demon is coming down in the name of Jesus Christ.

The body of Christ is ONE and every member of that body is a priest by their second birth. Respect my priesthood just as I respect your priesthood. Enough of leaving the work of God to a selected few, every believer should get out there and do the work of an evangelist.

For the grace preachers who have started cursing other believers who are yet to find a local fellowship, stop being ignorant. Few moments ago, you were condemning people who made seed sowing a law but here you are, behaving like the ancient Pharisees and Saduccees.

Allow people to worship God in spirit and in truth, not in falsehood and in manipulations.

Denominationalism is not of God. The true body of Christ has no name except church. The church in Lagos, the Church in London, The church in Carmen’s house, the Church in Ontario, the Church in Nairobi, the Church in Johannesburg, etc. That was how the first church movement was named – by the cities they cover. How can I see that Uyo has a living Christocentric  church there yet I go there to establish another church,  what would be my motive?

It’s time to establish the single body of Christ as a kingdom on earth.