By: Charles Awuzie


If you believe that the anointing of your spiritual father/mother is protecting you from danger and death, what happens to you when your spiritual covering dies?
I speak the truth in the name of Jesus whom I serve, your covering, protection and blessings are in Christ Jesus, not in any mortal man. Don’t sow seeds to any man before traveling so you can travel safely…. No man can protect himself let alone protecting you. Look up to Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith.

Don’t have a prayer time, pray ALWAYS in the spirit. It is religion that created The Hour Of Prayer. Christianity is a life in the spirit. Wake up speaking in tongues. Take a break while brushing your teeth(i just groan when I brush). Then switch back to tongues as you prepare for the business of the day. Let it flow.

If you are using public transport – groan in your heart. If it forces it’s way out of your mouth, you are not the first person. I have spoken in tongues in a board meeting too. But pray without ceasing. No ceasing. No special prayer time. We don’t have what people call “prayer life”, because Prayer is our life. I don’t ask you “how’s your prayer life?”…No. I ask “how’s your life”. Prayer is our life. It’s our oxygen. We stop praying, we suffocate. It’s that serious. I am praying even as I type this message. You should be praying right now as you read it. If you are married, try speaking in tongues while you make love to your wife. That’s sex in another level. (Wait for my post titled Sex In The Spirit).

The greatest neurosurgeon – Dr. Ben Carson, once said that he would spend hours praying in the spirit before entering the surgical ward. And while carrying out the surgical procedure, he would groan in his heart.

In your career, carry out your work while praying in the spirit. Pray in the spirit at work.

We don’t pray because we want something from God, we pray because it is our nature.

Are you just reading? Loose your tongue. Pray in the Holy Ghost. Don’t stop – this is why you must not depend on spiritual parents for covering – but to pray without ceasing.

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