When the society, land or country is moving forward, this can lead to a serious depression and then suicide. In a country where the government has failed to provide jobs and eliminate poverty but choose to keep the country stagnant by enriching themselves only can cause one to think of committing suicide.

There are so many graduates scattered on the streets of Nigeria who have tried to secure a job but was turned down and rejected. When there are no Jobs, it causes poverty and when there is poverty, there is hunger and when there is hunger, it can make some to begin to hear strange voices telling them to end their life by giving them reasons to believe that they are not needed here. Until this is handed well, the stoppage of suicide is not guaranteed.


This is another tool and instrument Satan uses to cause depression in the hearts of people and make them kill themselves. Wrong relationship and wrong marriage can cause depression and lead to suicide when one of the spouse threatens to leave the relationship or maybe cases of cheating and being caught and avoiding being exposed.

If the relationship you are into now is giving you serious headache, please gently walk away from it. Any relationship that gives you trouble and threatens your peace of mind won’t last long and can harm you if you continue to push further. Just walk away from with without saying a word and make yourself happy. Apart from God, no one can love you better than yourself.


Lack of patience can make someone depressed and then lead to suicide. You can have everything you want in your own time. It can’t and will never happen in your own time. It can only be possible in God’s time. If God had promised you something, please wait for it. God is not a man that he should lie. He can’t forget his promises towards you.

It will take a little time but trust me it will surely come to pass. As long as rapture tarries, please keep waiting on him. I know that it has started choking you but please hold on a bit. The answer is older than the problem.

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”. (Habakkuk 2:3).


When a Christian, a child of God, a believer is not rooted and planted in the word of God, it can create room for familiar spirits to afflict him/her with the spirit of depression and then suicide. When you are rooted in God’s word, the devil can’t overcome you. When you are rooted in the word of God, you will be able to dictate the strange voice of Satan when he is speaking.

When you have strong root in God’s word, there are scriptures that you can use to defeat depressions and overcome them. Satan always wants you to see reasons to hate yourself, he wants you to see the inability in you without seeing the God giving abilities in you. But when you know your stand in God’s word, you can take your stand and rebuke him.


So many youths are depressed today because they refuse to believe in themselves. Everyone has a God given ability in him/her. And until you activate it, it will remain dormant.

Since the government has failed the youths which are the leaders of tomorrow, you can choose to make a difference. You can be creative, you can be self employed. Yes you can do it only if you will believe in yourself. The strength is in you, the talent and gifts are all dwelling in you.  Just tell yourself “I CAN MAKE IT”.  Once you believe on yourself and work towards it, the spirit of depression and suicide won’t have access into you.

Ending your life by yourself is not the best. You can be the best thing happening in your generation…


(Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala)


By: Evangelist Izobofolo, Theophilus


It appears to me the crave for immortality is a reality man can’t escape. It seems the desire is innate and man can’t help himself from seeking ways and means to achieve it. Although people may not say this directly, their actions often betray them. Even those who do not believe in God would admit they desire immortality if they would be honest enough.

Various steps people take, among others, to immortalize themselves include:

(1) Prioritizing Male Children Above Female Children:

Although this may not apply to all cultures, men in some cultures would do anything humanly possible to have a male child because of the belief that the male child sustains the lineage and family name. If their first wife is unable to bear a male child they could marry another wife or get a concubine outside to get them one. Some may even divorce their first wife and marry a concubine who has been able to bear a male child to replace her. Those who want to stay faithful would keep trying until the wife can no longer bear or their economy can’t accommodate more children.

(2)Street Naming:

Some pay handsome amounts of money to the local authorities to get streets named after them. This, they do to immortalize themselves. Sometimes it is the society or the government that names streets after people because of their immense contributions to the society. They often say they do this to immortalize the persons.

(3) Monument Building:

People build monuments in form of statues, public facilities and sometimes whole institution to immortalize themselves.

(4) Immortality Through Work:

People seek to immortalize themselves through their work. They do this through inventions, innovations, extraordinary altruistic acts and writing.

(5) Immortality Through Leadership:

Some seek immortality through leadership. They say they want to leave a good legacy for future generations.

These and others are ways and means by which the natural man seeks immortality. Does any of these confer immortality on them in the real sense of the word? The answer is capital NO! None of these attempts confer immortality on anyone.

As far as the Scripture is concerned, only God has the power of immortality. He is the only one who cannot die either physically or spiritually. He is the only one who can give eternal life or immortality to man.

“Who only has IMMORTALITY, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man has seen, nor can see: to whom be honor and power everlasting. Amen” (1Tim 6:13-16)

Not only does God have the power of immortality, He has also commanded man to consciously seek immortality through Christ.

“16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

18  He that believes on him is not condemned: but he that believes not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” (John 3:16 & 18)

“9  Who has saved us, and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began,

10  But is now made manifest by the appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ, who has abolished death, and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” (2Tim 1:9-10)

We know that it is not enough to mentally assent to Christ, the seeker of immortality must also deliberately believe Christ and obey Him.

“6  Who will render to every man according to his deeds:

7  To them who BY PATIENT CONTINUANCE IN WELL DOING seek for glory and honor and immortality, eternal life:

8  But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath.” (Rom 2:6-8)

Despite we are told we have immortality through Christ, we are also told God has appointed a day in His own timing when our mortal (corruptible) bodies would be transformed to immortal (glorious or incorruptible) bodies. The whole of 1 Corinthians 15 is devoted to this subject.

“51  Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,

52  In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

53  For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.

54  So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.

55  O death, where is your sting? O grave, where is your victory?” (1Cor 15:51-55)

This is the final consummation of our redemption called the resurrection. Concerning this, the Bible says the whole of creation earnestly awaits and we that have the firstfruit of the Spirit yearn.

“19  For the earnest expectation of the creation waits for the manifestation of the sons of God.

20  For the creation was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who has subjected the same in hope,

21  Because the creation itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.


Though the proponents of Dominionism would have us believe Romans 8:19-22 is about the attainment of earthly dominion in this present age by a privileged group who have access to special revelations that are not available to all, this scripture isn’t talking about such. Rather, it is about the consummation of our redemption which would happen at the second appearing of Christ. Romans 8:23 says the manifestation that all the creation and the believers earnestly await is the redemption of our bodies (the resurrection of the saints). It is not a superhuman manifestation of Christians as it’s being erroneously taught.

” And not only they, but ourselves ALSO, WHO HAVE THE FIRSTFRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, WAITING FOR THE ADOPTION, THAT IS, THE REDEMPTION OF OUR BODY.” (Rom 8:23)

Verses 24 and 25 of the chapter categorically say we are saved by hope and we should patiently wait for this hope. That is, we should patiently wait for the resurrection of our bodies on the last day.

” 24  For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man sees, why does he yet hope for?

25  But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.” (Rom 8:23-24)

Of late, I have noted with great concern some brethren who go about preaching what they call “the gospel of immortality” which is quite different from what the Scripture says. They say their bodies would attain immortality in this present life through the special revelation they’ve got.

Some of them also appear to be pushing special revelations that are not documented in the Bible.

Please permit me to humbly warn that this move has taken too much upon itself. Let those who are into it retreat because it won’t end well.

Of a truth the Gospel of Christ is the Gospel of immortality but nowhere in the entire scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are we told our bodies would attain immortality until the resurrection day.

Though, the proponents of this doctrine may think what they are saying is new, they need to be aware it isn’t new. What they are teaching is not in reality different from the teachings of an old group called “Manifest Sons of God”. This move is a rejuvenation of the old sect.

They should also note the humiliation the people who said they won’t die until Christ’s second coming suffered in the past. They all had to eat their words. Why would anyone want to go through that again?

Let those who are involved be aware of the dangers of establishing doctrines with extrabiblical revelations. It’s like opening a Pandora box that has a beginning but no end. Once the frontiers of scriptural revelation have been shifted to establish a doctrine, there would be no end to the number of strange doctrines that would follow.

As far as the salvation of mankind is concerned, there is nothing new to be revealed. Please, note that the Scripture is not given to satisfy human curiosity. No one, except God, knows the day the resurrection would happen. This is why He is God. Let’s be content with the faith as it was once delivered to the saints. Shalom!

Reference: Dr. Abiodun 

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Christians & Judging

What Does It Mean To Be A New Creation

By: Bishop William B. Caractor

What Does It Mean To Be A New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17)?

The new creation is described in 2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

The word “therefore” refers us back to verses 14-16 where Paul tells us that all believers have died with Christ and no longer live for themselves.

Our lives are no longer worldly; they are now spiritual. Our “death” is that of the old sin nature which was nailed to the cross with Christ.

It was buried with Him, and just as He was raised up by the Father, so are we raised up to “walk in newness of life” (Romans 6:4).

That new person that was raised up is what Paul refers to in 2 Corinthians 5:17 as the “new creation.”

To understand the new creation, first we must grasp that it is in fact a creation, something created by God.

John 1:13 tells us that this new birth was brought about by the will of God.

We did not inherit the new nature or decide to re-create ourselves anew. Neither did God simply clean up our old nature; He created something entirely fresh and unique.

The new creation is completely new, brought about from nothing, just as the whole universe was created by God ex nihilo, from nothing.

Only the Creator could accomplish such a feat.

Second, “old things have passed away.” The “old” refers to everything that is part of our old nature—natural pride, love of sin, reliance on works, and our former opinions, habits and passions.

Most significantly, what we loved has passed away, especially the supreme love of self and with it self-righteousness, self-promotion, and self-justification.

The new creature looks outwardly toward Christ instead of inwardly toward self. The old things died, nailed to the cross with our sin nature.

Along with the old passing away, “the new has come!” Old, dead things are replaced with new things, full of life and the glory of God.

The newborn soul delights in the things of God and abhors the things of the world and the flesh. Our purposes, feelings, desires, and understandings are fresh and different.

We see the world differently. The Bible seems to be a new book, and though we may have read it before, there is a beauty about it which we never saw before, and which we wonder at not having perceived.

The whole face of nature seems to us to be changed, and we seem to be in a new world.

The heavens and the earth are filled with new wonders, and all things seem now to speak forth the praise of God.

There are new feelings toward all people—a new kind of love toward family and friends, a new compassion never before felt for enemies, and a new love for all mankind.

The things we once loved, we now detest. The sin we once held onto, we now desire to put away forever.

We “put off the old man with his deeds” (Colossians 3:9), and put on the “new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness” (Ephesians 4:24).

What about the Christian who continues to sin? There is a difference between continuing to sin and continuing to live in sin.

No one reaches sinless perfection in this life, but the redeemed Christian is being sanctified (made holy) day by day, sinning less and hating it more each time he fails.

Yes, we still sin, but unwillingly and less and less frequently as we mature. Our new self hates the sin that still has a hold on us.

The difference is that the new creation is no longer a slave to sin, as we formerly were.

We are now freed from sin and it no longer has power over us (Romans 6:6-7).

Now we are empowered by and for righteousness. We now have the choice to “let sin reign” or to count ourselves “dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus” (Romans 6:11-12).

Best of all, now we have the power to choose the latter.

The new creation is a wondrous thing, formed in the mind of God and created by His power and for His glory.


By: Evang. Theophilus Izobofolo


Before Jesus died and resurrected, people were already getting married, succeeding in business and conquering nations.

If you are waiting for Resurrection Morning Anointing to resurrect your business ideas, you missed, WHY, Jesus died and rose again. Your teachers didn’t teach you the truth. Very soon, you will become frustrated when your business collapses despite sowing into today’s resurrection morning anointing. Calm down and learn the true gospel which is void of materialism and materialistic ‘blessings’ and curses.

The major reason why Jesus died was to ACTIVATE the New Covenant between Himself and God for Man. “For where a covenant is, there must of NECESSITY be the death of the one who made it.” ~ Hebrews 9:16

It was NECESSARY for Jesus to die, not to help you reach orgasm or give you millions of dollars, but SOLELY to activate The New Covenant of Salvation through Grace. This actually is the greatest blessing – that our sins no longer comes between us and the Father. Wow. That’s the good news. The power of sin has been destroyed. For those who hate to hear it, Sin is Dead. Calm down and celebrate Jesus.

Don’t let anyone scream resurrection prophetic nonsense into your ears. A sound teacher of the word will take his time to bring you to the knowledge of the Finished Work of Christ and not be in a hurry to make empty prophecies which never materialize because they are not inspired by the spirit of truth but by the spirit of greed.

When you know this truth, you will rest. You will stop going from one Easter Vigil to another in search of resurrection power. You will realize that the resurrection power LIVES PERMANENTLY IN YOU. Glory to Jesus.

Nonsense sermons on a resurrection morning…I prophesy, because He rose, your marriage, career, business will rise again. And the crowd screams AMEN like thunder.

Jesus didn’t rise so that your business will rise again. Stop that nonsense. If you want your business to rise again, be innovative and strategic. The resurrection of Jesus has nothing to do with buying and selling.

He rose to execute His will (the new covenant) which was activated by His death. He is both the Testator and the executor of His own will. In His resurrection, we have hope that It Is truly Finished. Stop using His resurrection to make motivational speeches. It’s a spiritual matter – not an economic issue.

Friends, Easter has come and has gone… But the truth will never go away…. Wake up… Rise up in knowledge. You are now mature. You are no longer a spiritual babe in need of milk and honey prophetic ginger… Rise up in calmness of spirit… And start walking in the knowledge of the Finished Work of Christ.


Reference: Dr. Charles Awuzie 

Why Do So Many People Seek After Signs And Wonders?

Full List Of All 371 Tribes In Nigeria And States Where They Originated

Full List Of All 371 Tribes In Nigeria And States Where They Originated

1 Abayon Cross River

2 Abua (Odual) Rivers

3 Achipa (Achipawa) Kebbi

4 Adim Cross River

5 Adun Cross River

6 Affade Yobe

7 Afizere Plateau

8 Afo Plateau

9 Agbo Cross River

10 Akaju-Ndem (Akajuk) Cross River

11 Akweya-Yachi Benue

12 Alago (Arago) nasarawa

13 Amo Plateau

14 Anaguta Plateau

15 Anang Akwa lbom

16 Andoni Akwa lbom, Rivers

17 Angas Bauchi, Jigawa, Plateau

18 Ankwei Plateau

19 Anyima Cross River

20 Attakar (ataka) Kaduna

21 Auyoka (Auyokawa) Jigawa

22 Awori Lagos, Ogun

23 Ayu Kaduna

24 Babur Adamawa, Bomo, Taraba, Yobe

25 Bachama Adamawa

26 Bachere Cross River

27 Bada Plateau

28 Bade Yobe

29 Bahumono Cross River

30 Bakulung Taraba

31 Bali Taraba

32 Bambora (Bambarawa) Bauchi

33 Bambuko Taraba

34 Banda (Bandawa) Taraba

35 Banka (Bankalawa) Bauchi

36 Banso (Panso) Adamawa

37 Bara (Barawa) Bauchi

38 Barke Bauchi

39 Baruba (Barba) Niger

40 Bashiri (Bashirawa) Plateau

41 Bassa Kaduna, Kogi, Niger, Plateau

42 Batta Adamawa

43 Baushi Niger

44 Baya Adamawa

45 Bekwarra Cross River

46 Bele (Buli, Belewa) Bauchi

47 Betso (Bete) Taraba

48 Bette Cross River

49 Bilei Adamawa

50 Bille Adamawa

51 Bina (Binawa) Kaduna

52 Bini Edo

53 Birom Plateau

54 Bobua Taraba

55 Boki (Nki) Cross River

56 Bkkos Plateau

57 Boko (Bussawa, Bargawa) Niger

58 Bole (Bolewa) Bauchi, Yobe

59 Botlere Adamawa

60 Boma (Bomawa, Burmano) Bauchi

61 Bomboro Bauchi

62 Buduma Borno, Niger

63 Buji Plateau

64 Buli Bauchi

65 Bunu Kogi

66 Bura Adamawa

67 Burak Bauchi

68 Burma (Burmawa) Plateau

69 Buru Yobe

70 Buta (Butawa) Bauchi

71 Bwall Plateau

72 Bwatiye Adamawa

73 Bwazza Adamawa

74 Challa Plateau

75 Chama (Chamawa Fitilai) Bauchi

76 Chamba Taraba

77 Chamo Bauchi

78 Chibok (Chibbak) Yobe

79 Chinine Borno

80 Chip Plateau

81 Chokobo Plateau

82 Chukkol Taraba

83 Daba Adamawa

84 Dadiya Bauchi

85 Daka Adamawa

86 Dakarkari Niger, Kebbi

87 Danda (Dandawa) Kebbi

88 Dangsa Taraba

89 Daza (Dere, Derewa) Bauchi

90 Degema Rivers

91 Deno (Denawa) Bauchi

92 Dghwede Bomo

93 Diba Taraba

94 Doemak (Dumuk) Plateau

95 Ouguri Bauchi

96 Duka (Dukawa) Kebbi

97 Duma (Dumawa) Bauchi

98 Ebana (Ebani) Rivers

99 Ebirra (lgbirra) Edo, Kogi, FCT, Nasarawa, Borno, Ondo

100 Ebu Edo, Kogi

101 Efik Cross River

102 Egbema Rivers

103 Egede (lgedde) Benue

104 Eggon Plateau

105 Egun (Gu) Lagos,Ogun

106 Ejagham Cross River

107 Ekajuk Cross River

108 Eket Akwa Ibom

109 Ekoi Cross River

110 Engenni (Ngene) Rivers

111 Epie Rivers

112 Esan (Ishan) Edo

113 Etche Rivers

114 Etolu (Etilo) Benue

115 Etsako Edo

116 Etung Cross River

117 Etuno Edo

118 Falli Adamawa

119 Fulani (Pulbe) Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa , Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi , Niger, Sokoto, Taraba, Yobe, etc.

120 Fyam (Fyem) Plateau

121 Fyer(Fer) Plateau

122 Ga’anda Adamawa

123 Gade Niger

124 Galambi Bauchi

125 Gamergu-Mulgwa Bomo

126 Qanawuri Plateau

127 Gavako Borno

128 Gbedde Kogi

129 Gengle Taraba

130 Geji Bauchi

131 Gera (Gere, Gerawa) Bauchi

132 Geruma (Gerumawa) Plateau

133 Geruma (Gerumawa) Bauchi

134 Gingwak Bauchi

135 Gira Adamawa

136 Gizigz Adamawa

137 Goernai Plateau

138 Gokana (Kana) Rivers

139 Gombi Adamawa

140 Gornun (Gmun) Taraba

141 Gonia Taraba

142 Gubi (Gubawa) Bauchi

143 Gude Adamawa

144 Gudu Adamawa

145 Gure Kaduna

146 Gurmana Niger

147 Gururntum Bauchi

148 Gusu Plateau

149 Gwa (Gurawa) Adamawa

150 Gwamba Adamawa

151 Gwandara Kaduna, Niger, Plateau

152 Gwari (Gbari) Kaduna, Niger, Plateau

153 Gwom Taraba

154 Gwoza (Waha) Bomo

155 Gyem Bauchi

156 Hausa: Bauchi, Borno, Jigawa, Kaduna,Kano, Kastina, Kebbi, Niger, Taraba, Sokoto, etc

157 Higi (Hig) Borno, Adamawa

158 Holma Adamawa

159 Hona Adamawa

160 Ibeno Akwa lbom

161 Ibibio Akwa lbom

162 Ichen Adamawa

163 Idoma Benue, Taraba

164 Igalla Kogi

165 lgbo: Abia, Anambra, Benue, Delta, Ebonyi,Enugu, Imo, Rivers

166 ljumu Kogi

167 Ikorn Cross River

168 Irigwe Plateau

169 Isoko Delta

170 lsekiri (Itsekiri) Delta

171 lyala (lyalla) Cross River

172 lzon (Ijo) Bayelsa, Delta, Ondo, Rivers

173 Jaba Kaduna

174 Jahuna (Jahunawa) Taraba

175 Jaku Bauchi

176 Jara (Jaar Jarawa Jarawa-Dutse) Bauchi

177 Jere (Jare, Jera, Jera, Jerawa) Bauchi, Plateau

178 Jero Taraba

179 Jibu Adamawa.

180 Jidda-Abu Plateau

181 Jimbin (Jimbinawa) Bauchi

182 Jirai Adamawa

183 Jonjo (Jenjo) Taraba

184 Jukun Bauchi, Benue,Taraba, Plateau

185 Kaba(Kabawa) Taraba

186 Kadara Taraba

187 Kafanchan Kaduna

188 Kagoro (Oegorok) Kaduna

189 Kaje (Bajju) Kaduna

190 Kajuru (Kajurawa) Kaduna

191 Kaka Adamawa

192 Kamaku (Karnukawa) Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger

193 Kambari Kebbi, Niger

194 Kambu Adamawa

195 Kamo Bauchi

196 Kanakuru (Dera) Adamawa, Borno

197 Kanembu Bomo

198 Kanikon Kaduna

199 Kantana Plateau

200 Kanufi Kaduna, Adamawa, Bomo, Kano,Niger, Jigawa, Plateau, Taraba, Yobe

201 Karekare (Karaikarai) Bauchi, Yobe

202 Karimjo Taraba

203 Kariya Bauchi

204 Katab (Kataf) – Tyap, Kaduna

205 Kenern (Koenoem) Plateau

206 Kenton Taraba

207 Kiballo (Kiwollo) Kaduna

208 Kilba Adamawa

209 Kirfi (Kirfawa) Bauchi

210 Koma Taraba

211 Kona Taraba

212 Koro (Kwaro) Kaduna, Niger

213 Kubi (Kubawa) Bauchi

214 Kudachano (Kudawa) Bauchi

215 Kugama Taraba

216 Kulere (Kaler) Plateau

217 Kunini Taraba

218 Kurama Jigawa, Kaduna, Niger, Plateau

219 Kurdul Adamawa

220 Kushi Bauchi

221 Kuteb Taraba

222 Kutin Taraba

223 Kwalla Plateau

224 Kwami (Kwom) Bauchi

225 Kwanchi Taraba

226 Kwanka (Kwankwa) Bauchi, Plateau

227 Kwaro Plateau

228 Kwato Plateau

229 Kyenga (Kengawa) Sokoto

230 Laaru (Larawa) Niger

231 Lakka Adamawa

232 Lala Adamawa

233 Lama Taraba

234 Lamja Taraba

235 Lau Taraba

236 Ubbo Adamawa

237 Limono Bauchi, Plateau

238 Lopa (Lupa, Lopawa) Niger

239 Longuda (Lunguda) Adamawa, Bauchi

240 Mabo Plateau

241 Mada Kaduna, Plateau

242 Mama Plateau

243 Mambilla Adamawa

244 Manchok Kaduna

245 Mandara (Wandala) Bomo

246 Manga (Mangawa) Yobe

247 Margi (Marghi) Adamawa, Bomo

248 Matakarn Adamawa

249 Mbembe Cross River, Enugu

250 Mbol Adamawa

251 Mbube Cross River

252 Mbula Adamawa

253 Mbum Taraba

254 Memyang (Meryan) Plateau

255 Miango Plateau

256 Miligili (Migili) Plateau

257 Miya (Miyawa) Bauchi

258 Mobber Bomo

259 Montol Plateau

260 Moruwa (Moro’a, Morwa) Kaduna

261 Muchaila Adamawa

262 Mumuye Taraba

263 Mundang Adamawa

264 Munga (Mupang) Plateau

265 Mushere Plateau

266 Mwahavul (Mwaghavul) Plateau

267 Ndoro Taraba

268 Ngamo Bauchi, Yobe

269 Ngizim Yobe

270 Ngweshe (Ndhang.Ngoshe-Ndhang) Adamawa, Borno

271 Ningi (Ningawa) Bauchi

272 Ninzam (Ninzo) Kaduna, Plateau

273 Njayi Adamawa

274 Nkim Cross River

275 Nkum Cross River

276 Nokere (Nakere) Plateau

277 Nunku Kaduna, Plateau

278 Nupe Niger

279 Nyandang Taraba

280 Ododop Cross River

281 Ogori Kwara

282 Okobo (Okkobor) Akwa lbom

283 Okpamheri Edo

284 Olulumo Cross River

285 Oron Akwa lbom

286 Owan Edo

287 Owe Kwara

288 Oworo Kwara

289 Pa’a (Pa’awa Afawa) Bauchi

290 Pai Plateau

291 Panyam Taraba

292 Pero Bauchi

293 Pire Adamawa

294 Pkanzom Taraba

295 Poll TarabaPolchi Habe Bauchi

297 Pongo (Pongu) Niger

298 Potopo Taraba

299 Pyapun (Piapung) Plateau

300 Qua Cross River

301 Rebina (Rebinawa) Bauchi

302 Reshe Kebbi, Niger

303 Rindire (Rendre) Plateau

304 Rishuwa Kaduna

305 Ron Piateau

306 Rubu Niger

307 Rukuba Plateau

308 Rumada Kaduna

309 Rumaya Kaduna

310 Sakbe Taraba

311 Sanga Bauchi

312 Sate Taraba

313 Saya (Sayawa Za’ar) Bauchi

314 Segidi (Sigidawa) Bauchi

315 Shanga (Shangawa) Sokoto

316 Shangawa (Shangau) Plateau

317 Shan-Shan Plateau

318 Shira (Shirawa) Kano

319 Shomo Taraba

320 Shuwa Adamawa, Borno

321 Sikdi Plateau

322 Siri (Sirawa) Bauchi

323 Srubu (Surubu) Kaduna

324 Sukur Adamawa

325 Sura Plateau

326 Tangale Bauchi

327 Tarok Plateau, Taraba

328 Teme Adamawa

329 Tera (Terawa) Bauchi, Bomo

330 Teshena (Teshenawa) Kano

331 Tigon Adamawa

332 Tikar Taraba

333 Tiv Benue, Plateau, Taraba and Nasarawa

334 Tula Bauchi

335 Tur Adamawa

336 Ufia Benue

337 Ukelle Cross River

338 Ukwani (Kwale) Delta

339 Uncinda Kaduna, Kebbi, Niger, Sokoto

340 Uneme (Ineme) Edo

341 Ura (Ula) Niger

342 Urhobo Delta

343 Utonkong Benue

344 Uyanga Cross River

345 Vemgo Adamawa

346 Verre Adamawa

347 Vommi Taraba

348 Wagga Adamawa

349 Waja Bauchi

350 Waka Taraba

351 Warja (Warja) Jigawa

352 Warji Bauchi

353 Wula Adamawa

354 Wurbo Adamawa

355 Wurkun Taraba

356 Yache Cross River

357 Yagba Kwara

358 Yakurr (Yako) Cross River

359 Yalla Benue

360 Yandang Taraba

361 Yergan (Yergum) Plateau

362 Yoruba Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Kogi

363 Yott Taraba

364 Yumu Niger

365 Yungur Adamawa

366 Yuom Plateau

367 Zabara Niger

368 Zaranda Bauchi

369 Zarma (Zarmawa) Kebbi

370 Zayam (Zeam) Bauchi

371 Zul (Zulawa) Bauchi