Ministers Without Blemish

BY: Izobofolo’s Blog and ¬†Abigayle Njambi Mutua

Dear Ministers of the Gospel: Understand that ministry isn’t for babies. It is serious warfare, serious self denial and total submission to The gift giver!

Understand that Ministry and Church are also two very different things! DON’T say; because you anointed and convinced with inner persuasion that you are called, and run to open a church tomorrow. Jesus at 12 years was highly anointed, and filled with wisdom but he had to wait 18years before His ministry went public! Do not feel pressured to open a church because of a title, if God hasn’t said it, stay put! Wait for the appointed time!

Before God announces a minister to the world, there are stages that one has got to pass through! U pass through this because God has got to mature you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!

That’s why you’ll meet wrong people, to test your motives! You’ll meet betrayals to test your forgiveness! You’ll meet slander to test your humility! Etc., all this and many more you will meet before getting exposed.

We ministers of God should understand that when we ‘re finally on top, betrayals will be more intense than they were during training! Slander will be worse than they were during training. Ministry is not for the faint hearted! It isn’t for the emotional, it isn’t for the immature; it for those who are ready to work and not be wary and run but won’t faint.

There are days you’ll be so hurt that you’ll want to lash back, but even when you do, you end up making things worse! So u hurt but in silence! It’s called carrying your cross.

Allow God to finish the process, because you can mature spiritually but emotionally you’re a baby! You can mature physically but spiritually you’re a baby! That’s why no minister ought to be an island, we need each other! We need to build up each other in Love.

Don’t run or be a sluggard… Move at God’s pace. When you sit in heavenly places,. Understand the only way Satan can get to you is through speaking BLASPHEMIES AGAINST YOU! You need the maturity to handle it lest you fall from your Heavenly seat because of what people say about you!

As a young minister, build up yourself in your most holy faith with time, continues study, loyal followers-ship and love…your flesh must be dead first before you can lead with the spirit. Take your time to watch, study and pray.