By: Abigayle Mutua

Differentiate between a church experience and meeting God. Many people are in the church experience but they haven’t met God!

Why do i say that? Because i know for a Fact that nobody can meet God and remain the same! We too busy playing church because going to church nowadays is fashionable thing to do as a Christian.

No one can meet God and remain a homosexual! No one! No one can meet God and still sleep around with peoples husbands and wives! No one can even meet God and sleep around! Period. The reason i know the body of Christ is enjoying church experiences is because there is no real transformation!

And that’s why God isn’t calling people into church anymore! God is calling the Church out into HIMSELF! Church experiences won’t change nobody only GOD CAN CHANGE YOU, IF YOU CAN ABIDE IN HIM!

The Glory has departed some churches but the experiences are still going on! Because if people were sensitive to God not experience they’d know when they’re PLAYING CHURCH AND WHEN THEY’RE TOUCHING GOD FOR REAL!