Apostle John Davis

Hear me, The kingdom of God is not in the spoken grammar but in the demonstration of power! People are dying every day of sickness, affliction and demonic plagues in this end time and most ministers are busy calling the fake names of people who may or don’t exist?

Do you know how many souls the devil is killing every day through the above mentioned mediums, just because we have only a few handful and power demonstrators but more grammarians and fake spiritual feathers in the body of Christ, at a time when they are needed most? What a shame!


1. Stop names calling if you are not offering spiritual solutions to the bearers!
2. Stop names calling if you are not ready to pay the price for supernatural powers!
3. Don’t you know that this men, whether “fake” or real have paid a serious price before they could manifest in the dimensions which they are? Of what use or help is your grammar or “revelation” to the sick man who is on a dying bed or what help is your grammar and revelation to the mad man whose been tormented by demons on the street?
4. Cry to God to give you the end time power so you can be a solution to the dying?
5. Hear me, Eagles will always gather where there is carcass not minding what killed the carcass!
6. If you say they are fake then show them the real divine powers…when light comes, darkness vanish.
7. It is true that where there is no vision the people perish? So for the people not to perish there must be visions and for there to be visions, there has to be” the vision man” (the visioniar) or ” the seer?
8. What do you think would happen to the children of Gilead if there is no balm in Gilead? (Jer.46:11;8:22)
9. Fellow bond servants of God, people are tiered of grammar, they are in dire need of solutions! In the Book of Ruth 1:1-2, ELIMELECH and NOAMI left BETHLEHEMJUDAH (“house of bread”in the city of Judah, praise ) for a strange country in search of bread because the bakers of bread have ignored, abandoned and left the bakeries…for trivialities!
10. Listen to me, the end time ministry is the ministry of power, prophecy and the apostolic. Hence, any gospel without power is nothing but a dead gospel!
Oh God, use me and show forth your power to this generation! Amen.