Victory Izobofolo

The power and influence of people over our lives Is underestimated or even ignored by most of us. The world is a network: from one man, came the world’s population. We are conected and can not do with other people either in the family, school, market, office,  church, mosque, business, social gathering, as friends, as neighbor, as partners, as passengers etc.

If you noticed, 10 years ago in Lagos State, all bus drivers need a conductor to shadow (collect transport fee) their buses for them, but now it is the passengers that shadows themselves and deliver the payment to the driver. Every vision, mission, desire,  goal or adventure can’t be be achieved without the involvement of people.

Folks let’s reflect on these secrets;

1. Your BIRTH came through ‘Others’

2. Your NAME was given by ‘Others’

3. You were EDUCATED by ‘Others’

4. Your INCOME indirectly comes through ‘Others’

5. Your RESPECT is given by ‘Others’

6. Your first BATH was given by ‘Others’

7. Your last BATH will be done by ‘Others’

8. Your FUNERAL will be organized by ‘Others’

9. You will be taken to your FINAL RESTING PLACE by ‘Others’

10. EVERYTHING you owned will be inherited by ‘Others’

Why, then, do some of us let our EGO, CAREER, MONEY, BELIEFS, GREED, SELFISHNESS, KNOWLEDGE, POWER, OPPORTUNITY, SUCCESS etc. undermine the worth of  ‘Others’ in our lives, when we are so dependent on – Others.

Isn’t it high time we learn to live in peace and harmony with ‘Others’. because all through our lives, at one point or the ‘Other’, we will need each ‘Other’…My brothers and sisters, let’s learn from people’s mistake and make corrections