Andy Akporugo Jr

I voted for PMB each time he was on the ballot. That was my consistency. I chose him against OBJ, against Yar Adua and two times against GEJ, even when the conspiracies of the time advised that I was throwing away my vote. I chose him because I believed that under him, authority for a change will be made to question its own corruption.

I started voting for him before some politicians created Boko Haram and unleashed it against the rest of us when they didn’t have enough blood to feed its growth, and although I believed his background could help return their protests from the bullet to placards and violent chants, it came a distant second to the matter of corruption for me. I also believed that all the story about great economic management were pretentious. We didn’t suffer because we didn’t have great economic ideas or managers. Nigerians suffered simply because our economy was stolen. Catch and dispossess the thieves and the economy will recover. That was my conviction then, as ordinary as it sounds, as it is today.

I didn’t vote PMB for being a great statesman or intellectual. I didn’t vote him for finesse and courtesy. All these beautiful words only describe his limitations – ones that I believed his choice of lieutenants should protect us from.

But today PMB wrote his speech and delivered it from the veranda of all his limitations: his discourtesy, his impatience, his distemper and the arrogance of a warped messianic disposition to save us on his own terms, whether we liked it or not! He did someone else’s job and made a whole mess of it – and trust me, he [as did Nigeria] lost this morning more than he gained.

‘‘Baba yab pass Julie’’ this morning; but thank God, today ends in a few hours and hopefully he can in the days following, by clever posturing, correct his gaffe and get all of us swinging towards the same direction – perhaps for the first time.

May the day break!