Arby Yano

All of us are very exited to see God personally and be with Him forever in the future. But before it happens, God want us to complete all His requirements to qualify for being heavenly bound and crowned saints.

After another 3 1/2 years will expire, God will fulfill His promises to the 12 tribes of Jews on earth. Again, Christ will go down on earth with ten thousands of His saints. Those human beings of the world who are deceived by the old serpent through his false prophets and teachers, the Antichrist will ambush the coming of Christ in the site where He is going. His mighty presence melts all mighty warriors of the earth.

All against Him, against His saints and against His marked chosen people will be defeated. On that time, Satan and His fellow fallen angels will be put into prison with chain in the bottom of Tartasus. Then Christ will reign for 1,000 years in the whole world and His throne will be in Jerusalem. All His saints will reign with Him in all different nation and ministers the new generation.

After the millennium, Christ and His saints will go back to the House of the Father. Then Satan alone will be released for the short time challenge on earth. Then the Father will do His final work. He will resurrect all the wicked dead from the beginning until Christ’s reign together with the righteous dead on the time of great tribulation until that present. They will be gathered together with the deceived and faithfuls. Then the Father will classify them in to two groups: the sheep’s will be with Him and the goats will be thrown into Gehenna with all fallen angels to be tormented forever and ever.

The old universe and all galaxies will be annihilated. Newness will come!

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