By: Abigayle Mutual –

In a battle between a lion and a shark, the terrain is what will determine the outcome. If the shark manages to pull the lion into the water, then the lion will lose not because the lion is weak. But because it ended up on the wrong terrain.

If the lion manages to pull the shark onto land, then the Shark will lose, not because it is weak but because it ended up on the wrong terrain.

No matter how brave you’re, how wise you are, if you can’t protect your terrain you’re as good as dead.

You cannot end up on the wrong terrain and expect to live! Something will die in you and with you if you cannot stand your ground. Refuse to compromise, refuse to give in, refuse to give up! Stick to your terrain. Because you’re master and king in your own terrain!

People are losing in battles because they want to take battles to terrains that they haven’t mastered! The devil Already knows what you’ve mastered and what has mastered you!