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Written by: Linson Abah –Published by: Izobofolo’s Blog – 

1.  They will first give you an impression that they are having preaching engagements within and outside the Nation. This means that they are popular. 

2.  They will tell you that they just landed at the airport about fifteen or twenty minutes ago just to give you an impression that they are not poor Pastors.

3.  They do put on an intimidating dressing. Love to stay in an expensive hotels and Sometimes reject your honorarium because it is too small.

4.  They will quote one Bible passage which they may explain or not and start singing.

5.  As they sing, they will start giving you terrible and dangerous prophesies.

6.  As they proceed, they will start narrating series of horrifying and terrifying testimonies that will send fear to every part of your system.

7.  Yes, you can quickly get to the emotions of Africans when you talk about their enemies that wants to kill them or poverty.

8. When they discovered that you are griped by fear of the enemy that wants to kill you, they will tell you to quickly rush to the altar to sow seed or raise an altar against the altar of your enemies.

9.  They will tell you that if your altar is bigger than the altar of your enemies your altar will swallow their altar and you will hear a sudden phone call for success or immediate break through from poverty. (Prosperity without efforts –  M M M)

10.  They will tell that you need a prophet over your head so that you will quickly make them your prophet.

11.  They will present the problem to look as if without them your problem will not have a solution. They will make sure that your faith will rest upon them not upon God – (Na the same people oooo)

12.  They will tell you how they sowed dangerous seed somewhere and when they tell you to sow, they will not sow anything.

13.  They will tell you to come the following day to redeem your pledge with your written prayer request.

14.  It is at this point of meeting you one on one that they will collect your phone numbers and tell you to sow into their ministeries or partner with them because they will keep on praying for you. I know that some of the people that will be reading this write up might be one of their victims.

15.  However, most of the break through they prophesied will never come but they will keep on demanding more money from you.

16.  They will either preach on, “Dangerous Sowing, Altar versus Altar, You need a Prophet over your Head, Sacrifice, your seed will speak for you.” etc.

17.  They do preach the same message wherever they go, they only improve on it and add more dangerous testimonies to it.

18.  They can never preach on righteousness neither can they make an altar call for sinners to give their lives to Jesus Christ.

19.  The most surprising thing is that the people love this type of ministry and ministers.

Yes, the truth is that today if someone preaches the real Gospel and ask people to give, they will not respond as much as those that uses threat to raise fund.

This is one of the reasons why some people invite these fund raisers to get money from the people not that they don’t know their methods.

But must we continue to use bad means to build a good kingdom? Must we do evil that good will come?

The Bible says, “A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear. People will refuse to listen to the truth and turn to myths. (2 Timothy 4:3, 4)

This type of aggressive give to get, altar versus altar sacrifice against an enemy has done and is still doing great damage to the church of God today.

We must take our stand to build the church with the word of God and follow the way of our founding Fathers before these invaders clash down the church because of the food of the now.

We must be prepared to confront every pseudo-Christian practices that has subtly penetrated into the church of the Living God today.

Our founding Fathers handed over to us an unadulterated and undiluted Gospel, may we protect and hand over same to our posterity.

Yes, an old man will not be at home and a she goat delivers on tether.

May we not all sleep and watch the church go into oblivion, may we do something quickly to savage this ugly scenario.

My consolation is that the owner of the church said He will build His church and Satan will not stop the church.

–  God bless you!

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