By: Dr. Charles Awuzie

“Until we come to the unity of faith”

The demon of denominationalism is the next to go down…. The demon that inspires the erection of towers of babel…. My-Ministry-Must-Grow demon…success-In-Ministry demon….that anti Christ Which built a tall wall of demarcation in the body of Christ…. Same demon that makes a brother in faith see another brother in faith as sub standard because one is clergy and another is laity…. That demon that doesn’t embrace the priesthood of every believer but exalts one believer above another believer… Same demon that made church attendance look like a ticket to heaven…. That demon that made the Pentecostals hate the Catholics and the Catholics to hate the Anglicans and all of them teamed up to hate Virtual Worshippers…that demon that exalted crowd of people above the cloud of His glory…That demon that has called 90% of people into denominational ministry….. That demon is coming down in the name of Jesus Christ.

The body of Christ is ONE and every member of that body is a priest by their second birth. Respect my priesthood just as I respect your priesthood. Enough of leaving the work of God to a selected few, every believer should get out there and do the work of an evangelist.

For the grace preachers who have started cursing other believers who are yet to find a local fellowship, stop being ignorant. Few moments ago, you were condemning people who made seed sowing a law but here you are, behaving like the ancient Pharisees and Saduccees.

Allow people to worship God in spirit and in truth, not in falsehood and in manipulations.

Denominationalism is not of God. The true body of Christ has no name except church. The church in Lagos, the Church in London, The church in Carmen’s house, the Church in Ontario, the Church in Nairobi, the Church in Johannesburg, etc. That was how the first church movement was named – by the cities they cover. How can I see that Uyo has a living Christocentric ¬†church there yet I go there to establish another church, ¬†what would be my motive?

It’s time to establish the single body of Christ as a kingdom on earth.