God Loves Me More Than I Love God!

By: Linson Abah

I don’t love God. I’ve stopped trying to love Him, because I have found that there’s no way I can love him enough. I’ve stopped beating myself up over my flops. I’ve resigned from trying to maintain the love I have for Him. Now all I do is REST.

I’ve stopped boasting of my love for Him. Rather, all I do now is to boast of His love for me. His love for me is priceless. First He dies for me as the Son; then He takes His love for me a step further – and resides in me as the Holy Spirit.

He did this all for free. He made me priceless. How can I love such a God? A God that adopts me and then calls me His son. I can not love such a good father.

But all He commands, I will do. I will love those who curse me. I will do good to those who hate me. I will pray for those who spitefully use and persecute me. I will love my nosy and annoying neighbors.

I will not pray for anyone who calls himself my enemy to die. I will not pray that fire should fall on any body. I will forgive. I will love. I will not call on thunder to fire anybody.

It’s impossible to love God the way He loves me. So what do I do?

I will love people in a manner they can never pay me back.

I rest from loving God.


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