By: Dr chinomso Jude Nwala

The gecko, the monitor lizard… (Leviticus 11:30) New international version. 

In my native language, we call it nchiki but the general English word for it is called wall gecko. it has different names based on your native language. It is called wall gecko because it is usually seen on the wall. It is in the lizard family, created by God but Satan uses it to deal with men.

Many people take this for granted, they see it as an ordinary gecko but that is what the enemy uses most of the times to attack families. Have you ever wondered how they use to enter your new house,  well furnished house yet wall gecko still enters the house.

you can never know when they enter your house but you suddenly see them come out especially at night. most wall geckos are monitoring agents, the enemy uses them to perform it’s work of darkness in some families.

most wall geckos are in some families to spy them and then deliver the information’s they had gotten to the person that sent them for destruction. Their eyes are like a recorder and they do not come out every time.  They normally comes out when the family has gathered to discuss something important or when there is a discussion going on. they come out on the wall claiming to be targeting or hunting some insects but they are actually listening to your conversation. they are very bad and wicked.

People don’t like to kill them, people overlook and neglect them but the enemy uses it to monitor families.  kill them when you see them.

pray with this…

(1) Every spirit from the

pit of hell,  monitoring your life die by fire

(2) Any evil wall gecko monitoring your family,  be roasted by fire

(3) Every wall gecko carrying your information to the witchcraft coven,  die in Jesus name

(4) Oh God deliver my family from from evil informants

(5) Disgrace evil wall geckos in my family and kill them by fire in Jesus name Amen.