30 TRUTH I KNOW ABOUT SEX – Save sex to safe your marraige!

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30 TRUTH I KNOW ABOUT SEX – singles, save sex to safe your marriage.

1. Sex is not a dirty act. If you think otherwise you need help. Speak up.

2. God not devil created sex and He wants you to enjoy it.

3. Sex is a GIFT from God for the married.

4. God created sex with a purpose in mind : for intimacy, physical pleasure, companionship, expression of love, comfort and procreation.

5. Sexual relations should exist between a man and a woman not same sex.

6. God sets the boundary of sex within the confines of formal marriage.

7. Sex is not a commodity, and not a currency; God didn’t design it to be a point of transaction.

8. Pre-marital sex is a sin against God and your body!

10. It is a sin NOT TO have sex with your husband or wife. God wants you to enjoy your spouse. 1. Corinthians 7:5

11. Sex inside of marriage is a sexual intercourse without guilt, shame, regret and condemnation.

12. There is always a spiritual force which pulls you to your sexual partners when you keep in touch with them after marriage *IF* you don’t surrender your life to Jesus and keep a distance.

14. Some people have memories of all their sexual escapade resurfacing when having sex with their spouse. This is why some people compare their spouse”s libido with their ex”s. Bond must be broken I have counseled some married folks in this regard.

16. You can’t end up loosing count of the people you have had sex with BEFORE marriage if you don’t stop NOW

17. For most ladies, your first regret after a break up is that you wish you have never had pre-marital sex with your ex.

sex doesn’t equal commitment.

18. Generally, Men only have Raw, Wild and Rough sex with ladies who worth nothing to them, no responsible married man will treat his wife so. Real men are AFFECTIONATE so they make love with their wives with the tenderness that “she’s always mine”

19. Sex is not commitment. If he doesn’t love you ; sex can never win his heart for you: he can always get sex anywhere

20. If a guy”s intention is to spend the rest of his life with you certainly, he will never jilt you because you chose to save sex for marriage.

21. Abstinence doesn’t kill

22. Sexual Bondage is when you are using pre-marital sex to keep a relationship

23. If a lady begs/seduces you for sex, against your stand for purity; you are dining with Portiphar”s wife or Delilah. Your matrimonial bed is not safe.

Self-control is better learnt during singlehood

24. Very soon in your marriage, there will possibly be nights when you will turn your back at your husband/wife and politely say “Honey PLEASE allow me to sleep” I am not in the mood tonight” You will do and get your fill.

24. You can”t truly enjoy sex with condom neither can you enjoy unsafe sex without fears and some cost

26. God’s process of oneness in marriage for a couple begins with sex. You become ONE with the person you have sex with. Sex is a bond. One flesh! God planned it so. Genesis 2:24

27. Pre-marital sex destroys true friendship and effective communication in your relationship. How? Stop pre-marital sex for a season, check your communication with each other and see if your partner will still stay with you and love you MORE LIKE NEVER BEFORE. I doubt it.

28. Sex is not love and love is not sex, if you think otherwise, consider the prostitutes

29. Sexually transmitable Diseases are not air-borne diseases, you contact them through human being.

30. There is no extra pain if you stay pure till marriage. A sweet pain! for no matter how painful you feel the deflowering process is, the pain of abortion is much more.

Above all!

The Holy Spirit has chosen your body for His Home! Keep it! You can start a new beginning with Christ today.

Save Sex For Marriage.

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