By: Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa

With all the institutions erected in order to give people essential knowledge prior to diverse fraternities of life, it’s so unfortunate that mankind can never be sat down and taught how to understand hence making one’s possession of a good understanding either a result of an instinctive gift or an experience inherited merit.

If the accumulation of knowledge was the only thing we need to change our lives for the good, there surely would be many of us thriving and basking in the radiance of success as people’s heads are saturated with life changing information yet the scarcity of understanding nullifies the significance thereof.

After accumulating knowledge, there’s a crucial need for one to apply it accordingly in their life activities, an action that is highly profitable when backed up with consistency.

It’s so tragic how many university graduates end up settling for cheap labour jobs when they would have spent a great fortune in the quest for attaining some knowledge mainly intended to transform lives for the good.

This is just a consequence of having failed to fully comprehend the implication of using their own mind to convert the accumulated knowledge into tangible life progress.

Just like how there’s no difference between a man with sight sitting in a dark room and a blind counterpart seated in the refulgence of a broad daylight so it is betwixt a person with knowledge yet without understanding and the one who is totally ignorant.

Proverbs 4:7

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get #understanding.

Drink to the prompt of King Solomon, the greatest philosopher and sensation of all time and be diligent in your pursuit for a good understanding of life and you will greatly appreciate it.