By: Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa – 

A whole lot of attention has been put on studying various fields and facets of this life at expense of getting to understand time, a phenomenon that is solely responsible for the turn of events during mankind’s period of existence.

As man is launched on earth, they begin to make strides towards their destinies as they get to meet various circumstances time will come along with.

Contrary to the common belief about the future, it’s outcome is determined by what each time interval unleashes to us rather than how we may try to make it be.

Our ignorance of what time will bring about is a great nullification of our intelligence and shrewdness in the choices we would make prior to given life instances.

Whenever we make choices, they can never be tagged either wise or foolish up until whatever circumstances time will come along with evaluate them.

Now since mankind’s life is a sum total of the choices they make, a good understanding of the cycle of time becomes a golden and rare virtue.

Many people live to regret the decisions they made in the name of wisdom on situations that came their way and were later defined as foolish after going through the test of time and I have seen others who faced tragic consequences as a result of have had failed to allow time to sort out some given problems they would have encountered, an action that is greatly linked to the failure to approach life puzzles with patience.

In the quest for handling things with patience one can never run away from understanding time thus making patience an inseparable fruit of intelligence.

Well this was just a glimpse into my full exposition on this subtitle of my upcoming book(BREADTH of MIND),

Guess you were enlightened!