By: Comrade Amdy Eguare – 

Mr President Before You Run For 2019, Think Twice.
Inalienable human and constitutional right of seeking a second electoral helping. His famed taciturnity already extensively dented by his loquacious body language, he gave himself away rather cheaply when he openly told some Nigeria in diaspora that he will be needing their votes in futures plus equally latter-day tendency of addressing citizens’ concerns as they arise, instead of the deafening silence we used to endure, prove beyond all reasonable doubt that if a man is not pursuing something, something is pursuing him, or both, but i think Mr President is gripped by the same thing he seeks to have a grip of. It is called re-election fever or, more Nigerianly, 2019 fear. Every political office holder seeking an encore the world over at some point starts to play ball in the interest of self and survival. So, our own President, suddenly sleeping with the enemy as it were, hounding perceived, prospective opponents or their business interests, or showing a certain goody goody trait that’s not in sync with his character, is not doing the unthinkable. Even non-politicians who want something in politics must play politics and that entails saying or doing things alien to their very nature.

Couple with the movement of ex vice president Atiku Abubakar back to PDP. It is very clear that Mr president will be seeking reelection in 2019 because after arriving Aso Rock as commander in chief, Mr president has see Politics in Nigeria is local, sweet, corrupt, clannish and cronyish, that needed more time to clean the mess of past government.

For Me i have no problem with him running and if he proven that he is a better man for the no, since he has his constitutional right to run, but before he declare his intentions to run for second term, i want him to first examine himself if he has fulfilled 10% of his electoral promise to Nigerians in 2015.

I would remember vividly how Mr president promised to fight corruption, end fuel importation, make Boko Haram history, creates employment for the unemployed graduates etc but sadly Nigerians are yet to see the change both him and his party promised.

unmistakably that he wants to keep his job for another four years. The question then shifts from would he run to would he win? Who will vote for him? Is it the 8 million Nigerians that lost their jobs this year alone, or is it the ordinary man on the street that can not afford three sequel meal per day, let me not even talk about the innocents Nigerians that are queuing in filling stations in other to get fuel in this festive period. majority of Nigerians think that beyond agriculture, fight against corruption, Npower scheme and fight against Boko Haram which has technically be defeated Mr president has not done much in his first term.

It is clear that the standard of living in Nigeria is very high and frustrating. 20% of the youths are been sold as slavery in Libya and 3% of them died annually on the see, as at today 25th December 2017 Mr President and his team have offered in 31 of the stipulated 48 months in office, political astrologers insist Nigerians don’t need a clairvoyant to confirm that, in 2019, Candidate Buhari would require strategic hard sell to scrape through. Sadistic and harsh as that may sound, diehard Buharists accept it for what it is, the truth. Presidential handlers latch on to the point that their man did not take over a healthy country: true, but what value has he added or, to put it more appropriately, how much change that he promised of his own volition has he delivered? Endemic corruption and wanton stealing, untold policy somersault, nepotism, ethnic bigotry and the generally uninspiring approach to governance remain the hallmarks of his achievement.

How on earth do you market a candidate who his SGF cuts grasses with the sum of #680m for heaven sake, what will you tell ordinary man that bought a litter of petroleum for #400 just because he want to travel home for Christmas and new year celebrations, what about the 8 million Nigerians that lost their jobs this year, let me not also mentioned the workers in kogi, Osun, Benue, Ekiti etc who their Governors has refuse to pay their salaries.

As 2019 approaches, this is my number one fear for the All Progressives Congress standard-bearer. I also have an abridged roll call of other fears: do the President and company take too much for granted, oblivious of how wiser Nigerians have become since 2015? Are those being wooed only playing along waiting for the opportune time to strike for their pound of flesh? Learning from 2015, have more and more members of the governing party
not become too disgruntled and, therefore, potential electoral traitors? Has the APC nipped in the bud the defection of such stalwarts as governors and sundry chieftains to its main challenger, the People’s Democratic Party, where from most of them migrated? Would the administration’s un-surefootedness (imagine the amateurish handling of ongoing fuel crisis and the insensitivity of planning a documentary on the human side of the President at
this material time), lack of creativity, the unending blame game and double standard over corruption, criminality and injustice not haunt the President in the next election? Going forward, has this President achieved enough to mummify his name in case he finds himself holding the wrong end of the stick on February 16, 2019? Above all, are there honest people cross-checking the books, files
and governmental nooks and crannies to ensure that, post-Buhari, the world won’t see unassailable proofs he presided over monumental kleptomania? That indeed is my worst fear for the man whose enviable Spartan messianic unique selling point seems to have been irreparably damaged by the mostly non-picturesque sights and incoherent sounds of his reign.

The foreboding is real: what remains of the Buhari mystique could be interred in the memory of infamy after he leaves office. Therefore, in place of this second term fixation, I suggest that Mr president and his party APC should use the 2018 window to focus on delivery dividends of democracy to the people, fixed the economic, constructs all the federal roads across the country, create permanent jobs not empowerment jobs for the youths consecrate more on electricity and most importantly ensuring this current fuels scarcity never, i mean never happens again.
God bless Nigeria!

Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018.