By: Charles Awuzie –

What Am I Hearing? Buhari Ordered The Arrest Of Prophet Isa El Buba of Jos?

First of all, let me say that I Love Prophet Isa El Buba. He is a genuine servant of God.

His only crime is that he spoke against the Fulani herdsmen.

Have you realized that any pastor who attempted to speak against the Fulani herdsmen and their secret bloody agenda got immediately arrested by this administration?

Pause and think.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman raised a voice and they invited him immediately… They later released him but a girl was also released from hell to torture him lest he speak up again.

They will also release Prophet Isa El Buba but they will also release something against him. In fact, anytime this administration releases you from their prison, be afraid. They released Nnamdi Kanu and a few months later, the freedom fighter went missing. Nobody knows if he’s alive today. I fear that he might have been physically dissolved with military chemicals and flushed down the toilet. This is my fear.

Please Pause and think 🤔….

If this administration arrests you, please don’t get excited when they decide to release you because you will never come out in one piece. Apostle Johnson Suleiman nearly lost his marriage and ministry. Forget the music video he shot with his wife, the truth is that what was released against him was a nuclear bomb 💣. Nnamdi Kanu might have lost his life (nobody knows his whereabouts) and obviously the lives of most of his family members. Mr. FFK is rumored to be going through a divorce after his release. Okupe has become a shadow of himself. Name one man who was released by this administration who came out 100% alive. This administration has a hidden agenda. 🤔  They kidnapped Osibanjo to brainwash us. We fell for it because we are easily brainwashed – we even fell for first fruit scam. We fall for anything.

I am not SO worried about the arrest of Prophet Isa El Buba, I am VERY worried about his release. What are they preparing against this holy man? What are they planning to release against him once he’s released?

In protecting networks against criminals, we were taught to notice and observe patterns – the discernible sequence of occurrence. No matter how good you are in hiding your identity, you will always leave traces of your patterns. It’s how you operate – Your signature. Through observation, we discern the pattern of this administration – it seeks to silence genuine voices through intimidation and blackmailing. A mafian pattern we now see in the church too, where ‘national fathers’ will use intimidation and blackmailing to silence the voices of reformation. But Truth prevails.

I want to pass a message across to all Nigerians living in Nigeria – you are collective victims of mafian conspiracies. In your government, you are led by mafians. In the church where you seek refuge, you are milked by holy mafians. Unlike Italy where it’s citizens understand it’s mafian culture, you, oh fellow compatriots, are ignorant of your ‘mafian culture’ hence you became victims of those who know and understand this hell-ish culture.

Your leaders are mafians.

Your spiritual papa or mama who teaches you to give him/her money to receive blessings is also a mafian. (Pause and think 🤔…. )

Your governor is definitely a mafian hence he intimidates those they owe salaries.

Your local government chairmen are mafians.

Your business moguls are mafians.

But YOU, you are not mafian. You may not have even heard or studied about the mafian culture. You may even hate me if I teach you about the mafian culture and how you have been mentally and extremely victimized by those who know and understand the mafian code. Your foolishness, produced by constantly brainwashing you through the dissemination of false information is the mafians’ absolute power over you.

Prophet Isa El Buba is the latest victim of our mafian government. Who knows who’s next.  While you pray for his release, please also pray against what will be released against him when he is released.

Intimidation, Blackmailing and SILENT murder are top mafian codes. When a mafian government or formation decides to kill either as an ethnic cleansing exercise or revenge operation, they use proxies and do it silently.

Sai Baba – the honest mafian. The Fulani herdsmen are just proxies – cover ups. Who owns the cattles? Who bought them the expensive and military AK47 guns? Who armed them?

Pause and think.

Why did they ban non violent IPOB but arrests those who speaks against the Fulani herdsmen?

Pause and think 🤔….

Nigerians don’t ask questions because religion placed a curse on anyone who questions authority. This is what happens when the church makes it a crime for young people to question wicked elders.

I pray for the deliverance of Prophet Isa from these lions. May God protect his wife – mama Choice El-Buba … Chai, May God help His servants.

Sai Fulani Herdsmen – the bloody mafians.

Sai First Fruit prophets – the Holy mafians.

Sai poor Nigerians – the victims of all mafians.

Sai Baba – the honest mafian.

I weep!