By: Theophilus Izobofolo

CHRISTIANITY VERSES RELIGION – In Christianity you’re the righteousness of God, but in religion you become righteous by works only.

In Christianity you’ve already overcome the devil, but in religion you’re made to believe that you’re under one form of demonic control or the other.

In Christianity you’re made perfect by love, but in religion you’re perfect by attending all sacred services.

In Christianity you know God through love, but in religion your day of worship defines your knowledge of God.

In Christianity God reaches down to humans, but in religion man reaches to God through self-righteousness.

In Christianity God lives in man, but in religion God lives in a temple.

CHRISTIANITY VERSES RELIGION – In Christianity your relationship with God as your father is paramount, but in religion you’re under the fear of hell and condemnation.

In Christianity your faith is established in God, but in religion your faith is built around the leader.

In Christianity truth is the basis, but in religion emphasis is placed on dogmas and sacred books.

Finally in Christianity you’re declared blessed, but in religion you’ve to give before you’re blessed.

In Christianity you’re of God, but in religion you belong to your leader.

In Christianity you’re born of God, but in religion you’re born into a cult.

In Christianity you’re from above(heaven), but in religion you’re earthly conscious.

In Christianity you’re supernatural, but in religion you’re what you’ve in the natural.

CHRISTIANITY VERSES RELIGION – In Christianity you’re regenerated by the Spirit of God, but in religion you’re brought forth through brainwashing.

In Christianity you’re a child of God, but in religion you’re a child of the devil indirectly.

In Christianity you’re not ordinary, but in religion your leader is better than you.

In Christianity you’re guided by the Bible, but in religion you’re guided by doctrines of men and demons.