By: Evangelist Theo Izobofolo

GOD’S  PERMISSIVE WILL (GRACE) IS NOT HIS PERMITTED WILL (TRUTH) – Satan is raising fake prophets to exhibit satanic manipulations under grace. These are signs of the end time to put ignorant people under bondage and slavery. 

Let him that thinker he stand take heed less he falls. Any human action not in conformity with the word of God or that disregard morality is not Godly.

The Bible says we should test the spirit to know which is of God. We were also reminded to be careful for nothing. Folks! It is not all manifestations of the spirit that is Godly. Lucifer, the falling angel operates in the spirit to mock God’s glory, him and his falling angels dominated man kind with evil spirits, to depopulate the kingdom of God.

Satan’s agenda is to recruite men to suffer in hell with him. So, do not be carried away with miracles, signs and wonders, religion practice and human doctrines, they do not guarantee your salvation or increase your anointing.

GOD’S  PERMISSIVE WILL (GRACE) IS NOT HIS PERMITTED WILL (TRUTH) – 2 Timothy 2:15 – It is the genuine study and application of the word of God (logos), that brings you to the realm of power (rhema). The revelation of the word activates the fruit and gift of the spirit.

The bible say’s that the three Hebrew children; Shederack, Meshach and Abednego were filled with knowledge of understanding times and seasons, this means they understand the move of the spirit. If you want to know and walk in the spirit, you most have a good depth of the word of God.

Folks! Do not allow anyone confuse you with satanic manifestations, be careful for nothing and prove all things. The manifestations of the move of the spirit works with fruit and gift of the spirit. Don’t be deceived, many fake prophets will come to you in the name of God, but test the spirit with the word, be steadfast, unmovable, always abiding to His word.