Women’s Misconception About Weddings And Marriage

By: Izobofolo Blog

Women’s Misconception About Weddings And Marriage

Women love the idea of getting married. Weddings make them love the idea of marriage even more because weddings secure the gates of marriage. Weddings, marriage, women. But have you ever wondered why modern women are the first to quit or walk away from their marriages for whatever reason? It’s because of the information they’re pumped with before marriage that makes them unsettled at heart.

They walk in marriages excited but with a very  unstable kind of commitment. The kind of commitment that will shake on slightest provocation. ‘Men cheat for no reason, I cannot live with a man who has lost his job, I cannot live with a man who entertains his mother in our marriage and does not listen to my opinion, I can’t live with a man who comes home at 3 am from a drinking spree, I can’t live with a man who is not responsible in terms of home provision and school fees for a child I got from previous relationship’. What can you live with? And how would you feel if men started saying that they can’t also live with lazy housewives who look at them like financial liabilities, can’t live with a fat wife who’s lousy in bed, can’t live with a wife who can’t handle my alcoholism, can’t live with a wife who will not accept concubines or polygamy, can’t live with a wife who has a child from her past mistakes’. Most men don’t walk out because of their wives limitations but women do leave on slightest provocation. You marry a drunkard knowingly but one year into marriage you want to leave because he gets home at 3am in the morning?

Ladies, start embracing the REALITY of marriages the same way you embrace the idea of proposal, church weddings and marriages. Perceiving and living marriage are two different things. Stick to your wedding vows soberly. If a man is not leaving you for the few things he loathes about you then why do you want to leave him? You might be his only hope for revival, or the only mother who will wipe his vomit in case he gets too drunk, only one to hide his infidelity from family and church, only one to support his broke ass when he looses job, only one chosen by God to deal with him as long as he’s alive. Think about it.

Women’s Misconception About Weddings And Marriage.


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