Life Without Pain Is The Strongest Desire On Earth; Unbridled Comfort And Regret Is The Greatest Pain – Pain has various functions and the most important ones are to protect us, to help us grow and to make us kinder and more compassionate beings. This is best illustrated through physical pain. If you burn your finger from a fire, you’ll avoid it next time to prevent the same injury. The only way your muscles get stronger is for the tissues to tear and rebuild themselves again. When someone else falls, we help them up and immediately feel sympathy because we’ve been through it before and know what that pain feels like.

The same can be applied emotionally. If you’ve felt the pain of regret, you’ll learn to make better and wiser choices in the future. If you’ve had the experience of a break up, you can better comfort and give advice to a friend in a similar situation. If you’ve endured a tough period in your life, you emerge stronger and more ready to deal with upcoming challenges and obstacles.

However, pain can also cause misdirection depending on how we interpret. The pain of losing a close friend might make it difficult for one to trust, connect and open up to other strangers again. That’s also learning – but in a way that may not always be helpful or beneficial for us.

So without pain in our lives, we’d constantly be entering dangerous situations and hurting ourselves repetitively without realising. We’d be stagnant in terms of growth and we’d probably be very apathetic and aloof towards others. But we could also let ourselves be more vulnerable, silly and fearless. By Eunice Lim

There won’t be any happiness in life without pain. Surprised right ?

  • You can’t appreciate light if there is no darkness.
  • You can’t appreciate success if there is no failure.
  • You can’t appreciate rain unless you have seen drought. Likewise to enjoy life, appreciate happiness, feel gratitude you need to experience positive pain.

Life Without Pain Is The Strongest Desire On Earth; Unbridled Comfort And Regret Is The Greatest Pain!

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