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YOU ARE THE GARoDEN IN THE KINGDOM – What we allow to be planted (words) are seeds. When we meditate on it is like watering it. It is going to grow. There is always seed time and harvest time. Seeds need time to grow. So God is giving us time to pluck any bad seeds out. Grace empowers you to pluck them out of your garden (heart). Some sow. Some water. God gives the increase. Don’t you think that in the in devil’s kingdom the same happens? The devil will give increase of the bad seed you did not pluck out and that is the decrease in your life.

You need to pluck them out. Meditation on those seeds is like you watering those bad seeds. Whatever you enthrone on your heart becomes your god, your way, your thinking. It is the weeds in your garden. Because only the Word of God is the good seed! Anything else is bad seed that will turn into weeds and thistles, prickers.

The Word of God says LET THIS MIND BE IN YOU (The mind of Christ). We don’t wake up in bondage. We keep watering that bad thought we think our way into it, that is weeds; Then it grows up and gets roots, and then it troubles our walk. Longer keep it stronger it gets.

The kingdom of God is within you. The only way to change the World around you is to let the kingdom of God grow inside of you. But what you think, you will be! So check on what you meditate on!

God said we are the ground. Word can come to you in different forms. Not only through your eyes, but through anything you hear.

Sometimes the Word has not taken root in your self. You need to meditate on that seed, not on what the devil tells you. You can’t meditate on two things at once. It is impossible. You have two choices: to water the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light! Anything else is double mindedness.

God gave us the mind of Christ. Anything that we hear differently to the Word of God, we need to dig that thing out and pluck it out! When you stop watering something, what will happen? It will die! Many will turn truth into lies because of bad meditation.

You have to grab those seeds of life and water them. Keep on watering them! Make no provision for the liar. He is a liar and a thief! He will try to choke out every good seed.

The only seed that we should water is the Word of God. One day you water this one; another day you water the other one. You become an unstable man. You will receive nothing from God. You will be tossed to and fro. Water the seed of God!

God gives increase. Satan gives decrease. Think on things above. Your mind is the filter to your heart. Reject what is not lovely, pure, truth, of good report, of praise, just. Don’t think on what is carnal but on the eternal. Meditate on what God says, not on anything that brings doubt.

Whatever you eat that is not of God, you should spit it out. If your spiritual life is decreasing, you need to pluck out some seeds.

We must be a doer of the Word, not a hearer only. You are not deceiving your brother but yourself. When you are saying, “I can’t do it,” what are you watering is doubt and unbelief! Sometimes you are asking, “When will my mind will get free?” – When you get your thought/meditation on things above, when you meditate on the Word from above, on what God says.

If you meditate on what you really are, you will be. Unless you don’t water that seed! Everybody wants supernatural things, but when you are walking with Him for awhile, God is expecting you to do what you are supposed to. Do it. Water it. Meditate on it

A disciple means to be a disciplined learner! A follower of the Word!

I don’t want to encourage you only. I want to see you change. As you change, you will encourage others because of His power  that is in you changing you. It will give you hope to others and glory to God.

I need to read it. Drink it. Eat it. You can keep watering your mistakes, that will get you in condemnation. It’s your own faults. God does not water the mistakes we made, we do! The Bible says SPEAK IT. There is a place in God when you groan, and He understands it. Even that you do in faith. That groaning is your heart song unto Him

He is not waiting for you to be perfect! Take your eyes off you. And He gives us authority to stay free once we are free. Keep your eyes on Him. He is the Word.

If not, we will be up and down. Increase and decrease! You need to go from faith to faith. If you go from faith to fear, you are watering that evil seed! That negative satanic seed can cause you to be mad at the Word. Its plan is to choke  out of you the Good seeds and beautiful fruit! Don’t let that happen! Satan comes to steal God’s Word, to kill your growth, and to destroy your increase.

So many of us get so mad at God that we keep running away from Him! We all love to run when it is time for correction, but that correction will keep us alive!

Guard your heart! Salvation is in enduring until the end. Endure the chastening. Endure the rebuke. Endure the correction. If I am not applying the Word in Me, the Word will mean nothing. The Word needs to become flesh in you!

He is the kingdom! He takes the kingdom of darkness out and put His light inside of us! Are you going to water His Word or what?

How can a root come up? Because you water the seed . Now that thing is popping up and destroying everything around you. The blood of Jesus is a mind eraser! Let Him do it as you apply the Word of God. Bad seed produce bad weeds. Good seed produces a beautiful healthy garden.

Roots that come out of what Satan planted in you will trouble you. Bad roots will make you bitter. Weeds are bitter. Gods word is organic and Truth.what ever not truth is a lie even if true at that moment.

Water the God’s seed knowing that He loves you. God loves you because He loves you, but you don’t believe. If you dont believe God loves you , nobody else will. If you don’t have confidence in His love, you won’t have confidence in somebody else’s love for you.

The problem about being too quiet is that you can think a lot more. So if you are not talking to God, to whom are you talking or thinking on? God or Satan? You will be having a conversation with the liar, and you will keep watering whatever seeds he throws in your garden. Even using people from carnality not the Spirit.

The peace of mind shall keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Whatever is pure, honest, just, lovely, of good report, praise. Think on these things: what you have learned, received, heard and seen in those who are doers of the Word!

I don’t care if how you felt at the moment was right. Repent! And pluck it out! Repent! Pluck it out!

Your peace comes from the seeds you water! His Word is spirit and life! What was the curse of Cain: you becoming a vagabond because of your rebelliousness anger hate, with no presence of God. You will wander and will be homeless, absent of family.

He wants to see sons and daughters that walk in freedom water the seed of God inside of them! The World has vagabonds and the religious system has them as well, but they all live in struggles.We are over comers. Jesus blood cries out forgiven if Able’s blood still speaking how much louder is the blood of Jesus.

All of us are tillers of the ground of our lives, and we all are called to feed one another. We are all called to be our brother’s keeper. Bring the fruit of your heart; that means whatever you have been watering. Cain did what he supposed to do, but his heart was full of weeds. God had no respect for it. His heart was wrong.We now living sacrifice bringing ourselves to His Holy alter!

If you water anger, anger will increase. Repentance makes you righteous. The curse of Cain was to become a vagabond. Someone without a family! Not having a spiritual family! We are to be having communion together! We need to be like Abel. How to do that? Weed your garden.Take care of the sheep.

Once God says something, it is done. It becomes law.

You will be walking wishing you were dead when you are in rebellion, but that is not the life of God for us! We need to rip out every root that defiles us. We are called to be stable, and we need to be stable! We need to reach out and take hold of the horns of the altar and stop the enemy from sowing those seeds and stop watering them. When it first comes in, cast it down; cast down every imagination or thoughts that come against the Word of God (Truth).

Seed – Time = harvest! So you have time to pluck it out! Today

You will be absent from the presence of the Lord if you don’t!

Pray this:

Thank you, Father. We have a home and a family. We have the mind of Christ. You gave us power to pluck out every seed and not to meditate on any word that Satan has spoken or thrown seeds. You can’t increase and decrease at the same time. Pull it out, Father, things that we don’t have the strength to do it on our own. Give us grace, Father!

Father, we won’t give idolatry to our emotions anymore. Father, right now, I rip every seed out of my heart that was not planted by My Father. Let the washing of the Word renew my mind. I know you. I know the same power that dwells inside of me. We are being changed even now, continuous washing and watering of the Word. amen

Let this mind be in you which is also in Christ Jesus. Think on things above, not below. Meditate on it. Water it. And you shall reap the harvest!  Shane Roessiger

Word: Mark 4:3-34 -Proverbs 23:1-21 HEB 12:10-17 Proverbs 18:21 Genesis 4:1-16


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