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It’s the dream of most people to become self employed. That’s why the phrase “be your own boss” or “fire your boss” is becoming more popular by the day. The interesting thing about becoming a self employed entrepreneur is the potential to grow into a business. After all, most successful entrepreneurs and drop out billionaires; started out as self employed entrepreneurs.

Do you want to become a self employed entrepreneur? Do you want to start a business and be your own boss? Then this article is for you. Without wasting your time, below is a step by step guide to becoming a self employed entrepreneur.

How to Be a Self Employed Entrepreneur

(1) Reason

Before you write a business plan, quit your job or start a business; you must figure out why you want to become a self employed entrepreneur. This is because that reasons or motives can be a strong source of motivation for you. Also, it is good to do things for the right reasons.

Now why do you want to become self employed? Do you just want to become your own boss? Or you are tired of your job? Do you want to become self employed for the extra pay? Or you are doing it to gain a greater control of your life? Well, your reason for wanting to become a self employed entrepreneur might not be known to me, but what I want you to know is this: “Do it for the right reasons.” If you become self employed on some flimsy excuse; or you don’t have a strong purpose for going solo, then you may lose your drive and quit before you make headway.

(2) Change how you see things

To become self employed and succeed at what you do; you must change your perception. You must transit from a mentality of dependency on your boss to being independent. You have to take control and be responsible for your actions. You must be accountable and most importantly; you must be prepared to face disappointments, you must be prepared to fail because failure is a pathway to success.

(3) Identify your oil.

In the words of a man I respect a lot (Femi Monehin), your oil is that thing you are good at doing, you love doing and people are willing to pay for. So before you even think of becoming a self employed entrepreneur, you have to identify that thing.

Question……what are you quitting your job on? What’s your leverage? What service can you offer in exchange for money that people are willing to pay for? What are your core skills, talent, hobby or passion? If you want to be a successful self employed entrepreneur, then you must answer these questions.

(4) Study

Before you jump into offering your services for money, you must know who your market is.Who are your customers? How much are they in need of your service? How much are they willing to pay for your services? How do they want your services packaged and delivered? These are things you must research and find out before investing your money and time in starting a business. And with this little study, you can know your niche

(5) Write a simple business plan

Most people go solo without a business plan because they feel it’s too early to get one. Sincerely speaking, I have seen successful entrepreneurs that don’t even know what a business plan looks like. So I don’t want to make it sound like you will never succeed without a business plan. But if you intend to grow big as time goes on, then you will definitely need a business plan even if it’s a simple one page business plan.

(6) Put your plan to work

Of the six steps highlighted in this article, this is the most important. I have seen people with wonderful ideas and plans but they remain where they are from year to year simply because they are afraid to start a business. They are afraid to quit their job to face the uncertainty and challenges of being responsible or accountable. In the entrepreneurial process, the most important task is taking action. You can plan, dream and fantasize but if you don’t take action; all will be in vain. So execute your plans today and I will see you at the top.

Like I will always say……just START

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