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Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala


People who cannot control the urge to masturbate or watch pornography are almost always plagued with a sexual devil.

These days countless numbers of men, women and youths in the world and within the house-hold of faith are chronically addicted to masturbation in secrecy. ; Thus, causing many people to continue to struggle with their addiction almost with a sense of hopelessness. It has also been discovered that equal to men who are struggling with being addicted to masturbation – females are also just as susceptible too.

In the world of the spirit and according to Jesus Christ: the sexual thought is the same as the sexual act (Matthew 5:28).

When we use the powerful force of imaging something as if it were real, we are actually attracting that which we image into physical being.

When we imagine having sex with another via masturbation, we are actually summoning the power of the spirit realm to manifest the thing we are imagining.

We’ve all heard about the law of attraction by now, made popular from books and movies like The Secret. Well the law of attraction also works with sexual imaginings.

There are such things as sex demons. And the danger in masturbating is that one could inadvertently summon a sex demon to attach itself to you through the act of masturbating.

And once that demon attaches, it is difficult to get it to leave. It will drive you to masturbate, even when you don’t want to. You’ll be hit with urges to play with yourself so powerful that only an orgasm will allow you some temporary relief.

In worst case scenarios the one demon may gather other unclean spirits to itself to also attach to your life. That way it can wrap you tighter in its web of control, making it that much more difficult for you to get free. And many never do (Matthew 12:43-45).

By engaging in those acts of sexual impurity you are giving such evil spirits legal access into your life. And they will remain, causing untold personal pain, guilt and shame until the more powerful force of Jesus Christ is used against them to expel them from your life for good—See: Luke 8:29, Luke 9:39 and verse 42; Galatians 5:19-21; 2nd Corinthians 6:17-18


The Demon Of Masturbation When Once He Is In Your Life, He Invite The Following Demons To Afflict You.

1. demon of frustration

2. demon of poverty

3. demon of disappointment

4. demon of disgrace

5. demon of marriage crises

6. demon of late marriage

7. demon of bad luck

8. demon of isolation

9. demon of suffering

10. demon of hatred from helpers

11. demon of fornication

12. demon of lust

13. demon of close heaven

14. demon of spirit wife and husband

15. demon of rising and falling. Etc.


1. Total repentance

2. Intimacy with God. (close relationship)

3. Always study the God’s word.

4. Guide your eye gate and mind what you watch.

5. Mind the kind of company of friends you keep. Stay away from negative friends who constantly draw you back.


1. Father, let the blood of Jesus Christ flush my heart, mind and private part from every contrary demon of masturbation, in the name of Jesus Christ

2. Every stronghold of pornography and masturbation in my heart and in my eyes, fire of God consume it now in the name of Jesus Christ

3. Every demon of pornography and masturbation troubling my soul, mind and body, I bind you, come out of my body by the blood of Jesus Christ

4. Blood of Jesus Christ flush out every desirous wave of sexual perversion drowning my heart, mind and body in the name of Jesus Christ

5. Every flood of immorality channeled by the devil to sweep me into, fornication, adultery and sexual perversion, i lift up the standard word of God against you, my body is the temple of God, be consume by fire in the name of Jesus Christ

6. Every negative desire, addiction, obsession and possession of sexual perversion over my heart, spirit, soul, mind, body and life, I rebuke you, die by fire in the name of Jesus Christ

7. Every dark sexual gate opened unto my life as a result of participating in any weird sexual practice, i shut you down seven times forever by the cleansing power in the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus Christ

8. Every sins of sexual immorality and perversion in my life, be nullify by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ

9. You the supervising spirits of sexual perversion in charge of my life, let the fire sword of God put you to flight and to death, never come back into my life in the name of Jesus Christ

10. Every enemy of my soul, hiding in the close places of my sexual and reproductive organs, as a result of my past sins, what are you waiting for? Come out of your hiding places and be consume by fire permanently from my life in the name of Jesus Christ

11. Every power of negative imaginations, sponsoring defilement against my thoughts, and my mind, i pull you down and cast you and your projections back into hell fire in the name of Jesus Christ

12. Oh lord raise your sword of fire against every power of defilement in my dreams and sexual perversion demons in my life and slaughter them to pieces in the name of Jesus Christ

13. Every ungodly imagination troubling my sexual life, your time is up: die by fire in the name of Jesus Christ

14. Every arrows of gay and lesbianism and sodomy operating in my life, come out with all your roots from my life and die in the name of Jesus Christ

15. Every destructive and imaginative door i opened, either knowingly or unknowingly, to the spirit of adultery, fornication and sexual perversion in my life, i close you by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ

16. Every affliction of sexual perversion staging a comeback in my life, oh God of heaven and earth, arise and destroy it now in the name of Jesus Christ

17. Repeated and inherited afflictions of sexual perversion, troubling my marriage, my life, or my marital prospects, i render you impotent now and forever in the name of Jesus Christ

18. I deploy the stronghold weapon of God against every foothold of sexual perversion in my life be wasted and be roasted by fire in the name of Jesus Christ

19. I call forth the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of God to drown every spirit of sexual perversion, and wash away every dark deposit of these wicked spirits from my life in the name of Jesus Christ

20. Every dream attack by the spirits of sexual perversion against my life, backfire and consume your owners in the name of Jesus Christ.

21. Today, i obtain my complete deliverance from every negative sexual experience and the infirmities attached to these sexual iniquities in the name of Jesus Amen.

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