By: Theophilus Izobofolo


Once upon a time, a very rich old man who had many sons lived in the land of the East. On his death bed, he called his lawyer and made a will in which all his assets were documented. He then decreed that all his possessions must be shared equally among his sons after his departure.

This man was so rich in landed properties, silver, gold, precious stones and cattle that he could be considered a multi-billionaire in today’s parlance. The share apportioned to each son was more than enough to sustain him for a lifetime without having to work.

Before his death, the old man gave a copy of the will, the keys to the vaults that contained his treasures and the documents of his landed properties to his eldest son and revealed the content to three of his older sons to serve as witnesses. For reasons best known to him, he did not reveal the content of the will to the younger sons but he informed them that he had given a copy of his will to the firstborn.

Contrary to the father’s instruction, the eldest son connived with the lawyer, the trustees of the will and the three older brothers to short-change the other sons. He settled them generously and obtained a vow from them to never reveal what they knew. He flatly refused to reveal the content of the will to the younger sons. He also did not give them their portions.

He insisted that the other members of the family must be loyal to him and serve him in order to continue to abide in the house. This they did because they had no other means of survival. He then proceeded to build an empire for himself with the remainder of his father’s wealth and the labour of his brothers. He also began to live ostentatiously and became very pompous.

The older brothers who had been settled kept mum and did nothing to alleviate their siblings’ burden. They were afraid of what the eldest son could do to them since he had become very wealthy and powerful.

As God would have it, one of the deprived sons stumbled upon the will while cleaning the first son’s room one day. As he read the will, he discovered how stupendously rich he and his other deprived brothers were by virtue of their father’s will, though their present condition said otherwise. With joy and anger in his heart at the same time, he made a copy of the will and kept it in a secured place. He then began to tell his co-deprived siblings the stupendous provisions their father made for each of them.

The eldest son became very displeased and began to threaten the “belligerent” son.

Then, the older sons who were already enjoying their share of the inheritance became divided. One indifferently continued to enjoy his portion. He showed no concern about the plight of his deprived siblings. One rebuked the young man sharply, telling him to stop maligning the eldest son who was then the head of the family. He recounted the “sacrifices” their brother made to keep the big family together and warned him not to destroy their father’s legacy. The other gave a tacit support but was unwilling to associate with the boy openly because he wanted to be in his big brother’s good book. Generally, this courageous young man had no tangible open support from the camp of the three settled sons.

Initially among his peers, he garnered enough support but those who were against him were more than those who were for him. His co-deprived siblings who were against him have been too battered to believe his story. They reasoned that their big brother couldn’t have been that cruel to them. After much perspiration, his camp enlarged, overpowered the camp of the eldest son, took over the inheritance and gave everyone equal access.


The rich old man is God

The will is the New Testament by the blood of Christ

The house is the Church

The eldest son is the corrupt clergy, especially the prosperity gospellers

The three old sons are the associates of the corrupt clergy who know the truth but are unwilling to challenge the system because they benefit from the corrupt system either directly or indirectly. The benefit could be material or psychological.

The first of the three older sons is the group of associates that is indifferent so long as her position and privileges are intact

The second is the group that is actively defending the corrupt clergy, citing the sacrifices of the clergy and the unity of the Church. Is the sarcrifice of the clergy more important than that of Christ? Can there be any unity between the truth and untruth?

The third group secretly supports the “belligerent son” but can’t dissociate herself from the corrupt system. They are like Jonathan, the son of Saul, who died with his father because of blind loyalty. He ordinarily ought to have dissociated himself from his backsliden farther but he was not courageous enough to do so. This singular action could have saved his life.

The younger sons are the naive brethren who are being plundered and oppressed by the corrupt clergy

The empire is the private empires of the corrupt clergy, wrongly called churches

The “belligerent” young son are the former plundered and oppressed brethren who have been awakened and taught by the Spirit, and are now speaking boldly against the corrupt system.

The supportive co-deprived sons are the former deceived brethren who now know the truth through the activities of the “belligerents.”

The opposing co-deprived are the brethren who are yet to recover their sights. They still can’t believe that the Gospel can be so simple as the belligerent son is saying.

No matter the opposition, the truth will prevail.



By: Femi Fani Kayode


In the 99 names of God, the All-Knowing, the All-Seeing, the All-Powerful, the Compassionate, the Merciful and the Great, I offer this ode unto Him alone.

He is the God of the Holy Word, the Creator of all that is, the Giver of Life and the Conqueror of Death.

He is the Holy One of Israel whose coming was prophesied for thousands of years before it came to pass.

He is He that humbled Himself and shed His divinity, who came down as God incarnate in the flesh, who suffered on the cross, who shed His precious blood, who gave up His life as a living sacrifice

and who went down into hell.

He is He who overcame satan, death and the principalities and powers, who rose again, who ascended into Heaven and who sits at the right hand of God the Father.

He is He whose Holy Spirit guides, leads, protects, provides and fights for us as each day passes. He is He that is high and lifted up, whose train fills the Temple.

He is He that is awesome in battle, that no man can stand against. He is He who reigns supreme and before whom all other gods bow.

He is He that is more than able, whose Kingdom shall never end. He is He that makes all things beautiful in His own way and in His own time.

He is He that created the world and established the foundations of the universe by the power of His word. He is He that sends out His word and always honors His promise. He is He that makes a way, where there seems to be no way. He is He that makes every crooked path straight before those that love and trust Him.

He is the Spoiler of our Enemies, our Advocate, our Defender, our Deliverer and our Judge. He is the husband of the widow and the father of the fatherless. He is the helper of the helpless and the defender of the oppressed. He is the voice of the voiceless and the healer of the sick. He is the deliverer of the captives, the provider for the needy and the glory of Kings.

He is the Man of War, the Prince of Peace, the Avenger of our Blood and the Ancient of Days. He is the Lord of Hosts, the Comforter, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and the All-Consumming Fire.

He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Lily of the Valley and the Rose of Sharon. He is the Balm of Gilead, the Blood of the Sprinkling and the Lord of Creation.

He is the Rejected Stone that became the Corner Stone, He is the Lamb of God that saved the world.

He is the Gentle Nazarene, the Mighty Warrior and the Master of Satan. He is the Great Provider and the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

He is our Shield, our Glory and the Lifter of our Heads. He is our Heavenly Father who is filled with love, mercy and compassion, who guards us jealously and who never fails.

He is the Lord of the Universe and the God of the Twenty Four Elders that sit before His heavenly throne.

He is the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Lord of the Angels and the Archangels, the Lord of the Cherubims and the Seraphims and the King of Glory.

King David asked, “who is this King of Glory?” and He answered by saying “the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, He is the King of Glory!”

His name is Jehova Sabaoth, Jehova Rapha, Yahweh God and the I Am, That I Am. He is irresistable, unknowable and unfathomable.

He is the God of the Armies of Israel. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is the God of Gideon, Jeptha and Jehu.

He is the God of Samson, Moses, Samuel and Joseph. He is the God of David and Cyrus. He is the God of Elijah, Elisha, Nathan and Paul. He is the God of Hezekiah and Nehemiah.

He is the God of the elemental forces, the God of the Seven-Fold Spirit of Power and Splendour, the God who holds the four winds of the earth in the palm of His hand. He is the God of love and the giver of wealth, slendour, power, magnificence and plenty.

He is the keeper of our souls  the protector of our spirits and the guardian of our bodies. He is the Merciful, the Benevolent, the Faithful, the Kind, the Compassionate, the True and the Blessed.

He is Yeshua Hamashiach: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is One in Three and Three In One, the Mystery and the Power of the Holy Trinity. He  is the Ruler of the Land, the Master of the Seas, the Lord of all Creation and the King of the Universe.

He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. He is Yahweh God, the Mighty One, the God of all the gods.

He is the Adonai, the Elohim and the El Shaddai. He is the Lamb of God, the Risen King and the long-awaited Messiah.

He is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God, who came down as God incarnate in the flesh and to whom every knee must bow. He is He who came, who saw and who conquered and who shall come again.

He is the Lord of Joy, the Giver of Life and the Conqueror of Death. We were created for His pleasure, He delights for us to prosper, He displays His glory and splendour in our lives, He is faithful to His word and besides Him there is no other.



By: Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala


THE Bible does not condemn the wearing of makeup, or jewelry, Physical adornment not condemned

Faithful women in the Bible adorned themselves. Rebekah, who married Abraham’s son Isaac, wore a gold nose ring, gold bracelets, and other expensive jewelry that she received as a gift from her future father-in-law. (Genesis 24:22, 30, 53)

Similarly, Esther accepted “beauty treatments” to prepare for her potential role as queen of the Persian Empire. (Esther 2:​7, 9, 12) These treatments apparently included the use of “cosmetics,” or “different kinds of makeup.”​

Bible illustrations use jewelry in favorable comparisons. For instance, a person who offers good advice is compared to “an earring of gold . . . to the receptive ear.” (Proverbs 25:12) Likewise, God himself compared his treatment of the nation of Israel to that of a husband who adorns his bride with bracelets, a necklace, and earrings. This adornment made the nation “extremely beautiful.”​(Ezekiel 16:11-​13)


One strong argument for forbidding jewelry is in this Peter 3:3 and 1 Tim 2:9, and if read alone, then at first glace it would appear that we are.

(1 Peter 3:3)

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear

(1 Tim 2:9)

likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire

Taking these scriptures in context with just the few scripture in the Bible on jewelry above we see that we were told not to wear jewelry, or not to do our hair and wear nice clothes. What we are seeing was a church whose women let vanity get out of control; a church who became over indulgent. Remember that it was a time when it was the custom (very Roman) to show how much you had, so you over did everything because you wanted to show how much you could afford.

What Paul and Peter are talking about here is this is not the beauty that a Christian should strive after. We are to be more concerned with the inward beauty, rather than the outward beauty. This is not saying we shouldn’t look nice, but instead look at our hearts and be careful not to abuse our blessings and show off what we have in vanity.

When you think about how you dress in the manner of moderation and modest, then you realize it goes beyond just wearing jewelry. In truth we can make a law about to not wear jewelry, but then we substitute an expensive watch or extravagant showy clothes to fill the sin of vanity in our hearts. The “thing” of blame may be different, but the sin is the same.

(1 Samuel 16:7)

the Lord said to Samuel, Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance,but the Lord looks on the heart.

(John 7:24)

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.

So wearing of jewelries as a believer is not a sin and that won’t take you to hell. If you say its a sin but wear expensive watches and expensive cloths, then you are also guilty. Live rightly, be focused on God and stop condemning other people from other denominations. That your church doesn’t approve it doesn’t mean God disapproved it.

In conclusion, if your church made it as a law forbidden members not to wear it, please obey and stick to your church policy as long as as you are sure of heaven. But never you condemn others who use it or see them as demons…



By: Evang. Theophilus Izobofolo


The Word of Faith (WoF) teachers are in the habit of saying people should have God-kind of faith.

This is premised on the Greek rendering of Jesus’s statement in Mark 11:22b, “Have faith in God” (echō pistis theos). This can be fairly translated to “Have the faith of God” or “Have faith in God” but the WoF teachers translate it to “Have God-kind of faith.”

With this phrase, the WoF teachers say God exhibited faith at creation when He spoke the world and its contents and the planetary bodies into existence (Gen 1:1-30). They also say He used this faith to give a child (Isaac) to Abraham in reference to Romans 4:17, “(As it is written, I have made you a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead, and calls those things which are not as though they were.”

They say God used repetitive faith confessions to “call those things which are not as though they were.”

Does God truly need faith like man as these people claim?

We need to be aware that the Greek language is different from the English language in a variety of ways. In several places in the New Testament, there are no conjunctions like “of” or “in” between “faith” and “God” or “Christ” when these words are used together. It is usually the translators that supply these conjunctions with discretion. This is why many modern English Bible translations now exchange “of” with “in” in such places in contrast to what obtains the old King James Bible.

Here are five examples to buttress our arguement:

“For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the FAITH OF GOD (pistis theos) without effect?” (Rom 3:3)

“Even the righteousness of God which is by FAITH IN JESUS (pistis Iēsous ) Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference.” (Rom 3:22)

“Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the FAITH OF CHRIST (pistis christos), and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.” (Gal 2:16)

“I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the FAITH OF THE SON (pistis uihos) of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” (Gal 2:20)

“And be found in him, not having my own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the FAITH OF CHRIST (pistis christos) , the righteousness which is of God by faith.” (Phil 3:9)

So, in line with this thought, it is correct to translate Mark 11:22b to “Have faith in God” like we have it in most English translations of the Bible.

Christ was not telling the disciples to have God-kind of faith like the WoF teachers say, He was simply telling them to have faith in God as we have it. So, it is of no use making a doctrine of a mere grammatical issue.

Roman 4:17 can also not be used to teach that God was making faith confessions to Abraham like the WoF teachers say.

If we consider Romans 4:17 in conjunction with verses 18-22 of the same chapter, we would see clearly that God wasn’t making any faith confessions here. Rather, these scripture refers to the repetition of God’s promises to Abraham as we have it recorded in Genesis to reassure him that He would do as He promised. It was a reassurance thing and not a faith confession issue.

17 (As it is written, I have made you a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead, and calls those things which are not as though they were. 18  WHO AGAINST HOPE BELIEVED IN HOPE, that he might become the father of many nations, ACCORDING TO THAT WHICH WAS SPOKEN, So shall your seed be.19 And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about a hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sara’s womb: 20 He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; 21 And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform. 22 And therefore it was imputed to him for righteousness.” (Rom 4:17-22)

It was not God “who against hope believed in hope”. It was Abraham who did that.

Would it not have been ridiculous if God, who created the world by mere pronouncements of “let there be”, had to make repetitive faith confessions to make Sarah conceive a child?

This type of teaching results from lack of understanding of the nature of God and the use of words.


Man is finite but God is infinite. Faith is only needed when a person is limited either by knowledge or ability. For example, a Christian does need no faith to collect money he has in his bank account but he needs faith for provision when he is broke. 

Unlike man who needs faith for tomorrow because of his limitations, God does not relate to time the way humans do. The past, present and future are the same with Him in terms of His knowledge. He is all-knowing. Not only is God all-knowing, He is also all-powerful. So, God doesn’t need any faith.

God is infinite. He is sovereign. “In him we live, move and have our being.” The Sovereign Lord needs no faith. It is finite beings like man that needs faith.

Again, faith does not exist in isolation. Faith is a relational word. It is the lesser being that exhibits faith in the higher being. We know God is the Highest. There is no one above Him.

If God needs faith indeed, in whom will He have it?


A CLOSED MOUTH IS A CLOSED DESTINY – words activate faith!


By: Evangelist Theophilus


SEX – The topic frequently in the mind of most young adults and even old people no matter how spiritual, yet, the least talked about.

It is an act people engage in frequently but feel uncomfortable to talk about.

The information most people have on it are obtained from the ‘gutters’ because traditional institutions and other standard channels of communication and education will not talk about it. When they do, it is in hush tones.

I remember a friend hosted me on radio for a few weeks as we explored sexual dysfunctions among adults. By the third week, the program director had ordered the program shut down. May be I was too blunt, calling a spade a spade.

Many people know the danger of sex, both physical and spiritual but no one seems to be comfortable to talk about it’s good sides and the factors that influence them.

In many quarters and to many people, sex is just a necessary evil. I have met married couples who often felt guilty after having sex with themselves and I kid you not. A newly married guy once told me, he has been asking for forgiveness of sin after having sex with his wife and he couldn’t place why.

Some of you speak in tongues immediately after having sex with your wives, you know yourselves. It may not be because you are spiritual. You are probably battling with subconscious mixed feelings involving guilt over appropriateness of sex, even within matrimony. There are many who have become poorly sexually adjusted by reason of the things they have been taught while growing up about the evil in sex. This followed them to their matrimony.

A story was told of a king who newly became a Christian, in the mediaeval times who commanded his wife to be burnt at the stake the following morning after having sex with her. Her offence? He claimed  She enjoyed “the pleasure of sin” by moaning during sex. This is how “her ringing tone” sent her to an early grave. But it was not really her fault, she died due to the ignorance of an overzealous  king who was mistaught and misguided that sex is inherently evil.

Friends,  much has been said about how the devil uses sex to destroy people to the point that Sex now looks like the creation of Satan.

Truth be told, sex is good, when used appropriately. Sex is a gift from God and not from the devil. The devil only seeks to pervert it. Many petty problems that happen in marriages for which you disturb your pastors can be deleted by just one mind-blowing sex between couples.  Yes!  You heard me right.

Today, a lot of people suffer from various sexual dysfunctions but they can’t talk about them for fear of being viewed as “spoilt” or sinful.

I once attended to a man who had been running from home simply to avoid the chance of sexual encounters with his wife.  He worked shifts in a Hotel so he decided to do all the shifts,  just to stay away from home.

This man could not sustain erection for more than 2 mins and he was in a mismatched relationship with a woman who wanted it for thirty minutes and more.  The fear of poor performance drove him from home.

I insisted on seeing the wife and the day she showed up, it was drama. She did all the talking as she pounded away on my table.  “My body is not wood…” He has to do something about this otherwise…. ” she yelled.  It was one threat after another.  Then she grabbed her hand bag and left without completing the session. To a stranger like me, she simply cut the picture of trouble and I could only imagine what the man was going through in her hands.

Now, here’s the point.  There are many women in this position but they don’t know they are a serious part of the problem. Let me tell you something.  In a committed relationship (not hit and run) , the woman retains the power to either sustain a man’s erection or to kill it.

About 50 percent cases of erectile problems in men are purely of psychological origin. The brain is the most important sexual organ, not the genital.  If a man’s mind is at rest in the home and he’s happy with you,  he will have erection with you. This is basic truth.

I once attended to a woman who previously had been dragging her husband to pastors for prayers and made him a prayer point among her prayer partners for inability to perform in bed.  I requested to see her husband as usual and after much hesitation,  he showed up. It turned out the man had no erectile problem unless the wife was involved.  He said if he had full erection and his wife as much as touched him with a finger, he would lose it. In his own words there had been some conflicts and It was a delicate peace they had had at home. The wife had been winning all the arguments in the house without knowing she was also losing the man. What they needed was conflict resolution, not prayer vigil or medication.  Dear woman,  your mouth can do wonders, both physically and psychologically. If you know, You know…

Worse still some women will be behaving as if they are lame in bed. They can’t use their hands and they won’t use their mouths. They Just lay down like universal recipients. What kind of tradition is that?  What has that got to do with holiness?

I know by now somebody is thinking this man is spoiled o,  or may be his account has been hacked.  If you read up till this point and you haven’t stopped, na you spoil pass! So let’s continue…just kidding!

Women are not left out as victims in this sexual problem. As a matter of fact,  more than 50 percent of women don’t know what orgasm is, in all their existence.  They hear people talk about  it but they don’t believe it really exists and they are scared of asking their husbands to help explore possible ways to achieve this.  Many of them don’t even get aroused with their husbands but they can’t talk about it.  Many husbands have turned themselves to terrorists in their homes.

Dear husbands, I need your help. How do you manage to speak in tongues and still throw punches at your wives? There are testimonies of godly men who never raised a finger against their wives of many decades in spite of provocations. Please follow the examples of these men and stop damaging your wife physically and emotionally. That “Mike Tyson” in you must die finally.  May God’s grace be sufficient for you.

It is so unkind to abuse your woman and get home only to pull her panties like a mechanic trying to start a generator. What is your intention? It doesn’t work like that.

Let there be mutual respect in the home.  Resolve conflicts as they come. This has tremendous effect on what happens beneath the sheets. Like I said before, the human brain (the seat of the mind) is the most important sexual organ, not the genitals.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you have any question or objections, kindly ask your pastors and pastors’ wives or go see a therapist, not me. I’m a learner ooh.

It is a new day!