By: Matt Williams & Charles Awuzie

WHY YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO CHANGE THE WORLD – “how can I change the world when my life is so messed up?” So, your life isn’t perfect. Join the club. The notion that you have to be perfect to change the world is ridiculous. In fact, no world changer in history (save for one) was perfect.

Let’s See examples from history

1) Abraham Lincoln

If he were alive today, Abraham Lincoln would probably have spent the past twenty years watching soap operas in a Snuggie while popping anti-depressants. He was prone to severe and debilitating bouts with depression that often led to suicidal thoughts. But he described his depression in a letter to a friend as “a misfortune, not a fault.” That is the attitude that allowed him to be a world changer.

I read a fake news blog where the author said that a certain Table shaker in our generation is using drugs and addicted to sex and I laughed because the author is either ignorant or a mere hypocrite. All world changers were mere humans who had moments of depression but chose to solve the problems of others first.

2) Moses

Moses had a temper. So bad that he killed a man. He was a murderer. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that beats most of what you’ve done. “Murderer” is not a tag you just drop. And did I mention he had a speech impediment throughout his life? And yet he led an entire race to freedom from slavery.

Imagine if Charles Awuzie had a criminal record of murder and now suddenly speaks against the evil on the pulpit? 🤔 Will you not say that he is looking for who to murder again?

3) Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was most likely bipolar. He referred to his intense bouts with depression as his “Black Dog.” He went on to be a central figure in the fight against the Nazis. By all accounts, he was a world changer.

Listen, every world changer throughout history has a dark side. Every one of them has a family secret. Every one of them suffered from something that could have kept them from changing the world.

All while actually changing the world.

None of them waited until their “problem” was solved or their dark days were behind them. They made their mark in the midst of their problems. They pursued their calling in the middle of their personal struggles. Don’t wait until you are perfect before attempting to change the world. That day may never come, understand why you don’t have to be perfect to change the world.

Let’s do this…. 

Someday when _______, then I’ll be able to _______.

Have you ever filled in those blanks?

But what if the “when” never comes?

What if Lincoln or Churchill had waited until their depression subsided? What if Moses had waited until he had taken more speech classes or everyone who knew about the murder had died?

Before you judge the imperfections of world changers, ask yourself why you are not taking any action to change your world and why you don’t have to be perfect to change the world.




The Importance of Good Character

By Theophilus Izobofolo

The Importance of Good Character

The desire for success I believe is one of the greatest motivators for action in the lives of people. Everyone has a desire to be recognized for something they are good at. If you have ever sought out to accomplish a task, or if you have ever felt angry because of an obstruction towards a goal, then you have implicit attested to this statement. No matter what you desire to attain to as your definition of success, you must recognize that there is no true success without a good character to back it up.

Character guides our responses to issues we face in life as we work toward success. Our character is who we are and what we do. It is important that we have a foundation of strong character because our responses to life’s issues determine the quality of our results. Character is a summation of our thoughts, values, words, and actions, which in turn become the habits that determine how successful we are in life. Integrity is the foundation of any lasting success, and at the heart of integrity is good character.

Human character is formed at the core of the human being. It is who we are when “nobody” is looking. A person can create a facade of how they intend for people to perceive their personality and their actions, this facade is what we know as reputation. Our reputation is the summation of who/what everyone thinks about us. Too often we hear of good people, reputed for being successful in their field, who have fallen from great heights because of a weakness in their character. What many fail to understand is that the character weakness is nothing new; the effects of a character flaw are amplified as we rise up the ladder of success.

When we see a tree, we see its fruits, leaves and branches. The fruit that grows on the tree represents what kind of tree it is. I’m pretty sure, to a 100% level of certainty, that if I see oranges growing on a tree, it is an orange tree. However, though I see the tree, its trunk, branches and leaves, there still exists a root system below the ground that is hidden. On average, tree roots spread close to 3 times the spread of the branches, so that a tree with an 8-foot branch crown spread would have a 24-foot root spread diameter. The root is what keeps the tree grounded. This is why Jesus in teaching said, “Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  Therefore by their fruits you will know them.” (Matt.7:17-20). The principle here is that a person’s character is an overflow of the state of their heart.

This is why it is important that we examine ourselves from time to time. For you to succeed in life, you must learn to listen to the voice of your conscience. Rather than silence the inner voice at the core of your humanity, you need to objectively check yourself to see if your words, thoughts, actions and attitudes line up with what’s fundamentally true and noble. In addition you must ask yourself if there are aspects about your personality that others complain about? Successful people have learned to be sincere and consistent on the basis of truth. Your self assessment is not to impress anybody, rather it is to ensure you are taking the right steps in line with what you hold to be true.

I believe that God has inscribed a sense of morality on human hearts through the natural law. However, through Scripture (absolute truth) we are able to form a Christ centered conscience and a moral guide to strengthen our character. The good news is that by your decision you can make a change to areas in which you fall short in character. With every pressure that comes against your character development, you can use it as an opportunity for growth and development. It is important to know that the quality of your character will not just get better with time; it must be intentional.

Reference: Maro Mamora


Dr Chinomso Jude Nwala


Her water broke…

Ella was rolled into the theatre with her husband running behind the nurses, soaked in sweat and splatters of the broken water on his trouser. I’m sorry sir you can’t come in, her blood pressure is up and she’s almost having a panic attack, she’s gone into labour already.

“No, there’s no way! I have to be there!!!”

“We’re sorry Sir!” they refused him entering.

Sweat broke out across his face and it looked like he was the one with the panic

attack. He loved her and would give anything to take her place in that labour

room, but of course, that couldn’t happen.

Ella couldn’t take a minute more of the pain but she had insisted on pushing all the way. She was a nurse and had helped deliver countless kids. But this was even more painful than she expected. With her legs spread out and head hurting so badly she thought she’d faint, Ella blasted into

wild tears.

“I can’t do it doc, I can’t!”

“Ma’am you have to push.” The head is already out and this baby will die if you don’t!” The doctor’s voice getting more intense and sharp.

Ella began to cry again, she had dreamt many nights about this baby, her girl, her first baby after five miscarriages.

“Doc, I’m so tired, please, I’m getting really weak”

“Get her husband in here right now!” the doctor instructed…

They didn’t need to call his name a second time before Raymond came in rushing to her


“Baby, I’m here”

“It’s too painful!”

“I know my love, and I would give anything to do this for you, but I can’t” He began

sobbing as she screamed releasing a measure of the pain on his hands, he could

bet blood wasn’t flowing in them at that moment.


“Baby, listen to me. For every child we lost,



“For all the years that went by, baby push!”


“For everyone that laughed at you, push!!!”


“For the joy of having your own child, baby



“for everyone that mocked you and said you can’t mother a child, baby push!!!!!!!!”


And for the first time for Ella, she heard a cry that made her smile, it was the cry of a baby born. Her very own!

You may be young, but you’re not young at all. You may have tried one thing or the other, or you may not even have a clue where to start. But there’s a hand

holding you right now. Saying, you’ve wasted enough time wondering if you’re good enough, being afraid of the possibility

of failure, its time to PUSH. You’ve probably been a great part of someone else’s dream,you’ve helped birth other visions, that’s

fantastic, but at the end of the journey, you stand alone on the finish line.

So this is for you:

For everyone that talked you down, PUSH!
For all the times your name was forgotten, PUSH!
For the family that said they won’t support you, PUSH!
For that friend that betrayed you, PUSH.
For the mistakes that try to hunt you, PUSH!
For every time you tried and failed, PUSH!

For the times people mocked you, PUSH!!!

I don’t promise that there’ll be no pain, as a matter of fact, I guarantee that you would have to cry sometimes, other times, you

would want to give up, and it will look like every bone in your body is breaking into

pieces, but for that dream in your heart, that change you want to make, that future you saw, IT’S TIME TO PUSH!

People can love you, encourage you, and

motivate you, but when it comes down to the time to push, it is you and your creator’s inspiration. Don’t fail your GOD…. PUSH!!!!

*Don’t quit, don’t let past failures & disappointments prevent you from taking a hold of good opportunities. Keep pushing, Just push and push until something happens. You will laugh at last…