"Life Couching"

“Providing information for mental willpower”


Emotion is success and weakness tool. Most people handle life circumstances with too many emotions, which eventually increases  their level of fear, doubt, unbelief, and even lost hope in life.

Often times they lost what they already had, and fall into perplexity and suicidal act; not knowing the volume of their goal is directly proportional to their challenges and can only be won with sound mind, patience, perseverance, toughness and faith.

Some are just too engrossed or overwhelmed with work or exciting event, some give 100% attention to one side of life troubling issues or get lost in habits that makes them stagnant in life or experience perverted destiny.

As a certified Life and Career Coach, “Counselor Theophilus Izobofolo” helps the busy, possessed, oppressed, obsessed and depressed people push through their life struggles to accomplish more success and life fulfillment through: one on one counseling, professional consultant referers and intercessory prayers.

This is made possible via physical presence, phone calls, emails, text messages, video presentations, online private chat, private motivational and inspirational quotes and nuggets etc.