Obasanjo Gives Reasons Why War May Soon Break Out In Nigeria

Obasanjo Gives Reasons Why War May Soon Break Out In Nigeria

By: President Olusegun Obasanjo

Another civil war in Nigeria has become imminent and inevitable. The reason for its inevitability is simply because Muhammadu Buhari, the Northern Nigeria Fulani oligarchs and the wider network of Fulani in Sub-Saharan Africa have concluded plans to adopt Nigeria as the homeland for all Fulani in Africa.

They have realised that the wandering and rootless lifestyle of cattle herding Fulani is no longer tenable in the twenty-first century. Fulani need to have land to call home and rear cattle and that land should be Nigeria. The indigenous peoples of Nigeria have vehemently and stridently opposed this diabolic plan and both sides are mobilising for war. The Fulani won’t relent and the indigenous people will not give up their land.

The same Fulani Project, having failed so shamelessly and woefully in the Central Africa Republic, will not be allowed to fail this time as the Nigerian Fulani project is better funded with the massive creaming of the sovereign wealth of Nigeria through nationwide kidnapping for ransom by lower class Fulani and seizure of the reigns of Government and wealth by the elite Fulani.

Kidnapping and the seizure of the institutions of Government are all for the purpose of implanting Fulani into the mainstream and control of politics and the economy of Nigeria for the objective of funding the Fulani Project in Nigeria.

The Central Africa Republic (CAR) has gone through exact same experience that Nigeria is going through right now in the hands of the Fulani. The country has been run down by the killings and destitution wrought by rival gangs in the fight to destroy the chokehold the Fulani had on the politics and economy of their country. Although the Fulani hegemony over the CAR has been defeated, the street gangs that defeated the armed forces have turned on one another and themselves, unable to rise above petty gang warfare to rebuild their nation.

The Fulani have become a blight on Africa and it’s biggest country Nigeria. Unable to break out of its centuries old cow herding and wandering culture, it continues to pull down every nation wherever it has any populations. Some countries in West Africa, Ghana and their ancestral home Guinea, have mastered the brutal tactics of dealing with Fulani and the Fulani have learnt the bitter lesson by staying away from these countries.

In the CAR, the Fulani following the pattern of their ethnocentric politics, had seized control of the commanding heights of the country’s military and financial institutions, the foreign exchange trade, the mining and export of gold and above all the governing structures of Government. Mitchel Djotodia, a hare brained military officer and his Fulani faction seized power in a brazen coup by a demographic minority. All the non-Fulani military officers were flushed out of the forces, all the mineral deposits in the country were seized by Fulani merchants, non-Fulani traders were barred from trading in foreign exchange and the entire top echelon of the Civil Service were occupied by Fulani by as much as 83%.

France, the former colonial masters of CAR watched them do all these over the years and did not raise a protest. As in Nigeria, the Fulani were just 3% of the population of CAR, tucked in the desert recesses of the nation’s Northwest. No world or regional power raised a whimper even though the ethnic groups of the rich southern forest regions roiled. The Fulani went even beyond the provocative as they are doing now in Nigeria.

They started seizing ethnic lands, raiding churches and killing worshippers, the most brazen being the attack on Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in a town near Bangui the capital, where dozens of Catholic faithful were massacred during mass. The Fulani used their cattle bases allotted by Government to launch attacks and gun fights on the surrounding communities for robberies and ransom paying kidnaps as is happening now in Nigeria.

Again, as is happening in Nigeria today, the purpose of all the action of the Fulani was simple; to transfer all wealth available in the CAR by all and every means and place it in the hands and control of the Fulani. It is the same play book guiding the actions and policies of the Buhari Government in Nigeria. The Fulani elite are raiding the Central Bank, buying dollars and other currencies at heavily discounted rates, other Fulani are raiding the NNPC, ploughing through the vaults and trading Nigerian crude for personal gain.

The educated wing are mowing down governing structures, taking forceful charge and control of all commanding heights of Government and the armed forces. The uneducated Fulani herdsmen are engaged in kidnapping for ransom and now primed to take over ethnic lands, spreading themselves across the nation in settlements acquired with public funds to terrorise indigenous populations.

It will be of great use to retell the story of CAR so as to have the understanding of how the youth of the country removed the yoke of unremitting oppression by the Fulani. The youth formed street gangs and committed to take on the army with all their vaunted training and intimidating and deadly weaponry. The youth had locally fabricated flint guns and machetes, while the army was menacing with their machine guns, grenade throwers and rocket launchers.

When the fight started on that fateful day in 2013 in Bangui, everyone expected a complete annihilation of youth on the streets but the youth took the fight straight to the Guard Brigade near the Presidential Palace.

By evening of the same day, soldiers bodies were seen littering the streets while some were cut to pieces. By night fall, the streets of Bangui had become the play ground and the killing field of the youth of Bangui. In three days of street fighting, the entire Presidential Guards of the army of the CAR was decimated, in disarray running to their ethnic base in the far north and President Djotodia, the Fulani tyrant had abdicated and run away from the Presidential Palace and Capital, Bangui.

Tyrants survive for only as long as the people live in fear and choose to tolerate them. The Buhari Government is counting on deploying the Nigerian armed forces against the many ethnicities where the RUGA will be sited, beginning with the minority groups.

Buhari’s plan is to deploy Nigerian troops to subdue Nigerian people for the benefit of Fulani. Central Africa Republic provides a veritable lesson on how to deal with the unrelenting Fulani menace. The Niger Delta and Boko Haram if anything, have shown that the Nigeria army is not invincible in a fight with local forces. If anything, the Nigeria Army will likely disintegrate if made to fight in many fronts at once.

It is a known truth that the Fulani will not relent in their quest for the conquest of Nigeria until they have seized all sources of income and made everyone else subservient to their rule and hegemony.

The Fulani in Nigeria, in nearly a century of political and economic ascendancy have acquired so much power and money that it will defeat the purpose of such acquisition if they don’t deploy it for the very purpose for the grasp for power, which is the conquest of Nigeria for the overlordship of the Fulani. The final stage of the grand plan to subdue Nigeria for Fulani overlordship are afoot and Buhari and his people cannot back out now. So a war has to be fought to resolve matters.

Our people say that you don’t strip a woman Unclad just to start looking. Nigeria has been stripped Unclad and with the RUGA monstrosity on the works, the next thing is to start the deployment of troops to protect RUGA in their various locations of development.

It was bound to happen that the Fulani who have been taking so much out of Nigeria and have succeeded in binding Nigeria hand and foot politically and economically, will take the wrong step into the abyss one day. The logical culmination of all the rapaciousness would be the last ditch attempt at the ultimate land grab, to seize the lands belonging to indigenous communities and hand it over to Fulani.

Internecine war in different RUGA locations and different fronts is therefore inevitable. Communities will rage to keep their land or lose it to their eternal shame and regret. Communities, particularly in Igboland will rather choose to be annihilated than lose their land to a hostile and predatory People.

Fulani have no land in Nigeria because they are not indigenous to Nigeria. They are migrants into Nigeria. The decision by the Fulani to seize land by force in Nigeria can only lead to war in the many places where this seizure will happen. The people must resist as of necessity. They have done so in the Central Africa Republic and reduced the country to rubble and they will do it again in Nigeria.

Buhari will be compelled to deploy police and soldiers to defend the settlements and war will be declared everywhere there is a RUGA settlement in Nigeria. Fulani have no land to hold dear and protect in Nigeria. In fact, Fulani have no stake or investment in the project called Nigeria and will not care if Nigeria burns, in fact Fulani will be very willing to let Nigeria burn if the people are not willing to submit to their overlordship.

So they are minded to adopt a scorched earth policy to obliterate Nigeria. They have nothing to lose. They did it in CAR and they will do same in Nigeria. It will be the responsibility of the indigenous people of Nigeria to find common grounds to protect the land of their ancestral inheritance and prevent the Fulani from putting a knife on their unity and their need to bind themselves together in one nation, but they cannot do this without first containing the Fulani. Fulani will try to divide them.

Buhari and the Fulani oligarchs are counting strongly on deploying the armed forces to quell insurrections that will arise from this massive land grab, but that will be the Achilles heel of their grand plan. Once soldiers are armed to put down these insurrections, they will turn against their commanders to defend their communities. Nigerians should therefore await the great unravelling of their armed forces.

Do the Fulani have the firepower, the men and the capacity to fight? In the entire history of the Nigerian armed forces, the Hausa/Fulani officers and enlisted men have always been promoted far beyond their qualifications and competencies. The capacity to fight and man the different departments of modern warfare will be put to overwhelming test in any ensuing encounter.

The Fulani never fight an enemy in a frontal war. They attack isolated and undefended villages. In any direct confrontation, they run away. It was evident even in the battle of Bangui. Well armed Fulani soldiers could not take on street gangs with flint guns and machetes. It has also shown in the war against Boko Haram. The poor performance of commanders of their ethnic stock is a bad joke among soldiers in the front.

Hausa/Fulani soldier had to be sorted out and protected from slaughter by Boko Haram forces. This is not to talk of unending betrayals of their Christian colleagues and commanders in the battlefront.

Buhari, a Fulani irredentist, will use to his advantage and for the benifits of his agenda to divide, the ethnic and religious cleavages among the people of Nigeria. But the people aught to know that the Fulani are friends to no one and that a Fulani friend today can become an adversary tomorrow. You are only friend to Fulani for as long as you continue to serve a purpose in their overall plan.

Let the talk cease and the battle begin.

26 Facts About The Bible

26 Facts About The Bible

1. The bible did not drop from “heaven”, from God to man. It was compiled by men and printed in printing Presses which are inventions of men.

2. The first known Christian Bible came to being in the later part of the 4th century after the ascension of Christ. It was produced by a foremost scholar of the Roman catholic extraction named Jerome, who received a nod from the then Pope Damasus, to go ahead to produce one. Before then, worshipers had access to separate scrolls of scriptures and some texts containing a wide array of assorted scriptures.

3. The name of that Bible was called the “Latin vulgate”. Vulgate, because it was written in the language of the common man who spoke Latin. Jerome reportedly revised the existing Latin New Testament and then translated the Old Testament from the original Hebrew text.

4. There were a total of 76 books in this first Bible. 30 in the new and 46 in the old testament. The vulgate was reportedly a scarce commodity and as such, only a few people had access to it, priests inclusive, even though people had some fragments, from time to time.

5. The vulgate reigned as the official Bible of the western world from the 4th century to the early 16th century when there arose  much agitations following the Reformation that had Martin Luther, a Roman catholic monk, as a prominent activist in 1517.

6. Before the Reformation, services were conducted largely in latin across the western world even though the majority of the parishioners did not understand Latin.

7. Martin Luther, a German priest reportedly made a German translation of the  Bible between 1520 and 1522 when he was hiding away from being killed after he was declared persona non-grata by the church leadership. It was however said that there were a couple of German translations by a few others about the same time.

8. The church, which was at the time an arm of the government had strong legislation against translations to other languages that were not Latin. In many quarters, it was believed that no other vernacular (languages) deserved to have the bible translated into it. Other languages were considered to be too vulgar; hence, the church fought the idea of new translations aggressively.

9. A man named John Wyclife, born in the early 14th century was the first to make a seriously dogged attempt to translate the bible to English. He actually did and despite the fact that there was no printing press available at the time, he made handwritten copies of the Bible available in hundreds of copies, with the help of his friends who were despised by the church people of his days. He was passionate about making the Bible not only available but readable to the common man in English language. He believed that the priests of his days were involved in too many sharp practices because English people across Europe had no access to the language of the Latin Bible. Posthumously, Wyclife was condemned as a heretic by the church; his remains were exhumed at the council of the church meeting at constance 30 years after his demise and and burnt.

10. There is nothing like a complete or incomplete Bible. The idea of completion is relative, depending on the time in church history that you live. For instance, the first popular Bible called the Vulgate contained 76 books, the first KJV had 80 books while today, most versions of commonly used contemporary Bible have only 66 books.

Furthermore, the much touted “authorized” version of the bible was not authorized by God. It was a version of the Bible whose translation was authorized by King James I of England back in 1611.

11. Evidences exist from the new testament writings that there were scriptures used by the first century church that are no longer part of the popularly accepted contemporary versions of the Bible. Read the book of Jude and imagine what scripture he was referencing for part of the time, for instance.

12. The Bible is however self-evident in its core message. The intent and the message of the scriptures is sacrosanct. Christ Jesus it is. Hence, it will not matter how many books you have inside your own Bible, whether 66 or 100. They all point to one person, the person of Christ Jesus. Even the new testament part of the Bible is self explanatory that there were more that Jesus did that were not documented.

13. The scriptures are the documentation of words of men who were inspired and spoke by the Spirit of God in time past. Scriptures were not written in the language of God but in the language of men. God does not speak any human language. Even though we have become attracted to the “original Hebrew or Greek texts” in order to solve textual complexities in the bible, God’s language is not Greek or Hebrew. Neither does He speak English. God is a Spirit and His language is spirit. Jesus said, “the words that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life.. ”

14. More often, God’s Spirit communicates with man’s spirit by way of light and understanding while  man uses his own mind (the seat of language) to turn what he perceives into words. If the man has a bad diction, it will not change the fact that he has heard from God. Same goes with scriptures. People used their varying phraseologies to document what they perceived. Bad dictions and poor literary skills will not nullify the fact that God has spoken. God is not fastidious over lexical wordings like many of us think. Hence Literary inadequacy is no ground to discredit a word from God.

15. If all scripture is given by the inspiration of God, then it will take the Inspiration by His Spirit to decipher the message therein. Without this, the Bible is just another great book of history, wisdom and poems. It can even become an instrument of manipulation in the hands of many unscrupulous fellows who have chosen to abuse it. It is also no news that some occult individuals use certain portions of the bible for their neferous activities.

16. The Bible, which contains the old testament books (precisely referred to as scripture) and new testament books is only a reference to the Word of God. In the strict sense of the word, It is not the Word of God in itself. The word of God is a person. It is not a book 👂👂.

The word of God is eternal and timeless and was present in the beginning with God (John 1:1-3). Forever, His Word is settled in heaven, not on earth and not in a book. Please calm down and take a deep breathe…

The bible in our hands is not a document that is cast in iron. It is a product of many years of scholarly critiques and reviews by men in the past. It has taken years to develop. The true Person of God’s word cannot be critiqued or reviewed by men. Never!

17. The Bible is the singular most important reference to how God speaks, even today. It is richest documented resource and testimonial of God’s pattern of dealings with mankind in the past and it is a useful guide into the future. This is because God is the same, yesterday, today and forevermore.

18. Knowing your bible from beginning to the end is not the same as knowing God. You might be an academic bible scholar and an enemy of the cross of Christ at the same time. The Jews who resisted Jesus in Israel were respected scholars in documented scriptures. They knew the scriptures but when they set their eyes on the Word-made-flesh, they could not recognize Him. Hence, they opposed Him. The greatest opposition to the gospel of Christ today remains the same: the present-day bible scholars. When they quote from the Bible , it is Christ and His finished work they are opposing.

19. The true revelation of God comes by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Hence, when Jesus was going, He promised His disciples to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. The most important treasure, yet the most neglected is the Holy Spirit. It is the one of which it was written… “He will guide you into all truth…

Our Bible colleges teach the Bible and philosophy to people while the school of the Spirit produces teachers of the Word of God and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

20. The Bible is the most idolized physical material in the church today. The Bible has taken the place of  God and His Christ in people’s lives because the true message of the bible is lost on them. They have so much concentrated on the trees to the point that they missed the forest. Most people who frequently say “the Bible says….” and quote plenty scriptures do not actually know what the Bible truly says-the true message therein.

Furthermore, it is common place for people to put bibles under their pillows for protection during sleep. They recite portions of it just like a dark artist will recite incantations. They wield it at challenges like a sorcerer deploy magic wands. These are all shades of wrong.

21. There are many Bible teachers who cannot be said to be teachers of the word of God. They do not preach Jesus Christ, who is the true word of God. Rather, they teach Bible stories, different Bible characters and and other flimsy narratives only to pray in the name of Jesus. Meanwhile, the entire scripture point to one person: the man Jesus. (John 5:39b). All that God has been wanting to say to makind is “Jesus”. He is the express image of His person.

22. Should we disregard the Bible? I will not. But the Bible should be given its proper place as the authentic reference on the Word of God. The book of Acts and the epistles are replete with examples of how the early church referenced the scriptures while trying to establish the gospel of Christ and build His Church.

23. I strongly disagree with people who claim to cling to the Holy Spirit’s direction in lieu of the scriptures. The Holy Spirit will not contradict the message and the intent of appropriately interpreted scriptures. I recall a church leader was in the habit of taking a pause while praying at home, going upstairs to beat up his wife and children and then return to prayers. He claimed the Holy Spirit led him. I disagree.

There is a high risk of slipping into erroneous practices when you abandon established references. This is true to life as it is true in theology.

24. The Church is not built on Bible stories, characters, poems and other narrative in the Bible. The church is built on the Revelation of Who Christ is and what He has done for man.

After Peter revealed who Jesus was as The Christ, Jesus said, “on this rock I will build my church…” . That rock (gibralta) was not referring to Cephas but the revelation of who Jesus is

25. If you have been in the church for upwards of 10 years and you have attended foundation classes, believer classes or Bible school and half of what I have written above unsettles you, then you have been cheated by the religious system of our days which hides vital information from us, only for the curious minds among us to stumble on them out there.

26. If this write-up appears like something damaging to your faith, it means your faith has not been resting squarely on Christ. It has rested, partly, largely or totally on a physical book: the Bible.

*Please note: the information provided above are not exhaustive and you are free to make further search, either to verify or refute them. In the meantime, make sure you pocket your sentiments and open your minds to learning

It is a new day!

Reference: Dr. NINYO.


The Idolatry Of Papas (Part 1)

The Idolatry Of Papas (Part 1)

The apple 🍏 did not actually fall far from the tree 🎄.

It would seem to me that the more things appear to change in the church, the more they remain the same. It is the same idolatry of papacy that the church has been battling for ages.

In church history, the first time anyone would be officially referred to as papa  was about the 5th century as there was no evidence of such in the early church.

At the time, Emperor Constantine had successfully legislated the church and there were 5 different bishops of the West, originally referred to as “papas”. The word papa means “Pope” in Latin, “Pappas” in Greek, which is also translated as “father”.  They wielded both religious and governmental powers.

At about the 11th century, however, the Pope in Rome had become very prominent to the point that his influence grew to dwarf the other 4 papas. Forthwith, the word pope became reserved for the Bishop in Rome alone.

The office of Pope, who is said to be the successor of Peter, one of the key apostles of Christ, is considered to be inerrant and infallible in doctrine and to have supremacy over the church. These narratives have been supported by some faulty theology with a few mangled scriptural references.

Even though there had been pockets of agitations for reforms by people who seemed to be knowledgeable within the catholic church about many doctrinal issues, whose efforts were suppressed, the reformation of the early 16th century that had Martin Luther as one of the  prominent activists was the one that interrupted the status quo. On October 31st, 1517, the German theologian reportedly pasted the famous 95 thesis on the door of the church, challenging major doctrinal practices including the veracity of papacy in the church. It was an audacious move from a little known Luther who was only in his early 30s against a powerful establishment with a long tradition of submiting to the pope without questions, a strong and politically connected church and a powerful pope.

Nonetheless, his thesis spread rapidly and sent Shockwaves throughout the landscape of Europe and altered the history and face of Christianity till date. There was a major upheaval. There were wars, persecutions and massive exoduses from the Catholic church, which was the main face of christianity at the time.

Many protestant churches, denominations and nameless autonomous congregations emerged from this, who held views that were similar or in sync with Luther’s.

It would seem to me that even though, such new churches had their leadership structures in place, the concept of a “papa” who reigned Supreme as applicable in the catholic church was not found among them. As a Matter of fact, for many, their leadership structure was Presbyterian; having a group of elders at the helm of affairs.

However, at the close of the 20th century and with the advent of what is popularly referred to as pentecostalism, the church seemed to be fully back to “papacy” but this time around, it is not the papacy of one pope but of many papas.

Friends, the church of today worships papas, in their millions. Anyone among them who holds leadership positions and is gifted spiritually wants to be called a papa. The young leaders of campus student fellowship groups in their hundreds of thousands are referred to as papas and they are loving it. They live like a “king” among his “subjects” with all the pecks of their “offices”.

Learders of local assemblies are called papas

General overseers are called papas.

It would have been okay if it was just a pet name for fond recognition of service or a sign of honor but it is way beyond this.

These papas have become the object of worship in today’s churches. The fear that belongs to God is given to them. These crop of christians fear their papas than they fear God. The love and adoration that belongs to God is given to their papas. They are the “lords” and the “gods” that the people know. They play the “touch not my anointed… ” card to suppress the people of God. They tell the Miriam-Moses story to send fear and cold chills down the spines of the believers under their watch.

Many believers have been completely captured and paralyzed by the fear of these papas, to whom they submit without asking questions. They were set free by Christ Jesus but they have become entangled by a yoke of slavery to papas again. The knowledge of the truth is not self-evident to them but the truth they know is as defined by their papas. Their papas have to say it, otherwise, it is not the truth.

Dare to disagree with their papas and these people who have turned themselves to subjects to their principals (papas) will fight you. To them, much like the Pope, their papas are inerrant and infallible in doctrine. They will break precious friendships and family relationships because of their papas. You are either on their papas’ side or you are a sworn enemy.

Indeed, the apple🍏 did not fall far from the tree. The more things appear to change, the more they remain the same.

It is the same  idolatry which has only shifted from one papa to many papas.

Jesus was unequivocal when he said to his disciples “..And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Matthew 23:9 .  In case you do not not know; there were religious leaders in Jesus’ days in Israel who paraded themselves  as “fathers”, meaning the source of final spiritual authority. It was against this background that Jesus addressed his disciples.

Friends, while we seek to honor all men and give double honor to those who labor sincerely in ministry, it must be established in our hearts that there is no man who is doctrinally inerrant or infallible. No man deserves our adoration or worship. No man deserves to take the place of God in our lives. No man is the final authority.

If your papa is the one who defines your truth…  if he has to say it, before you believe it is true and coming from God, then I’m sorry, you have fallen into the idolatry of papacy. You are a modern-day idol worshiper who worships a man but thinks he’s worshipping God.

Time to have a rethink!

It is a new day!

Reference: Dr. NINYO

Should Christians Accept the Sallah Celebration Foods for the Sake of Love or Reject it? 

By: Evangelist Deji Popoola

Should Christians Accept the Sallah Celebration Foods for the Sake of Love or Reject it? 

People have been asking a series of questions like, is it okay for Christian to eat the Sallah celebration  Meat/food whenever our Muslim neighbor bring it to us just for the sake of Love? Some people see it as nothing wrong while some see it as wrong it. But I think is good for us to search the scripture and see what the bible is saying about it.

I have a lot of Muslims as a friend I can visit, and we can eat and drink together, there is nothing wrong in that. I can go to my Muslim friend house on January first to celebrate New year together, and there is nothing wrong, God has called everyone to live together in Love and peace. Moreover, Christianity is built on the foundation of Love. I can go to a Muslim house to eat and drink and there is nothing wrong in that. During the Birthday celebration, Marriage, promotion, retired, thanksgiving or Child dedication of Muslim friends or family, there is nothing wrong in joining them and celebrating with them because the bible said, rejoice with those that rejoice. When you show them, love, they will pay back with love, and even when you want to share the gospel with them, it will be easy. don’t be over righteous by avoiding them just because they don’t believe in what you believe, that is not Christianity. We can live together and share things together, and there is nothing wrong with it.

But when it comes to Celebration of Religion festival like Sallah, Christian must never participate with them because it is totally wrong and it is against the word of God.  You don’t accept their food offer in the name of “Sallah Celebration”.  You can’t bless it, because anything that stands against the word of God cannot be blessed, neither can you sprinkle the blood of Jesus on it. If the blood of Jesus can’t purify satan, neither will his food be purified either.

It is not the food they offer you the problem, but on the purpose in which the food was offered to you “Celebration of Sallah”, that is where the problem is.

Because you reject just this single offer doesn’t mean you hate them, you have to please God rather than Man. You must reject it but in an arrogant way, and don’t collect it just because you want to give it to a dog. They might see it and not be happy about it, and they will term it to hatred.

Also, I’ve heard many Christians saying they want to accept it so as not to hurt them, that is a lie, you can never hurt them by rejecting their religion celebration food, because If they knew you don’t believe in their religion, if you refuse to join them in it celebration, they will understand as well.

Christians don’t participate in Sallah celebration because it’s a slap on the face of God

We need to understand the word of God very well. God will never condemn you to hell because you eat with your Muslim brother or share things together in Love, After all, Christ too ate with the Pharisees too.

But the purpose of which the food was offered to you can get you in trouble.  Any Christian eating foods offers in the name of Sallah Celebration is a candidate of hell.

Let’s confirm it from the word of God

The word of God said in the book of Isiah66:3 “ He that killeth an ox is as if he slew a man; he that sacrificeth a lamb, as if he cut off a dog’s neck; he that offereth an oblation, as if he offered swine’s blood; he that burneth incense, as if he blessed an idol. Yea, they have chosen their own ways, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.”

The Above scripture said it clearly, Offering another animal for sacrifice after the great sacrifice on the cross of Calvary is an abomination unto the Lord. Such sacrifice goes straight to the devil and not God because it’s like telling God to his face that, “My own will be done and not God’s will” because it’s the will of God that every man accept the sacrifice of Christ at Calvary for our redemption

Now, the bible also confirms this scripture in the book of 1Corinthians 10:20-21, “But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils. Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy?.”

Once you have started dining and celebrating this with them, then you are dining with the devil. Because the celebration simply means, ( God I reject your Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross ) and any other sacrifice anyone else makes in the name of religion or doctrine, then automatically it is a sacrifice to the devil. I know much other religion around the world also have a specific celebration they make. We as a Christian must never be a partaker of this else you will become the property of the devil. I know some white garment churches also do things like that, in which they call it a provision (“IPESE”) or burning incense before service,  praying with miss Paris perfume etc, all these are a sacrifice to the devil it can never be accepted by God except the word of God is a lie. God has given us only one and final sacrifice which is the Lord Jesus Christ. The reason why God once allowed these sacrifice in the time past among the Jews was to suppress their sin before presenting themselves before him the Lord. Even the high priest too will have to make a sacrifice offering for himself before the congregation because every man is a sinner, and this sacrifice doesn’t take away their sin but cover it. So all men have sinned including the child in the womb (Psalm 51:5) No one was qualified to enter heaven before the death of Christ.

in fact from the book of Genesis to the day Christ was crucified, only 3 people were recorded that goes to heaven, (Moses, Enoch, and Elijah), everyone who dies goes straight to the underworld which is the world of the dead which is also known as Hades. But the only difference here is that it was divided into two places which are Abraham Bosom (Paradise) and Hell. During this time, Paradise was never in heaven, it was in the world of the dead. Remember Jesus told the thief crucified by his side that today you will meet me in paradise, and we all knew the moment Jesus died he never goes to heaven, he went to Hades 3days and night to fight the battle and set the captives free for 3days. That was the reason why He told Mary Magdalene when he resurrected that “don’t touch me because I have not yet gone to my father ” so where was he during these 3 days? He was in Abraham Bosom to preach salvation and to set the captives free.

Abraham Bosom was under the control of satan before the death of Christ, in fact when Moses Died, and he wasn’t allowed to go there, the kingdom of darkness start fighting for his body because the word of God already said, all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. (Jude1:9).

But the moment Jesus resurrected on the 3rd day, All the saints also resurrected with him (Mathew27:52) since the time Jesus resurrected, Paradise has been transported to heaven and no longer in the world of the dead. When they said Jesus went to set the captive free, it doesn’t mean those who are already burning in hell, it means those who are in Abraham bosom which was then under the control of satan by that time because Christ has not yet collected the key of death and Hades by that time. That was the reason why the rich man could communicate with Lazarus.

,and that was the reason why The witch of Endor could use a demonic spell to summon the spirit of Samuel the saint.

But Now, any saint who dies now goes to heaven, no saint go to the world of the dead anymore, no saint can communicate with those in Hell again, No demonic power can be used to summon the spirit of any saint again, that was one of the reasons why satan has been so cruel against human and Christians, just because they now have access to go to heaven he never wanted them to go, Jesus gave this access.

Now The Muslims has denied themselves of this access that will guarantee them heaven, by refusing the sacrifice of Jesus which was to take away their sin and get them register for heaven. But they have decided to choose the sacrifice God has rejected and call abomination. They chose to cover their sin instead of washing it away with the blood of Jesus. So it doesn’t matter what you believe, any sacrifice make is to the devil. And you as a Christian must never dine with the devil.

But that doesn’t mean because you reject just this Sallah celebration food, you can’t dine with them again. Paul said in 1Cor10:25, if any of them that believe not bid you to a feast, and ye be disposed to go; whatsoever is set before you, eat, asking no question for conscience’s sake. There Celebration is Sunday and you go there on Monday, you can eat whatsoever they give to you since the celebration is over, but if they tell you that the food is from the one for the yesterday celebration, the bible says don’t eat it.

You don’t go to visit them in the day of their celebration, because you know they will serve you food, and if you reject it that is tempting God, never gives room to the devil

The Bible said follow peace with all men and holiness in which no man shall see God. Do not eat foods offers to the devil


              By: Theophilus Izobofolo


Once upon a time, a very rich old man who had many sons lived in the land of the East. On his death bed, he called his lawyer and made a will in which all his assets were documented. He then decreed that all his possessions must be shared equally among his sons after his departure.

This man was so rich in landed properties, silver, gold, precious stones and cattle that he could be considered a multi-billionaire in today’s parlance. The share apportioned to each son was more than enough to sustain him for a lifetime without having to work.

Before his death, the old man gave a copy of the will, the keys to the vaults that contained his treasures and the documents of his landed properties to his eldest son and revealed the content to three of his older sons to serve as witnesses. For reasons best known to him, he did not reveal the content of the will to the younger sons but he informed them that he had given a copy of his will to the firstborn.

Contrary to the father’s instruction, the eldest son connived with the lawyer, the trustees of the will and the three older brothers to short-change the other sons. He settled them generously and obtained a vow from them to never reveal what they knew. He flatly refused to reveal the content of the will to the younger sons. He also did not give them their portions.

He insisted that the other members of the family must be loyal to him and serve him in order to continue to abide in the house. This they did because they had no other means of survival. He then proceeded to build an empire for himself with the remainder of his father’s wealth and the labour of his brothers. He also began to live ostentatiously and became very pompous.

The older brothers who had been settled kept mum and did nothing to alleviate their siblings’ burden. They were afraid of what the eldest son could do to them since he had become very wealthy and powerful.

As God would have it, one of the deprived sons stumbled upon the will while cleaning the first son’s room one day. As he read the will, he discovered how stupendously rich he and his other deprived brothers were by virtue of their father’s will, though their present condition said otherwise. With joy and anger in his heart at the same time, he made a copy of the will and kept it in a secured place. He then began to tell his co-deprived siblings the stupendous provisions their father made for each of them.

The eldest son became very displeased and began to threaten the “belligerent” son.

Then, the older sons who were already enjoying their share of the inheritance became divided. One indifferently continued to enjoy his portion. He showed no concern about the plight of his deprived siblings. One rebuked the young man sharply, telling him to stop maligning the eldest son who was then the head of the family. He recounted the “sacrifices” their brother made to keep the big family together and warned him not to destroy their father’s legacy. The other gave a tacit support but was unwilling to associate with the boy openly because he wanted to be in his big brother’s good book. Generally, this courageous young man had no tangible open support from the camp of the three settled sons.

Initially among his peers, he garnered enough support but those who were against him were more than those who were for him. His co-deprived siblings who were against him have been too battered to believe his story. They reasoned that their big brother couldn’t have been that cruel to them. After much perspiration, his camp enlarged, overpowered the camp of the eldest son, took over the inheritance and gave everyone equal access.


The rich old man is God

The will is the New Testament by the blood of Christ

The house is the Church

The eldest son is the corrupt clergy, especially the prosperity gospellers

The three old sons are the associates of the corrupt clergy who know the truth but are unwilling to challenge the system because they benefit from the corrupt system either directly or indirectly. The benefit could be material or psychological.

The first of the three older sons is the group of associates that is indifferent so long as her position and privileges are intact

The second is the group that is actively defending the corrupt clergy, citing the sacrifices of the clergy and the unity of the Church. Is the sarcrifice of the clergy more important than that of Christ? Can there be any unity between the truth and untruth?

The third group secretly supports the “belligerent son” but can’t dissociate herself from the corrupt system. They are like Jonathan, the son of Saul, who died with his father because of blind loyalty. He ordinarily ought to have dissociated himself from his backsliden farther but he was not courageous enough to do so. This singular action could have saved his life.

The younger sons are the naive brethren who are being plundered and oppressed by the corrupt clergy

The empire is the private empires of the corrupt clergy, wrongly called churches

The “belligerent” young son are the former plundered and oppressed brethren who have been awakened and taught by the Spirit, and are now speaking boldly against the corrupt system.

The supportive co-deprived sons are the former deceived brethren who now know the truth through the activities of the “belligerents.”

The opposing co-deprived are the brethren who are yet to recover their sights. They still can’t believe that the Gospel can be so simple as the belligerent son is saying.

No matter the opposition, the truth will prevail.