By: Charles Awuzie

There’s NO human being alive today who hasn’t experienced one or all of the following…

Eating in the dream.
Sex in the dream.
Running from danger in the dream.

Prophets, Apostles, Atheists, Muslims, Boko Haramists, Buharists, Trumpists, Tithers, non tithers, delivered and non delivered – all will experience such dreams from time to time while they still have flesh and blood despite race or gender, religion or political affiliation, rich or poor.. Such dreams are not peculiar to you. We all experience them from time to time…Religion not withstanding…

Don’t let what you see in your dreams control your reality.

So you had sex in your dreams and now you feel dirty? Beloved, You are not dirty. Jesus washed you once and for all with His Blood. You are washed and cleansed eternally. The blood of Jesus Christ is not a dish washing liquid. No. The blood of Jesus Christ has an eternal cleansing effect on us. You are cleaner than your mind can ever imagine. The greatest revelation you can ever have is to see how clean you are in Christ. Sex in the dream is just a dream, not your reality. When you wake up from that dream, just smile and say “Thank You Jesus because I know and understand Your Sacrifice for my Salvation. It wasn’t a temporary sacrifice. It was a permanent sacrifice. I am eternally saved. My dreams can’t stain me because your blood is more powerful than my dreams”. Then go ahead and enjoy your day.

Don’t let your dreams control your reality… Will you burn your old house in reality because you dreamt where you won $1Billion? Let me make you laugh with a true life story 😁… I know a girl who saw herself wedding JayZ in her dream, she woke up from the dream and broke up with her boyfriend…she believes firmly that God communicates with her through her dreams and hence she is holding on firmly to what she saw in the dream. She’s in her early 20s and I told her to wake up to reality. In reality, she might never touch JayZ until Jesus comes.

How many of you have made conclusive decisions in real world based on mere dreams?  You saw your spouse cheating on you in the dream and now you conclude they are cheating in life. You saw Papa Idahosa pouring oil on your head in the dream and now you believe that you are more anointed than even the Holy Spirit. Whatever happened in the dream should remain in the dream. This is real world. The real world is a direct opposite of the dream world. Wake up from your sleep. Wash your face. Search the scriptures. Does the written word of God validate your dream? If yes, praise the Lord. If no, trash the dream.

Sex in the dream only worries babies. Eating in the dream only scares unbelievers in the finished work of Christ. Running from danger in the dream doesn’t frighten the believer who knows that they are eternally secured in Christ Jesus.

When you dream, just smile and say “Thank You Jesus because I am saved”. No big deal. Don’t call prophets to bind and lose.

There’s NO human being alive today who hasn’t experienced such dreams – it’s generic.

Religion won’t let the bishops admit this truth because religion demonized such dreams. ~ Charles Awuzie




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MY WIFE, THE ENEMY – I woke up from a very frightening dream of my wife pouring hot coals on my Bible. I am a pastor, the former General overseer of a blossoming ministry. My church was beginning to get noticed all around the country, you know that point, when it seem like you are the only one God was speaking to. That was the point I was when I began to have serious deep revelation about my wife.

Just as I got to church that morning , highly disturbed, Sister Christiana, a very fervent member of our church who was gifted in visions and prophecy knocked at my door.

“Pastor, there has been underground murmuring in the church, a lot of people have had terrible dreams about Mama, I shut most of them up, until I saw something very similar this morning”

“What did you see, sister Christiana?” I asked in fear.

“I saw Mama, Your wife Sir, carrying a sledgehammer breaking down the building of the church, till the church collapsed”

“oh my God!, lord don’t let this woman destroy me, I also saw a revelation this morning, I saw her pouring hot coals on my Bible, I am finished, I have married the enemy of my destiny, but the devil is a mad man, he planted her in my life for over 15 years without her showing her true colours, now that my ministry is blossoming , the devil wants to use her to destroy all I have labored to gather, God forbid!. Thank you Sis Christiana, I know what to do!”

You would not believe what I did, I went into a 21 days fasting with only one prayer point “ LORD, KILL MY WIFE” I was on a prayer mountain for 21 days and I refused to come down, all I drank for those 21 days was water. A strange sickness took over my wife, I started jubilation, so happy heaven had answered my prayer, I did not pay attention to her, 3 months after my prayer, my wife DIED.

HOW ELATED I WAS, the enemy of my life was dead. Sis Christiana and I became good friends, she introduced her younger sister to me, and I fell in love with her instantly, before long, I perceived she was the will of God for me. She was a very spiritual girl. I married her. On our wedding night, she woke me up…

“ Femi Durojaiye, wake up” she had never called me by my first name, but as I looked at her I saw an elderly woman on the bed instead of my young beautiful wife…

“Jesus, Jesus”

“Hey, shut up, how dare you call that name, you murderer, listen, from today , you  are no more the General overseer of your church. If you make the attempt of ever pastoring again…we will kill you…”

Suddenly, just like in the movies three witches appeared in my room, sister Christiana in the middle.. and Christiana spoke…

“I have been in your church for 10 years as I had been assigned against you, because of the potential we saw in you, but your wife always defended you in the place of prayer, she was your cover, we needed to clear her away and the only one who could it for us was you. We just needed you to declare it with your own mouth, and our master the devil worked on it.”

The elderly woman on my bed spoke  “So, I am with you forever, we are already in a marital covenant, blood and soul tie covenant, wherever you go, I go I will be monitoring your every move, so cooperate, hand over the church to a pastor I will introduce to you tomorrow and you will tell your members, the Lord told you to step down as the General Overseer.”

I did as instructed, and I watched how my big church crumbled before me as the satanic pastor destroyed the soul of my members, stealing their Glory. My new wife made sure she escorted me to my village, where she left me giving me strict warning never to come to the city again. She left me and for TEN years I have not seen her.

MY WIFE, THE ENEMY – I decided to write this story to let everyone know that we should discern all spirits, not all dreams come from God. Some have been projected from the pit of hell to send confusion into one’s Life. Also in marriage, no matter what you are going through with your spouse, never see your spouse as the enemy, the devil is the enemy.

Lastly, let wives be very vigilant spiritually, there are women who want to clear you out-of-the-way to destroy your husband, always be prayerful about your own safety. Husbands pray for your wife, the devil that wants you to lose your wife is actually the devil that wants to remove your spiritual shield, so they can get you.



Why We Must Stop Using The Holy Spirit to Curse People!


By: Theophilus Izobofolo

HOW HABITS CAN DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE – Folks! develop the positive habit of changing your habits by; 1. Clearly identify your bad or unproductive habits; 2. Identify your new successful habits; and 3. create a three-part action plan…it is either you continue with the old habits or practice the new identified habits or use hypnosis therapy (by substituting something else when the desire for bad habits arise).


1. When self-control fails, habits persist

2. Conserve mental energy


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By: Femi Lawrence Makanjuola


Do you know SEXUAL SIN is one of the major silent killer of MANY DREAMS, UNENDING DEBTS and lack of FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH?

SOUL TIES are invisible bonds that wreck havoc in many relationships today.

Sexual activity is one of the most harmful activities on earth.

Every time we have Sex outside the confines of marriage we create deep-rooted bonds with the other individual.

That’s why you left your boyfriend got born again but from time to time he still visits for conjugal rights and you are helpless before him or her.

Every time sexual activity (not necessarily penetration) takes place the brain produces a chemical called dopamine, it’s called the feel good chemical but it binds two people together.


A soul tie doesn’t get broken by saying I do

A wedding ceremony is not enough to make your past sexual sins to disappear

Soul ties are the reasons why people don’t move on. This is the reason you keep on recycling negative relationships even years down the road.

You are born again, but you still have hangovers from your past sexual activities

Man was created in three parts, body, soul and spirit

The soul and spirit live in a tent called the body

Soul is the part that holds the life principle. It’s the seat of emotions, will and moral action.

1Peter 2:11, beloved I beg as pilgrims abstain from fleshly lust which war against the soul

When you have premarital sex you share your soul with your partner.

The deepest soul tie is forged when people become one flesh

It’s called commingling of souls in the spiritual realm. When souls mingle spirits are transferred too

These spiritual bonds are highly demonic. The devil gets a legal ground to frustrate you sexually. The other party is free to enslave you emotionally.

When you have many sexual partners the bonds graduate to spiritual bridges

1Corinthians 6:16, or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For the two He says shall become one flesh

Whenever sexual sin happens you open your self to a curse

The knitting of two souls can bring tremendous destruction

God designed the universe to function with natural and spiritual laws that bring freedom when obeyed and bring bondage and destruction when broken or violated.

That pleasure you enjoy for five minutes can bring you a lifetime bondage.

The world takes premarital Sex very casually but I tell you it’s a very serious affair in the spiritual realm. It’s not as simple as the devil puts it.

Proverbs 5:20 for why should you my son be enraptured by an immoral woman and be embraced in the hands of a seductress?

Genesis 34:1-3, now Dinna the daughter of Leah, went out to see the daughters of the land and when shechem saw her he took her and lay with her and violated her, his soul was STRONGLY attached to Dinna…

So today you are praying for a good godly marriage the question is are you single in the first place? Many people are single in the physical but polygamous in the spiritual. It’s time for spiritual divorce.




By: Kojo Adams

THE MYSTERY OF MAKING EXCUSES – The worst part of making excuses isn’t the missed opportunities. It isn’t the guilt you might feel afterwards for lying to yourself. It’s not the money that you will lose, the relationships that will end, or the broken dreams you’ll never fulfill. The worst part of making excuses, the hidden danger, is that you eventually start to believe them.

The longer you make excuses, the more you actually start to believe them. The longer you tell any lie, the most likely it is that someday you will no longer tell it as a lie, but as the truth.

You no longer cringe when you realize that what you are saying is false. The conviction you once felt disappears. The lie becomes the truth. The excuse becomes reality.

Do you want to get well?

Two thousand years ago, there was a man who had been paralyzed for thirty-eight years. (38 years)!

I have a mental picture of this man. Old, decrepit, skin and bones. Helpless, defeated, and uninspiring. In those days, people like him were often called “invalids.” Think about that term for a moment. In-valid. The opposite “valid.” In other words, he was worthless and useless.

For thirty-eight years, that is what he probably thought of himself. That he was inferior, worthless, and useless.

Every day, this man wished for healing. Every day, he laid by the pool in Jerusalem that was known to heal people when the waters were stirred. But, he never got in.

When Jesus, a man known to heal, a man known to show compassion on the hurting, the sick, and the lame, with the power of God in Him.

And what does Jesus ask this man? “Do you want to get well?”

What? Does he want to get well? What a terrible question. This guy has been paralyzed for thirty-eight years. He has missed out on the joys that most of us take for granted and Jesus could still ask that question?

The question makes no sense, until the man responds. He begins to make excuses.

“No one helps me.” “Someone else always cuts in front of me.” “I’ve been this way for too long. I don’t know any other way.”

The question was entirely right. Do you want to get well or do you want to continue to identify with your excuses?

THE MYSTERY OF MAKING EXCUSES – I ask you the same questions:

Do you want to get well or do you want to believe the lies you’ve told yourself for so long? Do you really want to get well? Do you really want your life to change? Do you really want to live out your dreams?

Do you really want to start that business? Do you really want to write that book? Do you really want to teach? Do you really want your marriage to last? Do you really want to be a great leader?

Do you really want to impact other people? Do you really want to change the world? Do you really want to ______? Or would you rather believe the lies?

The easier path – It’s much easier to believe the excuses. It’s much easier to continue to identify with whatever lies you’ve told yourself for so long.

Getting well is sometimes painful. If you’ve ever had surgery to correct something wrong with your body, you know that the healing phase is often more painful than it was pre-surgery. Giving up the excuses is the same way. It can hurt.

But it is necessary if you want to be well.

Years ago, A man gave up on a dream. Less than two years after ranking 14th in the nation in college golf, He gave it up because of an injury.

The injury was fixable with surgery. He would have spent a full year in rehab and the road to wellness would have been long and hard. The pain, He was told, would be excruciating for months. But on the other side of that pain was freedom. On the other side of that pain was the ability to chase his dreams without interference.

He did not have that surgery. Instead, He gave up on his dream.

Regrets – Today, He doesn’t regret that He didn’t achieve his dream of playing on the PGA Tour. He regret not trying. He regret not going through the pain.  He regret not wanting to get well. He regret lying to himself and believing the excuses.

Don’t live your life with any regrets that come from excuses. Don’t believe the lies. Choose to get well. Choose to live free.

Do you want to get well?