Why Men Shouldn’t Marry Women Over 30

By: Nandi Cakes

Why Men Shouldn’t Marry Women Over 30!

Over the years, they turn down potential husbands, go on a partying spree like they have frozen time, only to arrive at 35 with nothing to show for it other than a dead-end job, a car, and sometimes a child from a relationship that never quite worked out

So, now they are stuck in a phase where they will never find a man of their dreams and have to settle for any man who will be gracious enough to even suggest marriage. By now, all those flimsy and shallow standards they used to have are gone, humility is their second name.

I have seen many women on Twitter in their 20s buy into the misguided, feminist belief that men and marriage are bad for their academic and career advancement. What feminism does not factor in, is that the older a woman get, the less a chance she stands of marrying someone desirable.

Let me share with you from my observations on the signs that a woman is likely to end up single and lonely, and why young ladies must stay away from these practice to avoid been single for life!

  1. She values education and career over marriage and relationship. She’s always throwing statements like “Marriage isn’t an achievement at age 20 to 25.”

  2. At age 30+ she has more liquor in her refrigerator than fruits and vegetables.

  3. She can take down more shots than any of her peers at 30+ who have kids

  4. She’s into smoking cigarettes and addicted to weed.

  5. Her idea of fun at age 30+ is a night out with the girls.

  6. At age 30+ she still insists on only dating men based on what their career is. “He’s a lawyer” “He’s a doctor” “He’s an engineer”

  7. The idea of cooking for a man is a total turn-off to her.

  8. She has never forgiven her father for abusing her mother, or her first boyfriend used to abuse her and she now thinks every man is violent and controlling.

  9. She is so much into fashion, and hair-styling she doesn’t want to be identified as being old in her circles

  10. Her job involves a lot of travelling.

  11. She can easily find a parking spot at Taboos (unholy places) than her way to church.

  12. She believes in absolute equality in marriage without any sacrifice or compromise.

13. She becomes a born again and cover her body properly at 30+ to increase her chances of suitors.

Reasons Why Men Do Not Marry Women Over 30 are: 

Firstly, women over-30 have a lower fertility. If you want to build a family with these ladies, be ready to possibly have a downs syndrome child.

Secondly, when you marry a 30+ woman, you’re possibly marrying her 30+ penises she’s had over her long life on earth. She has more bodies than a grave yard.

Women over-30 are very bitter from the wasted prime spent on failed relationships she hoped would lead to marriage. Now that you’re marrying her, she should be grateful, but she’s not. She’s always just angry.

By marrying a woman over 30+ you are possibly investing everything in a rapidly depreciating pleasure provider that has already lost a lot of its aesthetic value…She will be wrinkled in the next 5 years and already having back problems.

Many guys these days are marrying early 30’s women, and then, almost immediately – Bam!. It’s over almost before it began. It’s because you are trying to make ancestors housewives. Leave these dinosaurs!

Marrying an over-30 woman, is like buying a used car with 1 kilometre short of its 120,000 kilometres servicing. The over-30 woman can fix herself up enough to fool the prospective provider/hubby for a short while, and once the line is dotted she shows her true colours.

Exceptional Conditions

Many women who are not married in their late 30s today, never saw it coming. They had a plan: finish their first degree, masters, a job, a promotion, make money, be independent and settle down by 30, latest 32.

Some are tied down due to culture and religious unrealistic practices; that the will of God takes time, if a man cannot spend plenty money to marry you he is not real man etc. Such women need counseling and direction.

Late marriage is not the best, if you choose to be a celibate due to religion it is good, but don’t deliberately wait until you are 30+


How Lioness Mom Trained Little Entrepreneurs!

By: Strive Masiyiwa

How Lioness Mom Trained Little Entrepreneurs!

“When you know what you want . . . you will find a way to get it.” (Jim Rohn)

Some of you will remember my story a few years ago about two really young entrepreneurs from Africa who are emulating Bill Gates.  The two Nigerian brothers, Anesi (now 18) and Osine (now 16), created their own Internet browser about four years ago, when the younger of the two brothers had just turned 13 years old!

The business they established is not only still going strong, but innovating! Today I thought to revisit their story and highlight once again the role a #LionessMom can play in inspiring and nurturing both the next generation of entrepreneurs and the future executives they (and the African continent) will rely upon to build global businesses!

Let’s recap:

The story of the Nigerian brothers is a classic story of how great entrepreneurs are launched — if something frustrates you:  Don’t complain, make it better!

Anesi and Osine started learning computers and CODING at a very young age. (I’ve said this time and again: Africa’s next billionaires will include those who learn coding, which in some countries is now being taught to five year olds!)

As they got better, they recognized a “need” to develop a “browser” more suitable for the smart phones most people in Africa had at the time. They called it “Crocodile Browser Lite” which they introduced to the market because among a few reasons, it “doesn’t eat up your phones resources and battery life.” Wow!

Remember a most important quote for entrepreneurs: “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Don’t wait till everything is “perfect” to get yourself started. By the time “perfection” comes your way (if it ever does), you’ll likely be too late! They’re now at Version 4.1 and going strong! Here’s a link to the post from 2015: https://www.facebook.com/strivemasiyiwa/photos/a.500176003390233.1073741828.496453373762496/859523740788789/?type=3& theater.

Since then they have also focused on their education! Osine has just graduated from secondary school and is taking a gap year (he’s running their company, called Bludoors, from Nigeria).  Anesi did his A levels at the African Leadership Academy in South Africa and is still involved while studying Computer Science at University of Rochester in New York

My research team also managed to track down Osine and Anesi’s #LionessMom, Mrs Ngozi Ikhianosime, in Lagos, Nigeria. In their discussion, they asked why she thought her two sons had had the courage to become tech entrepreneurs, following their dreams so early in life.

“Good books, good schools and good support system from home — to be themselves,” she said.

She also shared that it was her #LionDad who actually inspired her to become a math teacher! (I have read all your comments on #LionDads who are, of course, critically important. We’ll get to this soon.)

#LionessMom Ngozi said both sons loved computers before they could even read, and eventually became really inspired by the UK computer programmer Nick D’Aloisio, then a 16-year old who developed a summarization app to help make studying for exams easier, for himself.  From Nick they learnt that they could learn to code themselves! (You can Google Nick who sold his startup to Yahoo at age 17 for millions of USD).

As a maths teacher for 23 years, interacting with maybe thousands of parents and children in her career, Ngozi shared this observation:

“Every child is unique. Try to discover the uniqueness of each child and give the child an enabling environment to blossom.  Do not force your dream on your child. You will only make them unfulfilled and unhappy.”

When asked what advice she gives to young people when she thinks they might “give up” on something difficult, Ngozi quoted the late entrepreneurial author, Jim Rohn:

“Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.” (She also shared the quote in the title of this post).

One of Anesi and Osine’s most important business lessons learned so far?

Think of monetization early, they said. (That is an important lesson for all entrepreneurs!)

And a book that really inspired them? For both brothers, it was “Deep Work – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World,” by Cal Newport.

Anesi and Osine also shared their own advice to #LionParents: “Be liberal with the child because many parents force their kids to do something. Our parents let us explore what we wanted to do, like acting and music. We were allowed to explore. We were given a choice.”

And as for business advice so far, at 16 and 18 years old? “It’s best to keep going forward. You’re going to have setbacks and you just have to keep going. There is no option!”

The last word comes from Anesi and Osine’s #LionessMom:  “Miss a meal. Don’t miss a book!”


To be continued. . .

Note:  In addition to Crocodile Browser (Version 4.1) Bludoors has recently released a beta of a very exciting innovation you can check out at http://www.bludoors.com/  and maybe even help them test it.  (In tech, a beta version is a “work in progress,” released sometimes to the public and/or people who sign up to test it for bugs and glitches).

To download their browser, go to GooglePlay or here’s the link:



Rebiblished by Izobofolo’s Blog

When will you marry?  Has your parents or friends ever ask you such a question and how do you react to it?

When will you get married? You are not growing any younger, the clock is ticking, all my friends are tying the knot? Where is the right person for you? I am probably sure he or she is stuck somewhere. When at all will my prayer be answered?

My dear friends relax, for time and date is not your business, someone controls that, Acts 1:7 (GNT) “Jesus said to them, “The times and occasions are set by my Father’s own authority, and it is not for you to know when they will be”.

Instead of waiting and getting anxious for no reason which will rather lead you to distraction, prepare yourself for the task ahead. It is better to prepare for opportunity than to have opportunity and not be prepared.

Each time you bring someone into your life, they occupy a fraction of your life, they take part of your time, either a spouse or child. So for the meantime that no one is there, take your time to establish yourself.

Put first your independence, goals and dreams. Focus on developing yourself. Set yourself up for greatness, get an education, career, skill, etc. Become a force to be reckoned with.

Do not let your world revolve around someone else, people can be temporary and love isn’t always on time.

Set standards for yourself, know what you want. Have your own likes and don’t bend always to meet people at their level.

The one who deserves will come. Be patient. Do not give up for I guarantee you, seasons change and those who are not meant to be will leave.

Take care of home before impressing the streets. Stop having sex in private with someone you can’t end up with in public.

Lastly, take good care of your health, maintain your body, exercise regularly, lose excess weight and eat healthy. That makes you more handsome, beautiful, younger than your age, feel good and confident and more attractive to your future spouse.

I pray that may God give you enduring spirit like that of a Carmel. That you will not move nor shake until your set time has come.

I pray for a miraculous manifestation of your marital Breakthrough. I command every yoke of Delay over your like Broken now in Jesus name.

BREADTH of MIND – Admit Others Greatness (Part 7)

By: Gift Tarupiwa 

In as much effort as we may all put towards doing anything in this world, this phenomenon remains immovable, that a person can never do anything whatsoever beyond their GOD-given capacity.

This therefore calls for a sincere admission of the greatness in others in any given aspect of life.

Since man is a spirit, who has a soul and lives in a mortal body, it’s of great significance to understand that whatsoever a person does physically is simply a broadcast of what they will have first done spiritually.

Embracing this profound information spares one the vain effort of trying to compete with anyone who may be doing things better than them in any given field.

Many people end up incurring unnecessary jealous and envy due to failing to approach life with a considerable understanding.

A broader breadth of the mind helps one not to waste their time and energy on such vanities of life.

With all the dreams and ambitions that all may have during the period of their existence , not everyone on earth is destined for greatness.

They’re certain individuals who were given the grace to finally become great yet those who don’t have it but are wise can also benefit from their greatness by simply admitting how they are better than them in a way.

Instead of competing with others, you got to start committing yourself to the accomplishment of your life goals according to your GOD-given grace.

Learn to quickly admit how others are far much better than you and do all you can to submit to them as you seek to learn how they do it.


By: Charles Awuzie

Millions of graves would have been empty had their present occupants controlled their emotional feelings and not let their feelings control them.

Several broken marriages would have been successful had the ‘couples’ involved controlled their emotions and not let their emotions control them.

Many ministries would have excelled had the leadership not allowed emotional feelings to becloud their spiritual sensitivity.

A boss got angry at what his employee did and fired him and the company started going down from the day the employee left because he was the most skilled. Emotions!

A man got emotionally connected to a strange girl who squandered his entire salary for 6 months, leaving his wife and kids hungry for months. Emotions!

Samson got emotionally attached to Delilah and he forgot that she was from the camp of his enemy. Emotions!

A boy got carried away with emotional feelings for a beautiful prostitute that he ended up marrying her, now all his friends and cousins share his wife’s body with him like a ‘commonwealth’. Emotions!

Joseph got excited about his dreams that he shared it prematurely and that cost him seasons of slavery and incarceration. Emotions!

Be it anger, ego, infatuation, fear or even excitement, always be in control. Emotions becloud your reasoning…it disconnects your spiritual sensitivity…it makes you see enemies as friends and friends as enemies…emotions make you see strangers as family and family as strangers.

The things we wreck with our reckless emotions we always blame on ‘the devil’. Hence my submission that an uncontrolled emotion is an embryonic devil waiting to hatch.

I used to be a helpless emotional thing until I discovered how emotions have wrecked destinies then I made a decision to always keep my emotions in control. I am not detached from my emotions but I am not attached to it either, I am just in control of it.

My decisions are no longer determined by emotions but by reasoning, logic, wisdom through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I live above anger, lust, fear and even happiness. Nothing excites me and nothing depresses me. Like Paul, I can say “none of these things move me”. I dwell in the constant Joy of the Spirit which is not dependent on whether there is food or not; my sobriety is in deep meditation of the logos and Rhema.

God gave us emotions and also a Task to keep them in check. Maranatha!