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BREADTH of MIND (The gentle influence of information) part 16

By:  Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa –  BREADTH of MIND (The gentle influence of information) After going through this article, am quite convinced that somebody out there is going to be mentally metamorphosed and enhanced to understand how information smoothly and gently initiates tremendous… Continue Reading →

BREADTH of MIND (Mastering and subduing systematic strongholds)

Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa –  BREADTH of MIND: (Mastering and subduing systematic strongholds) –  Nothing in this world regulates, limits and assassinates a person’s destiny much more than the systematic strongholds they grow up to find themselves submitting to. When we’re launched on… Continue Reading →

BREADTH of MIND (Creativity) Part 12

By: Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa – BREADTH of MIND (Creativity) As i was taking a walk around in a certain arts centre this other day exploring some amazing sculptures of diverse things that were being created and shaped out of mere and shapeless… Continue Reading →

BREADTH of MIND (understanding times) Part 11

By: Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa –  A whole lot of attention has been put on studying various fields and facets of this life at expense of getting to understand time, a phenomenon that is solely responsible for the turn of events during… Continue Reading →

BREADTH of MIND (Understanding) Part 10

By: Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa With all the institutions erected in order to give people essential knowledge prior to diverse fraternities of life, it’s so unfortunate that mankind can never be sat down and taught how to understand hence making one’s… Continue Reading →

BREADTH of MIND (Identifying the gift of GOD)part 1

  By: Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa – Notwithstanding the puzzling aspect about life in general, there are instances when one has to identify GOD’s gift to them. Before I expatiate further on this title, it’s of a great importance that I first… Continue Reading →


By:  Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa –  After being haunted by uncertainties of life this other day, it then took my time to dig out somethings about fear that may help someone out there be able to understand how on the quest to… Continue Reading →


By: Gift Tantenda Tarupiwa As I continue to expose the hidden treasures about the breadth of mind, i will use the biblical verses below to bring unto light how a person’s level of understanding is affected by their mind’s breadth…. Continue Reading →

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