Bishop William B. Carter 

We will be looking into a little bit of the history of each of the sons of Jacob specifically their accomplishments and/or any significant events that they are known for in the Bible and where each tribe (which were all named after the Jacob’s sons) settled.

Today, we will be focusing on Jacob’s third son Levi.

Two major events that Levi was apart of was avenging the rape of his sister Dinah along with his older brother Simeon (Genesis Chapter 34) and selling his brother Joseph into slavery along with the rest of his brothers (Genesis Chapter 37).

One major accomplishment that Levi’s tribe had as a whole (Levi being the ancestor of his tribe) was some of them would be chosen to be in priesthood, one prime example is Aaron who became a priest and was indeed a Levite (Moses’ brother).

In the Book of Numbers, the Levites were given the duty of serving the priests (Numbers Chapter 18).

In the book of Joshua Chapter 21, it states cities were appointed for the Levites. Since they did not have common land to dwell in, they were to live in the cities within the borders of the different tribes of Israel (Leviticus 25:33).

Yours in Jesus Christ,