By: Abigale M. Mutua –

It makes a great deal of difference as to how the sinner is brought into salvation. For example, if a sinner’s thinking is straightened out to begin with, and his believing and his confession are made right, then it will be much easier for him to not waver in his Christian walk.

On the other hand, if he is not given sufficient instruction, then the devil will take advantage of what he doesn’t know. He will be defeated and robbed of that which God has already done for him. Because if he doesn’t know the Word of God, and doesn’t know how to hold fast to his confession of faith, the devil will camouflage the situation and try to make him feel he is not even saved. And when the new convert makes little mistakes, the devil will try to tell him, “Well, you’re done for, so you might as well give up and quit!”

What we believe is a result of our thinking. If we think wrong, we will believe wrong. If our believing is wrong, our confession will be wrong. In other words, what we say will be wrong. It all hinges on our thinking!

Master your mind and soon you will learn to control what happens in your life.

Ordinarily, we talk quite a bit about the believing part, but we do not talk too much about the saying part. Of course, we will not be able to make the right confession until our thinking is right. Our thinking must be in line with the Word of God, because we cannot believe beyond the actual knowledge we have of the Word of God.

I need to clarify this time and again,  maturity is in levels and stages.  It doesn’t come by age, it comes by how much you’ve yielded to learning.

Transformation leadership is a leadership where the person has matured in all aspects. Emotionally matured, physically matured,  spiritually matured and mentally matured.

The battles of Life are First Won or Lost in the Mind before they are lost in the REAL! If you can’t win in your mind you’re already defeated.

Master your mind and soon you will learn to control what happens in your life.