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Pastor Benjamin Uzoma Iwuchukwu –  Here is the story, and why I think the Church is back to where it was before the Martin Luther Reformation exactly 500 years ago. 1. Before 1517, everyone belonged to the Roman Catholic Church… Continue Reading →

Money: The Most Powerful Force in Pentecostal Christianity

By: Charles Awuzie –  The most powerful thing in Pentecostal Christianity is Money. Period! Sow it and your prayers will be answered. Tithe it and you will prosper. Your money can open doors that the name of Jesus cannot open…. Continue Reading →

Many Who Preach The Gospel of Grace Today Will Soon go Back to Preaching The Laws of Moses

By: Charles Awuzie Prophecy… Many who preach the gospel of Grace today will soon go back to preaching the laws of Moses… REASON: They would have discovered that there’s no loopholes in the gospel of the finished work of Christ… Continue Reading →

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