By: Andy Akporugo Jr –

Today is Sunday in Ozubulu and again they would have amongst others, an early morning mass at St Phillips Catholic Church just as daylight pushes from behind the darkness of tonight.

Adherents will remember “Bishop” in the same way that a maiden remembers a favourite uncle who provided everything she needed but who, along with his friends, took away her virginity. They will yet go to church but would be careful not to walk in front of anyone who they do not know from home as they enter, and when any unfamiliar car drives onto the premises of the church, it would be welcomed by fear; the sermon would pause with the Priest keeping better vigil for the closest door, now conveniently standing just a few metres behind the lectern with which it has just recently become dearer neighbours.

Congregants would not arrive in flimsy shoes that could impede speed and the seats that would be the last to fill will be those farthest from escape. When they pray, they shall be allowed to keep their eyes open and when they proceed from their seats to give offering or take communion they shall be allowed to go with all their belongings. Yes they will continue to believe in God but now they will take firm responsibility for their own safety!

Their masses will always be in remembrance of the events of August 6 2017. It’s now the burden of their faith. But do the rest of us remember and if we do, will we remember enough to insist that justice is done to the victims and their families and that the abomination against our society is forever redressed?

This is the minimum that our humanity demands of us. If we fail, then without any doubt, we are beasts!


By: Emmanuel Abd Rhema

One of the oldest but very effective strategy of the enemy is to render followers vulnerable, his dissolution is to strike the Shepherd, king and principal leader. Matt 26:31.

War can be won quickly when a leader is assassinated. Long war can be avoided if the king is knock down. A wise leader knows that the enemy want to assassinate him at all cost.

This strategy of assassinating leaders politically and spiritually is common, that almost every great nations have experience an assassination attempt on their leaders. American have lost four of their president to assassin bullet. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley and John f Kennedy. While India has lost their founding father Mahatma Gandhi and two prime minister Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi to assassination. The prime minister of Pakistan Lia Quat Ali was also assassinated. Prime minister Yitzak Rabin was also assassinated. In Africa we have murtala Mohammed former Nigeria head of state, Samora Michael of President of Mozambique, President Joao Brenado of Guinea Bissau, the president of Burundi and Rwanda were assassinated together, President Laurent kabila of Congo, President of Burkina Faso Demos shenkara and Jonas Savimbi of Angola.

All this are evidence that the enemy wants to kill you and end your greatness. Men of God are the primary target. For the past few years I have been In warri, Delta State, Nigeria; I have seen assassination attempt on Christian leaders. Our father papa Ayo escaped a major one few years ago when his private jet almost crash immediately they took off, the pilot notice an unusual sounds in the plane and make emergency landing when the engineer checked the engine they discovered blocks for building house in the engine, who put it there?.

Bishop kenerikedi my friend and a great man of God could not fulfill his vision and plans because of assassination. Rev peter Enike was assassinated In his house the week of Xmas. Rev Collins wings was assassinated a day before his mega program was to start which was to end in the dedication of his church. There are other men of God that fell by bullet but this three shook the city.

They are men of integrity doing great for kingdom but the devil was/is mad at them. You must defend your self from assassination by taking all form of threat to your life seriously, do not dismiss warning from the Holy Spirit, advisers and wise men. You must defend your self from assassination attempt by looking after your health, by taking advice on your diet, exercise and rest. Many have died as a result of neglect to advice for their health.

You must also defend your self against assassination attempt by evil set ups, accident, tarnishing of your good name and reputation, and rumors; either through colleagues, evil men or/and media’s. The devil knows your worth, he know that you are a global asset and that you will destroy his kingdom and rescue those that are under his captivity.

He wants to wipe you out, he wants you dead so you will shut up forever, give no place to the devil and don’t open doors of your life to any form of assassination. You must not be a subject of successful assassination. To fortify your self; put on the whole armor of God, be careful for nothing because the days are evil.

In conclusion defend your self from every form of satanic assassination through fervent prayers and be conscious of covenant of longevity. I pray for you: no sickness, no man or devil can take your life in Jesus mighty name. You will go to your father in peace and in good old age in Jesus name.