Seun Adigun, Simi Adeagbo, Akuoma Omeoga and Ngozi Onwumere


In the world today, especially in Africa, most women are taking as sex tools, child-bearing machines, house slaves, cuture bearers, material assets, amongst others.

Also, most African culture still practically treats women, most especially young ladies and female children as slaves; restrict them from their fundamental human rights, enforce genital mutilations, depive them of education and leadership opportunities, trade them for human trafficking and steal their freedom.

This blog advocates for women’s, right to education, good health, political opportunities; right to sex, right to child adoption, right to gender equality etc. It also covers all related information about family Matters, employment and empowerment metters, and provide them with mental tools for leadership and survival.

On this platform women will be given latest information about women’s education, lifestyle, home-care, health, politics, religion and success secrets. Our goal is to offer women the willpower, voice and tools to become self-fulfilled (from STEP-UP to KEEP-UP).